Aquarium Fish Name, FishTankWeb.Com – If you are attracted fish, you need to know the aquarium fish name to keep. There are many kinds of fish that you can put into the aquarium.

Several kinds are even favorite picks for years. Let’s learn more on the two most popular category and the fish names on it.

So enjoy this Aquarium Fish Name list for your next tank filling decision

Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name

Saltwater or marine area is occupied by many amazing fishes. If you are challenged to choose the saltwater fish, which can boost your pride, just look at this list.

  1. Coral Beauty Angelfish

This beautiful one is a perfect choice to enlighten your aquarium. It has bright blue colors with red or orange stripes which are easily catch the attention.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name Coral Beauty Angel FishBesides, there are varieties of colors that you can choose. Make the beautiful coral or jungle landscaping as its habitat and you will see that it is worth to watch.

Or you can buy some of those fish; juvenile queen angelfish, emperor angelfish

  1. Butterfly Fish

Do you like a stripped fish? If you do like it, this stunning fish would be the one. It is easy to find in the marine and it has various pattern.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name Butterfly FishYou can choose between the dot one or the striped one. When you put it in your small tank, the unique shape and the fresh yellow colors of this fish will stand out, offering the best attraction you can look at all day.

  1. Tangs Fish

Enjoy the rainbow comes out from you aquarium. The tangs fish gives you many different colors to choose.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Tang Fish This unique fish can live together in a group as well. Put other fish to make the aquascaping complete. Set large tanks for them then let them swim freely together. It will look amazing!

  1. Watchman Goby

If you plan to make the happy environment where you can put the main fish with others, this Goby fish is the one.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Watchman GobyIt can adapt well with others fish. You will be offered with fresh yellow colors from its skin.

You can also observe their unique shape including their rounded head. It will look cute in the tank especially when it’s moving.

  1. Talbot’s Damsel

If you are a beginner, it is better for you to choose the hardy fish which can live in extreme condition.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Talbot’s DamselThe Damsel fish is a good choice for your tank. It has colorful appearance in which the colors blend well with its body.

It has blue fins with yellow upper body mixed with white skin. In addition to less problem with illness, this particular fish is also easy to maintain.

  1. Wrasses Fish

This good looking fish will give you an extra excitement if you like the aquascaping. This fish likes to hide in the sand.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Wrasses FishSet some sand and rocks in the aquarium and you will find its attraction. Just observe its funny behavior.

It also has bright color with red or orange stripes which totally catch the attention all the time. It is a perfect combination of beauty and cuteness.

  1. Chalk Bass

If you like peaceful fish without any aggressive trait, the Chalk Bass is perfect for your aquarium.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Chalk BassIt has small size and it tends to be very quiet. Add more chalk bass to make it lively. Enjoy the motion when it moves together.

Its attractive red and white colors also become the plus point for the fish itself.

  1. Firefish

The oval size fish can make your aquarium brighter. It has mini size which makes it attractive when it mingles with the other fishes.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Firefish GobyThis is an active fish who likes to hide in small places. This fish is fun to watch, especially because of its variation colors and its behavior. Many little kids really love this fish too.

  1. Blenny

Blenny comes with many colors for you. This fish is small and it lives at the bottom of your aquarium.

Set extra rocks or coral as their hiding place and observe their behavior. It has unique color combined with the dots in its skin, which make it an eye candy for you.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Blenny Fishit’s come with variation of colors and shapes which are totally exotic. The bipolar one offers two colors in a fish, and it is totally a must have item.

This fish has the look that will add value to your aquarium. As this fish likes to hide, provide habitat with many hiding places and plants. This fish will feel home in an instant.

  1. Dottyback

What if a snake comes into your aquarium? It is not a snake for sure even though the physical appearance may remind you to the animal.

Image Photo of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Dottyback FishThis fish can swim like a snake with a great motion. This fish is the perfect choice if you want the community tank.

It also has bright colors like purple and yellow, which are perfect for exotic and cheerful tank.

  1. Clownfish

If you want the affordable yet beautiful fish, just put the clownfish inside the tank. This fish is a hardy fish which is easy to maintain.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Clown FishBesides, it has great colors with magnificent appearance. It can be the combination of orange and white stripes or yellow with white stripes.

Put it together with the other fishes and enjoy their pretty movement.

  1. Cardinal Fish

If you are looking the unique fish which fit into your tank, you have to look at the cardinal. This fish is a great choice for you.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Pajama Cardinal Fish
Pajama Cardinal

It has unique shape with the long dorsal fin and magical colorization. They are schooling fish.

Therefore, it is better for you to put them in the group and see wonderful scenery inside your own tank.

  1. Hawkfish

Hawkfish is one of the peaceful and hardy fish which is good for your tank.

Image Photo Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - HawkfishIt has great colors and pattern which make them popular among the fish lovers. Just set the corals and the rocks. It will blend well with it.

  1. Grouper

Grouper is the real exotic specimen to attract the attention of everyone who comes to your home.

Photo Image Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - Malabar Grouper Fish
Malabar Grouper

This fish has a large body and attractive shape combined with amazing colorization and pattern.

It has white color with many black spots which make them attractive. Combine it with the coral as its hiding place and see it as the main lead of the aquarium.

  1. Lionfish

Lionfish is the gorgeous fish for your tank which can embody the beauty right in front of you.

Photo Image Saltwater Aquarium Fish Name - LionfishIt is highly recommended for you because it has attractive colors blended with long fins on its bodies. Make the stunning tank shines with the lionfish as its cohabitants.

Aquarium Fish Name List

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name

Freshwater is well known by its beautiful fish. If you like the freshwater fish, here is the list of recommendation for you.

  1. Discus

Discus offers hundreds of colors variations and shapes. You can choose your favorite colors and put it in your aquarium or you can blend it all together in it.

Image Photo Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - DiscusThis fish is popular because of its colorful skin and the brain like pattern over its body. It will be great to see it moving around in the tank.

  1. The Male Betta

This fish is well known due its fin and amazing colors. It looks stunning and elegant for your aquarium.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Male Betta FishMany people like to have a mix of blue and red body color even though the other color variations are stunning too. If you want bold display in the aquarium this fish is your call.

  1. Killifish

Killifish gives you the outstanding look with its stripes and spot. This hardy fish is very popular not only because of its colors but also their skill to adapt with the new habitats.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - KillifishJust choose the Killifish by your favorite colors and it is ready to make the aquarium more fun and stunning.

  1. German Blue Ram

If you want the small size fish with a beautiful appearance, just choose the Blue Ram.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - German Blue Ram FishIt has wonderful colorization in the mixture of green and yellow colors combined with the stripes on the part of its body.

This fish will make your aquarium shine by the amazing colors from this fish.

  1. Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish

This Indonesian fish is a great combination for a beautiful aquarium. It has unique shape and colors.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Boeseman’s Rainbow FishIts body has colors that shape like a rainbow, from red, yellow, and blue. The dark lines on its body match well with the outer fin and dorsal.

This fish will set up a new trend on your respective tank.

  1. Endlers Livebearer Fish

Another fish with unique colorization is the Livebearer. It has range colors from black, baby blue, orange and yellow.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Endlers Livebearer FishBesides the great appearance, they are also easy to handle. Give this fish a good treatment and they will give you the wonderful outlook.

  1. Gourami Fish

This fish is easy to find in Asia. It has variety of colors that you can choose including red, neon, or blue.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Red Dwarf Gourami FishIf you want to choose the most colorful one, just choose the Red Dwarf Gouramis.

The Gourami is well known by the great colors and its active behavior which is perfect choice to occupy your tank.

  1. Fantail Guppy Fish

The Guppy is good to choose for those who want good looking yet not too expensive fish. It will shine on your aquarium due its colors and stunning shape.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Fantail Guppy FishIt has large tails which has great colors of spot, while its body has blue dominance or purples colors.

See it moving together in their community and feel the charm around it.

  1. Peacock Cichlid

If you are looking for the long lasting fish for you aquarium, you can put the peacock Cichlid in the tank.

Photo Image of Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Peacock CichlidThis fish is very popular because of its enchanted colors. The body can be in blue, bright red, or gold colors.

The colors of this fish can mix well with its beautiful stripes. Sure, it will make the aquariums look better.

  1. Flowerhorn Cichlid

The Flowerhorn can be a good start for you who wants the unique fish in the aquarium. It has a protruding shaped head and the wonderful dark spots which resemble a flower.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Flowerhorn CichlidThis fish is an expensive and popular fish among the hobbyist, a mind-blowing choice to fill in your tank.

  1. Neon Tetra

If you like the community fish, then neon tetra will be a good choice. It has small size and it is able to live in a group.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Neon TetraIt also has a beautiful appearance that will make you impressed. Do not worry to put it in the big group, they will love it.

  1. Guppies

A guppy is popular because it has rich colors. It has large tail with wonderful colorization. The fin usually appears with several amazing colors which reflect freshness.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - GuppyThis fish can live well even in extreme condition and it is easy to feed. It will give you an easy maintenance.

  1. Tiger Pleco

This fish is not aggressive and it will improve your aquarium look and fun in an instant. It has monochrome colors.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Tiger PlecoThe black skin with the white stripes is combined in a unique pattern. Adding some corals, woods and other possible decorations, and you have an ideal habitat for this fish.

  1. Cory Catfish

The Cory catfish has very attractive pattern in its body. It will attract your attention. This fish has the polka dot pattern even in its fin.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Cory CatfishThe black and white colors which are blend harmoniously make it beautiful. It can adapt well so you can put others fish specimens to make the aquarium brighter.

  1. Swordtails

The fish has tails like a blade and it is a wonderful specimen to put in the aquarium.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Swordtails FishDespite of its tail shape, this fish has attractive colors which make the environments even fresher.

Give the swordtails on the tanks and enjoy its bright orange colors.

  1. Cherry Barb

Cherry Barb will dominate the aquarium with its bright red colors which is good to see. Beside the attractive colors, this fish is good to keep because it easily adapts with the environment.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish Name - Cherry Barb Fish
Albino Cherry Barb

It is recommended if you want to explore their behavior. This is an active fish and you will not regret to explore it.

Aquarium Fish Name List

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Aquarium Fish Name – Conclusion

Now you know the list of good salt water and fresh water Aquarium Fish Name. All you need to do is choose.

You can choose the fish based on its attractive colors, the unique shape, it’s wonderful pattern or their compatibility skill.

Explore and read the aquarium fish name to know more about the best fish for your lovely tank, the fish that can express yourself.

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