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How you define “best” will be the next thing to consider. This definition should fit you and your fish.

Make sure you know how to raise them, so you could admire their colors for a long time.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Combination List

As freshwater spreads all over the world, there are numerous number of fishes available.

Some of them are voted by the fish maniac as the “best” among the other kinds. Check out who’s on the list and why.

  1. Neon Tetra

This fish is small, with vibrant colors. The popular kind has blue body with bright orange strip near the tail.

Neon Tetra is member of a group. Bigger number makes them happier. Keep at least six of them in your tank.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Neon TetraThe ideal water temperature for tetras is 75 degree Celsius. Adding more than a tablespoon for each two gallons aquarium salt will make them die.

  1. Danios

This tiny aquarium pet has stripped body, which may be the eye candy of your tank. They are friendly for the first timer fish keeper.

Being in a group is a must. They need, at least, to be in a group of seven. Danios spend their time by wandering around the water surface.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Danio - Royal Blue Danio
Royal Blue Danio

In the wild, this fish live in medium temperature, around 65-77 degrees Fahrenheit. It loves stream, but not too much. Mid current level will be enough.

  1. Platies

It will be another option of petite fish for you. There are various platies color to choose. The catchy point is the glowing scales.

Platies belong to a community. Being alone make is stressful. It is happier in more numbers.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Platies Fish - Blue Wag Platy
Blue Wag Platy

Make sure the water temperature stay in 20-26 degree Celsius. It doesn’t like steady water. Give small stream to make it active.

  1. Guppies

The body has at least three colors, in random places. The fin resembles a fan, sometimes with dark dots upon the bright fin color.

Keep guppies in a group of seven. Avoid having two males. If you have a male in the group, they will breed in no time.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Guppies Fish - Swallow Tail Guppy
Swallow Tail Guppy

This fish could adapt in most water temperature. However, the ideal temperature is between 10-29 degree Celsius. Sudden temperature change will make your guppies sick.

  1. Cherry Barb

With only one color on its entire body, this species is truly adorable. The color grabs your attention almost immediately.

Cherry Barb could not stand being alone. Give it another seven friends, and everything will be fine.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Cherry BarbMaintain the water in the tank around 22 Celsius at the lowest and 26 at the highest. It loves shades, so help them by providing aquatic vegetation.

Colorfull Freshwater Aquarium Fish

  1. Pearl Gourami

Yes, it resembles a pearl. Don’t forget about the black line on the middle of the silver body, stretching from the head to tail.

It will be doing best in a couple. Avoid male-male companion. More than three pearl gourami, and they will nib each other.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Pearl GouramiTemperature for this silvery fish is 80 degree Fahrenheit. Make sure to leave some space on the tank surface.

  1. Tiger Pleco

The pattern of its body resembles one found in tiger’s body. The basic color is black, with brownish curvy lines all over the body and fins.

Tiger Pleco is an individual and territorial fish. It is advised to keep one only in your tank.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Tiger PlecoYou need to set the water in 20 to 28 degree Celsius. Make strong current, as the fish live like that in the wild. Avoid huge temperature change.

  1. Cory Catfish

It is loved for its unique feature: the mustache under the mouth. The pattern is somewhere in dots and stripes.

The communal species love to hang around in a group of three or more. They are active, but also peaceful fish.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Cory Catfish - Corydoras julii
Corydoras julii

Ideal water should be in 72 Fahrenheit at the minimum and 78 degree at the maximum. Change the water regularly to avoid high nitrate concentration.

  1. Mollies

The herbivorous fish has distinct body shape. It is not ugly. you can describe it as “adorable” instead.

As the group fish, they prefer to stay in a school, rather than raised alone. This school love to perform synchronization swimming.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Molly FishThe ideal degree for the water lies between 20 to 25 Celsius. Warmer or cooler condition will trigger diseases.

  1. Sword tails

The fans of this fish create the name. The species itself has a long thin tail, resembling the sharp edge of a knife.

Sword fish are healthy within a group of five or more. They are active and fast swimmers as well.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Swordtails FishTo replicate the perfect environment, you need 20 to 28 degree Celsius. Also, install some aquarium equipment to make strong water current. Don’t forget the live water plants.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Representative Species

  1. Betta

It is a majestic yet aggressive decorative fish. It small body looks bigger with the big fan-like fins. The vibrant color on its body shines even more under the light.

It is advised to keep a single fish only. It is not happy with its kind and other kind of fishes.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Betta FishTo create perfect temperature, the number shown in thermometer should be 75 to 81 Fahrenheit. Be careful when changing the water; replace one third with freshwater.

  1. Discus

This is what you called an exotic fish. All over the fish body, you can find abstract pattern, with bright color as the stain.

The best number of Discus you can put into your tank is four and six at the maximum. If you own huge aquarium, you can consider to have more.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Discus FishKeep the temperature at 82 to 84 degree Fahrenheit. Do not stray far from the given number. The beautiful fishes could sense the cooler or hooter water.

  1. Killifish

Just like the other marine species, the male is more attractive than the female. Male killifish have blue and yellow body with stripes. The female colors are dimmer than the males.

As the peaceful fish, it is your decision to keep them in small or big group. They are great with the other species, too.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - KillifishYou have to set the temperature at 72 to 75 Fahrenheit. Place the aquarium lid tightly, because they are great jumpers.

  1. German Blue Ram

The colorful fish is dominated with yellow, green and blue. You cannot help but to look at the diverse paint on its body.

This species could live well on its own but also enjoy the company of its kind. The calm fish will be aggressive during breeding time only.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - German Blue RamFor this fish, you can keep the temperature from 25.5 to 29.5 degree Celsius. Do not forget to provide live plants. Also, clean the water from the food leftover regularly.

  1. Endless Livebearer

Looking at this fish is similar to looking at artistic painting. Its distinctive color really stands out: orange, yellow, neon green, and silver.

Raise them in a group of six or seven, with one male in the school. They could do well in communal fish tank, too.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Endless LivebearerThe parameter of good warm water lies between 78 to 80 Fahrenheit. Provide a lot spaces for its exploration hobby. Complete the setting with algae and natural stones to hide.

Beginner Freshwater Aquarium Fish

  1. Boesemans Rainbow Fish

Fish maniac loves this species for its rare color. Half part of the body has dark shade: bluish or purple. The area near its tail is bright: orange or yellow.

Ideal number of school for this species is eight. Six would be the smallest number. The pals enhance the scale colors as well as the healthy level.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish - Melanotaenia boesemani
Melanotaenia boesemani

Make sure your tank temperature is somewhere between 80 to 86 Fahrenheit. Since the body id quite big, a school of Boeseman’s Rainbowfish need plenty of space to swim around.

  1. Peacock Cichlid

More than 30 years, the vibrant colors don’t make its fans bored. The available colors are: gold, red, vivid blue, and bright orange. The color stands out even more with vertical dark stripes on the body.

Keep them in a group with one male and three females. Since the males are territorial, more than one is too much.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Peacock Cichlid - Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid
Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid

The water should be 23 Celsius at the lowest and 28 degree at the peak point. Don’t forget to put some plants.

  1. Fantail Guppy

When the other pretty fish are pricey, fantail guppy is quite affordable. The attractive point is its tail, full of unique pattern. Amazingly, the pattern could complement the solid color on the body.

Small fishes live in a group. Not for fighting with the other species, as this species is non-aggressive type.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Guppy - Fantail GuppyThe tank should have 50 to 84 Fahrenheit water temperature for the fantail guppies to live happily. Weekly water change is enough to keep them healthy.

  1. Flowerhorn Cichlid

The funny looking fish has protruded forehead and black strip on the body. Some believe that it resemble Chinese character.

They are doing well on its own. No other friends in the tank allowed.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish - Flowerhorn CichlidFor the ideal environment, the water should be between 28 to 31 Celsius. You might need to work put the filtration system in your tank, too.

  1. Goldfish

Although it is the most common freshwater fish, no one could take their eyes away. The plump yellowish body is so attractive. Not to mention the white wide fin that swing loosely on the water stream.

In a group or by itself, goldfish could live well. They are quite independent.

Photo Image Freshwater Aquarium Fish -GoldfishThe fishes are quite messy after eating. Therefore, you need to change the water frequently. The temperature should be between 60 or 70 Fahrenheit.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Guide – Conclusion

A beautiful and colorful tank is another way to relax at home. By focusing on the swimming fishes, you could immerse yourself in the mini underwater world.

Love them right, and they will give endless entertainment for you. Make the best combination of knowledgeable fish keeper and the best freshwater aquarium fish.


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