Angelfish Tank Mates, FishTankWeb.Com – Angelfish is a compatible fish so finding the right Angelfish tank mates shouldn’t be too hard.

The better you choose the companion for the fish, the greater atmosphere it will spread into your aquarium.

Here is the list of the right mates for your amazing angelfish. Choose carefully to avoid the fight.

Angelfish Tank Mates Community

  1. Double Red Agassizii

This dwarf chiclids is recommended as the angelfish mates because it is a peaceful fish. This fish has a four inches body measurement. It is big enough so it will suit with the angelfish

Despite the arrangement for the comfortable environment for the angelfish, this fish also has a good visualization with the wonderful black colors blended with its calm orange colors fin.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Double Red Agassizi

  1. Ram Cichlids

The other kind of Ciclids which is easy to control is the Ram. The Ram Ciclids could live well with the angelfish and create a peaceful environment.

The angelfish and the Ram share a strong connection of water temperature because they come from one region.

Therefore, it is good to put them together. Create the harmonious living is also easy. The factor like the temperature will make the fishes get along with each other

To find the Ram Ciclids is also a piece of cake because they are available at the local aquarium store.

This fish has many variations of beautiful colors which can be a perfect match for the angelfish. It has colors which range from golden up to the glowing blue.

Image Photo Angelfish Tank Mates - Ram Cichlids - Microgeophagus Ramirezi - German Blue Ram Cichlid
German Blue Ram Cichlid
  1. The Silver Shark

The angelfish dislikes the little fish. In this case, the silver shark is a good choice to live with them.

The silver shark can grow until 14 inches long. You will need a larger aquarium to host it with your amazing angelfish.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - The Silver Shark

Angelfish Tank Mates

  1. The Black shark

If you want to fill your aquarium with the other miniature of shark, the black shark is the one.

Just like its name, this fish has elegant black colors on its body. This fish is a large fish with 18 inches size. Again the large aquarium is needed.

As you know, the shark fish doesn’t like the other fish that resembles the shark.

Pairing it as live partner with angelfish is a good decision because angelfish doesn’t look like shark at all. They can live together happily.

To make it more comfortable, you can make a hiding place for the Black Shark fish because it likes to hide.

The miniature of cave will be perfect to complete the aquarium while it provides enough playground for the Betta and Black Shark fish.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - The Black Shark - Labeo chrysophekadion
Labeo chrysophekadion
  1. Tinfoil Barb

Come again with the large fish, the Tinfoil Barb has 18 inches measurements. Remember to use the large gallons size and put it together with angelfish and other fish which is suitable for them.

It is good to make them live with the angelfish because they are calm fishes and they dislike to start a fight. Do not worry because with the right treatment they will not be fin nippers.

The Barb can be a good fish to observe because they can jump and they like to chase the other fish.

Despite the active behavior, they also has a calm colors like golden and orange. It will not make you bored.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Tinfoil Barb

  1. Snakeskin Gourami

You can house the angelfish with this fish. They have 10 inches long body. This Gourami is easy to maintain.

The maintenance is almost the same with the angelfish, and it explains why they are best to be put together.

It has monochrome colors which are good for display. It has a skin which resembles the snake just like its name. It makes them more attractive along with the angelfish.

Image Photo Angelfish Tank Mates - Snakeskin Gourami - Trichogaster pectoralis
Trichogaster pectoralis

Angelfish Tank Mates

  1. Dwarf Gourami

Gourami is the best mate for the angelfish. They almost have the same temperament and behavior.

It is good for angelfish to stay with the same aggressive fish. The Dwarf Gourami is one of the good friends for them.

This gourami has an attractive orange stripes combined with the silver base body. Sometimes, it has the variety of light blue colors in its fin.

The dwarf Gourami is the perfect visualization to combine with the lightly angelfish.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Dwarf Gourami - Trichogaster lalius
Trichogaster lalius
  1. Bristlenose Pleco

This medium size fish is good not only as a mate for angelfish, but also a good fish for you.

The Pleco is easy to maintain and it will go along with the angelfish because the same of disliking to bother the others.

For the display of aquarium, the Pleco has a unique shape and the attractive yellow polka dot on its body. Enjoy watching it calmly swim together with the angelfish.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Bristlenose Pleco - Bristlenose catfish
Bristlenose catfish
  1. Featherfin Synodontis

This unique fish is bottom dwellers. They will be fine to put together with angelfish. This fish will not bother angelfish nor will the angelfish disturb them.

This fish is a large fish with 12 inches body. Using the big gallons size aquarium is better especially if you want to set the tank with the landscape.

It has a beautiful appearance and it can live well in extreme condition which makes it a good mate for angelfish.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Featherfin Synodontis

  1. Tetras

Tetra is beautiful to set with angelfish, but remember to fill the tank with the not too small tetra.

The small tetra will be the meal for angelfish while the larger one can be a good friend for your lovely pet.

The highly recommended Tetras for you are the Lemon Tetras, Emperor Tetras, Pristella Tetras, and of course Neon Tetras. Just choose the correct Tetra and put it inside the tank. It will be perfect.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Tetra Fish

Angelfish Tank Mates

  1. Loaches

The other bottom dweller which is a good companion for angelfish is the loaches. The loaches almost spend the time in the tank floor so it will not disturb the angelfish.

They also have big body measurements and it will be impossible for angelfish to eat them.

The length can be the other consideration for you, especially to fit it in the tank. The good loaches for you are Dwarf Loaches or Kuhli Loaches because its size will be more fit into the aquarium with the Angelfish in it.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Loaches - Dwarf Loaches - Ambastaia sidthimunki
Loach Dwarf – Ambastaia sidthimunki
Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Loaches - Kuhli Loaches - Pangio kuhlii
Loach kuhli – Pangio kuhlii
  1. Corydoras Catfish

You can place this fish along with their group on the aquarium with Angelfish in it. Do not worry they will not disturb each others. Besides, they will be a good mate to each other.

This fish has eight inches size of body. They are very compatible, not only for angelfish, but also for the other fishes too. They are bottom dweller, easy to care, and simply clean your tank.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Corydoras Catfish

  1. Danios

The other schooling fish which fits the Angelfish is the Danios. Put it in the big tank with Angelfish and they will be just fine.

Besides that, this fish is easy to maintain and it has a wonderful appearance, making it a perfect choice as the other habitats in your tank.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Danio Fish - Zebra Danio
Zebra Danio

Angelfish Tank Mates

  1. Rasboras

Rasboras is compatible fish, you can put them together with the Angelfish. Rasboras comes with variety of size. Put the large one in the tank so the Angelfish cannot eat them.Image Photo Angelfish Tank Mates - Ram Cichlids - Rasbora Fish

  1. Swordtails

Swordtail is the family of miscellaneous fish which is good to live with Angelfish.

This fish is a live bears and they will be fine with the habitats of the Angelfish itself. It also has a unique shape and attractive colors which is good for display.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Swordtails Fish

  1. Heros Cichlids

This fish originally comes from South America, the same region with Angelfish. Of course, they will adapt well with each other.

This fish is a good companion for the Angelfish, not only because it can live quietly with them, but also it is easier for you to set the temperature.

Because this fish needs the same treatment in the matter of habitats and pH, this fish makes an excellent option.

Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Heros Cichlids - HEROS NOTATUS
  1. Gold Stripe Corydora

This fish lives in the bottom of the tank. Yes, the Gold stripe is a bottom dwellers. Putting it with the angelfish will not cause a problem because they dislike disturbing other fish.

The Goldstripe has a stunning appearance. They have a bright golden body and unique shape which can make you impressed.

It enjoys the sand and gravel just like the others bottom dwellers. Therefore, it is possible for you to make a good landscape for them and also for the Angelfish.

Talking about size, this fish has three inches size and it still suitable for the Angelfish for it.Photo Image Angelfish Tank Mates - Gold Stripe Corydora

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Angelfish Tank Mates Chart – Conclusion

That’s all the best mates for your lovely Angelfish. You can choose like what you want it and make them look perfect together.

Yes, choosing the mate for the Angelfish is the main problem because Angelfish is kind of aggressive while they are rather sensitive too.

Many kinds of fish can be the option but the more important thing is making your angelfish comfortable with its Angelfish tank mates.


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