Betta Fish Tank, FishTankWeb.Com – Do you enjoy watching your wonderful fish swim around? Just choose the right Betta Fish Tank for the habitat.

Betta fish has stunning appearance to light up the tank. However, many aspects have to be considered in order to provide the ideal place for the fish to live in.

How to Clean Betta Fish Tank

Good maintenance is needed to create healthy environment for the fish.

Even if the Betta fish is a hardy fish and is easy to maintain you still need to clean the aquarium in regular base to prevent issues and problems.

The waste have to be moved to keep the fish in good health. Well, here are the steps you can do for easy cleaning.

Betta Fish Tank GuidePhoto Image Betta Fish Tank Idea

  1. Clean yourself first and be prepared with the water

The first thing that you need to do is washing your hand. You don’t want to give the germ into the fish, aren’t you?

If you use soap, make sure that you already rinse your hand perfectly before start cleaning.

You also need to get ready for the water change. Prepare the water supply to change the water inside.

While cleaning, there will be 10 % up to 50 % water changing in the aquarium. Therefore, you need to replace it quickly.

Always put the water close to the aquarium so it will be practical.

  1. Take the Betta fish away from the tank

Remove the fish before cleaning. Make sure to keep it safe and calm in a cup or a bowl.

Remember, this fish can jump so you need to be careful while removing it from the aquarium.

  1. Remove the aquarium decoration

Put away all of the decorations in order to make the cleaning process easier. You can set aside the decoration and clean it separately. You will need this process too.

  1. Remove the water

Do not change all of the water in the cleaning process. Totally new water will make the fish in shock.

Remove around 10% to 50% dirty water from the aquarium than leave the rest.

The original water contains good bacteria for the tank. It explains why you do not need to put it away.

Remember, move the dirt water as slowly as possible to reach the correct amount.

  1. Keep the remaining water

Pour the remaining water into a bowl. AS mentioned before, you will use this water again in the tank.

After that, you need to separate the water and the decorations carefully.

  1. Clean the accessories and decoration

The next step is cleaning the landscape property. In this process, use a scrubber.

Using soap is not recommended as it can harm your fish. Clean all the properties like the rocks and gravel with care.

  1. Clean the tank

Again, do not use soap. Use the running water to clean everything.

Look at the small rocks which are possibly left in the tank. Use soft towel to clean and dry it.

  1. Reassembling everything in the clean tank

Put the rock and the decoration first in the tank. Mix the new water along with the old water in the tank.

Check the temperature of the water, and when it’s ready for the fish, put the fish inside.

Betta Fish Tank Guide

Cool Betta Fish Tanks Design Ideas

Make the tank as cool as possible. You can do it yourself. Be a creative and plan an amazing landscaping.

There are many ideas that you can choose and apply it on the Betta home.

  1. Heaven in Forest

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Forest Idea If you like fantasy world, make your Betta lives in it. Set the black and small rounded stones in the floor of the tank, and use the plant as the backdrops.

Then, add a cave made of rocks inside the tank.

The nature will be shown from the inside of your tank along with the serene environment in it.

  1. The Power of Light

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Idea Light FocusUse the power of colors and make your tanks colorful enough to catch the attention.

Put the rocks with variety of colors in the bottom of the tank and mix it with the light display. Feel classy by applying this idea in the tank.

  1. Japanese’s Worship Space

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Japanese Style IdeaConsider the Betta origin and move to the Asian taste. Japanese display with a shrine is the right choice.

Put the dark stones as the floors and setup the miniature of the shrine inside the tank.

Do not forget to add the wooden bridge and the minimalist atmosphere will impress everyone looking at it.

  1. The Floating Ideas

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Floating IdeaThe paddies can be a good plant to fill the aquarium.

Make sure the tank has spacious room and you can begin setting the paddies there as the miniature of small island for the Bettas.

Enjoy the Betta moves around in the landscape. It will be wonderful to see.

  1. The Green Field

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Plant Green IdeaMake the exclusive carpet for your Betta by using the plants to cover the floor. Do not forget to add wood or rock decoration as the center of the display.

The aquarium will give you the amazing visualization along with the Betta.

Betta Fish Tank Guide

Recommendation Betta Fish Tank Size

Pay attention with the size of the tank that you choose for your Betta. Betta can live in a small aquarium.

Two gallon size is appropriate but you cannot choose less than that. Meanwhile, more than 2 gallon size aquarium will make it better for the Betta.

If you want to give the Betta the most comfortable environment for them to swim or play freely, choose at least the 2 gallon or larger size for it.

The larger size more space for them to swim around while they don’t have to bother on the other fishes around as well.

The extra accessories like toys or a landscaping needs a lot of space.

It is good to add the decoration into the tank, not only for making the Bettas happy, but also to increase the appearance.

Therefore, larger tank size is highly recommended for you.

Considering the amount of the fish, the size of the landscaping, and space needed for fish mobility, the larger the better.

As mentioned before, the benefit of larger tank is that you can put the other Betta fishes on the tank.

But remember, Betta is a sensitive fish. Sometimes, they don’t like the existence of other fishes including their own specimen.

To solve this issue, you have to add a divider so you can add more Bettas into the tank without risking the chance of conflict between the Bettas.

In addition to providing enough space for the fish, larger tank size is highly recommended as it will be easier for you to maintain the water regulation.

Bettas need temperature that ranges between 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to to provide the suitable temperate, a heater needs to be applied.

The 2 gallon or larger tanks size provides a space to put the heater and filter.

Betta fish actually can live in the barren aquarium in a small size as the plants and accessories will make it alive.

It is about the spacious room that the Betta gets with the larger size gallon. Make the Betta happy with the miniature of place or the live plants which should suitable and convenient in a larger size aquarium.

Betta Fish Plant Tank

If you plan to make a plant tank, your Betta will definitely love it! Betta like to have the sense of its real environment, it make them happy and comfortable.

Do the arrangement for the plant tank carefully and make a good one.

In order to make a good plant tank, the first thing to do is set up the ecosystem. Begin with choosing the soil as its base.

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank SoilThe soil will provide the good microorganism for the fish itself; the soil is also a good platform for the plants to live.

Before you start to put the soil into the tank, remove all of the dirt from it.

The dirt means the other elements like the pieces of woods or organic elements.

Examine and separate the soil from its dirt, after that you can combine the soil with the sand for an extra base.

Do the hardscape is the second step. You can use the wood or rocks as the hardscape, to hide the dirt from the woods, just use the soil.

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Hardscape IdeaDo not forget to arrange the heater and filter before put the hardscape accessories; it will be easier to do the placement then.

The third step is lighting. The good lighting is a focal point on a plant tank, plant use it to help them in photosynthesis.

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Light IdeaThe growth of the plant plays an important role to the base, it is best way to avoid the cracking on the soil base.

Choose the bulb with the perfect portion for the tank. Change the setting whether you want the full day light bulb or half day light bulb.

Pay attention in the setting because the drastic change may cause the fish confuse, they will think the season has change and it will affect their behavior

The last step is chose the plant.

Begin with the algae which fit into the soil up to the beautiful plant to fill the aquarium like Rosettes or the floating plant.

Photo Image Betta Fish Tank Plant Setup IdeaThe floating plants comes with many beautiful variant like the water lettuce or duckweed, it is the best for Bettas habitats.

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Now you know that maintenance of the tank is also important like taking care the fish itself.

The best tank serves the best environment for the sensitive yet attractive Betta.

Choose, maintain, and plan your Betta fish tank carefully, and it will displays the Betta beautifully.

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