Types of Betta Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – How many types of beta fish do you know? In a shop full of beautiful fresh water and marine fish, you can recognize the exotic fish within minutes.

It has small body, with long fins. What about in a room full of betta fishes? The possibility of you being confused and call the wrong name is high.

The first thing you will notice is the color. Then, after short observation, you can see that the fins are varied.

Each of these types carries different names. That is how the fish maniac gets one level deeper about betta fish knowledge. You can have a head start by learning the following terms.

List Types of Betta Fish – Normal and Rare

  1. Plakat

Image Photo Plakat Types of Betta FishThis type has short fins, so the fish even looks just slightly bigger. The tail is also short, attached closely to the body.

Those who are new to betta world is likely to recognize this type as female fish.

You will notice the difference after observing the fin at the bottom of the fish body (ventral fin). Female’s is thinner compared to plakat’s.

Its fans love this type because it could reserve more energy and be more active. Also, diseases like fin rot will have less chance to infect plakat betta.

  1. Crowntail

Phot Image Crowntail Types of Betta FishThis is the most valuable types among the others. It has long tail which is similar to spikes.

Three kinds of crowntails are widely known: single ray, double ray, and crossed ray.

Crowntail are the most difficult to take care of, due to its tail length.

The water must be extra clean. Otherwise, many diseases could spread on its fragile fins.

Sometimes detailed routine is a challenge for fish lovers.

That is why this difficult to raise fish is still popular. Besides, this fish belongs to rare species.

  1. Half Moon

Picture Image Half Moon Types of Betta Fish Tropical Aquarium
credit: ramonaosche.com

It is amazing to see how the tail could spread to half circle or 180 degree to be exact.

Those who belong to “perfect half moon” category should own D-shaped tail.

In any colors, the visual itself is stunning. Just like the male betta, female has long tails too.

The only distinctive point is it s slightly blur color.

Photo Image Half Moon Types of Betta Fish
credit: ramonaosche.com

For this reason, breeding half moon betta is hard.

It surely raises the value of this fish, despite of males’ difficulty to wrap the females during mating period.

Types of Betta Fish with Pictures

  1. Double Tail

Photo Image Double Tail Types of Betta Fish Tropical AquariumThe simple definition is seeing the reflection in a puddle. The fish has similar trait: splitting upper and bottom tails. It is the result of genetic mutation.

Raising one is a pleasure, but breeding them is a whole different story. Due to the genetic twist, the double tail betta is shorter than the normal betta.

Photo Image Double Tail Types of Betta Fish AquariumPair it up with another betta species will only give defected babies.

For this symmetrical fins fish, you cannot spot them in just any stores. Most of them are sold online.

  1. Combtail

Photo Image Combtail Types of Betta Fish Tropical AquariumJust like the name suggest, the tail looks like a comb. It is similar to crowntail betta, with tail length as the difference.

This type has shorter fins with less spikes.

Actually, the spikes are there, but with extended webbing. As the result, the spikes could be less noticed. You will get duck feet shape instead.

Photo Image Black Combtail Types of Betta Fish Tropical AquariumThere is no need to visit local fish store. You can breed this type on your own by cross-breeding crowntail betta with any kind of betta.

  1. Rosetail

Photo Image Types of Betta Fish - RosetailRaising this betta will remind you of Victorian era. The tail spreads wider than half moon species, with ruffles at the tail end.

It is the result of long history breeding. The genes is twisted and mutated, until the desired appearance achieved.

This is rare species that cannot be found in public fish shop.

Photo Image Rosetail Types of Betta Fish Tropical AquariumBecause of this breeding method, the rosetail betta is vulnerable to various disease.

It is also more sensitive to temperature change. Extra care and meticulous feeding must be given every day.

Types of Betta Fish Tail

  1. Super Delta

Photo Image Types of Betta Fish - Super Delta BettaIf a half moon tail could spread 180 degree wide, the super delta can’t. The parents produce egg that will turn into either half moon or super delta.

It means that half moon breeder might end up selling super deltas.

You might try your luck and ask for this species in the mentioned breeder.

When comparing the beauty of both relatives, delta bettas are not left behind. In fact, it is just as beautiful as its sister, in its own uniqueness.

  1. Dumbo

Photo Image Dumbo Types of Betta FishWhile the other bettas are proudly showing their caudal fin, dumbo betta is popular for its unique pectoral fin.

Take a closer look at the fin located near the gills. It is similar to the elephant’s ear.

Behind its rare charms, a lot of breeders are greedily experimenting on the bettas. Most of them could born as misshapen fries, struggling to live.

Don’t be mesmerized with wide tail on the back and sides.

For dumbo betta to be able to live normally, the back tail should be short to support the long pectoral fin.

Otherwise, the pretty fish will be stressed and bite its own fins.

  1. Veil Tail

Photo Image Veiltail Variant Types of Betta FishThis one has majestic long flowing fin on its lower body. On the upper part, the fin is short.

Photo Image Veiltail Types of Betta FishIt creates the illusion of a curtain, hanging from the body. That is how this fish get its name.

Separate the veil tail bettas from aggressive fish. They will be the easy prey of fin nipping.

Types of Betta Fish Rare

  1. Spade Tail

Photo Image Spadetail Types of Betta FishIgnoring the color option, you could say that spade tail bettas are edgy. It is literally and systematically true.

You can see how the dorsal, caudal, pelvic and anal fin each makes a pointy end, resembling the shape of a spade. No spiky edge, just smooth fin with gradation colors.

Be careful with fin rot diseases that might infect the fish.

  1. Over Halfmoon

Photo Image Over Halfmoon Types of Betta FishIts admirers love to call it the “upgraded” version of half moon species. You can see the flaring fins spread not only 180 degrees, but 270 degrees.

The pelvic and anal fin are also expanding around the body.

Photo Image Over Halfmoon Types of Betta Fish VariantThe beauty of bettas is not always about the fins. Some hobbyists also admire the pattern on bettas body.

You could figure out which one is the favorite and adorable pattern type.

  1. Butterfly

Photo Image Butterfly Variant Types of Betta FishIt refers to the gradation color. The body has solid color, and the outer part of the fins gets either white or faded color of similar tone.

Photo Image Butterfly Types of Betta FishSometimes the blending colors include up to three variations of colors.

Body has the deepest color, the the tail near the body starts fading, and arrived in the tail end with its lightest color.

Types of Betta Fish Images

  1. Cambodian

Photo Image Cambodian Types of Betta FishThis variety is closely related to pink, red and white. If a betta has reddish body, then you can say that it belongs to Cambodian group.

Even when the other colors are in the bottom list, red and pink are popular as it is the basic Cambodian color.

  1. Dragon

Photo Image Dragon Types of Betta Fish It is not the entire body, but only the scales. Dragon patterned betta has ordinary tail, just like the others.

The metallic color of the scale similar to those in an armor.

Photo Image Dragon Variant Types of Betta FishMost popular one is copper dragon betta, followed by the silver and gold ones.

  1. Piebald

Photo Image Piebald Types of Betta Fish The fancy point of this betta is its light colored head, whereas the body has solid or dark color.

Photo Image Piebald Variant Types of Betta FishButterfly pattern might be found, but a piebald should be recognized from its head. This species carries marble genes in it.

Types of Betta Fish List Name

  1. Marble

Photo Image Marble Types of Betta Fish Again, the fry from different bettas species breeding creates the headline.

The colors are beautiful, with abstract color patterns throughout the body and fins.

Photo Image Marble Variant Types of Betta FishIt copies the concept of koi fish: the more color, the better.

  1. Solid

Photo Image Solid Types of Betta FishYes, just like how you read it. The solid bettas only have one color, starting from the mouth to the tail end.

The most common color found in fish store is red.

Photo Image Solid Gold Types of Betta FishStill, albino is the most valuable one.

In a family, people have blood relation, but with different traits and appearance. The same conditions apply to bettas.

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Types of Betta Fish – Conclusion

Every single species is unique, and may get advantages or disadvantages with its own features.

After learning how to call each betta type, now it is time to put you into a test.

Go to a store and look for the long finned fish section. Try to mention the specific types of beta fish you are going to buy.


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