Custom Fish Tanks Design, FishTankWeb.Com – Are you ready to make a custom fish tanks?

Custom the tank will let you to deliver your ideas and express your style into the aquarium. It will make a good display and better place for the fish to live harmoniously.

Here are the recommended designs to make your tank brighter.

Custom Fish Tanks Design

  1. The Coffee Table Aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Coffee Table AquariumThis design is popular among the fish keeper and you can make the tank below your coffee table. The glass table is needed along with the glass to separate it.

Lift the glass cover when you want to feed the fish, and it will be a good visualization in your own living room.

  1. The Pipe Land Tank

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Pipe Land TankHave you ever imagined making the pipe-like tank and hanging it in the house? It will be a good idea to try.

Use it as the bridge for fish to move between two aquariums. Besides that, you can put two different tanks in two way direction. Letting the fish moves and enjoying it will make your day.

  1. The Telephone Boots Design

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Telephone Boots DesignCustom Fish Tanks

It is the chance to transform the old telephone booth into an aquarium. It is a great idea.

The spacious area is good for fish and to place the landscape. Transform it and see the difference.

  1. The Restroom Ideas

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Restroom IdeasIf you really like fish you can put it even in the restroom! Use the sink design, make the glass sink and fill it with fish.

Pay attention to the rearrangement especially to circulate the water and the fish feeding. Once you can handle it, it will be mind blowing.

  1. The Air Aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Air AquariumTry the idea derived from the famous designer, Amaury Poudray. He made the simple design by applying the steel frame and the large airship-shaped tank.

The steel is used to support the tank and it will look simple yet classy in your home.

  1. The Cupboard Aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Cupboard AquariumCustom Fish Tanks

Beautify your bed room by making the cupboard into an aquarium. Design the cupboard from the wooden piece, and combine it with the acrylic glass.

Put it next to your bed. Enjoy the elegance and classy taste even when you are going to bed.

  1. The Outdoor Pond Style

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Outdoor Pond StyleIt’s okay if you have a small room inside the house. Just put the tank outside. Do not just simply put it outside but combine it with the wall and match it with the marble.

It will be a great exterior detail to apply in your house. It has its own risk though as your fish is exposed to outdoors and probably cat as well.

  1. The Dining Table Aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Dining Table AquariumCustom the dining room as effective as you can. You can redesign the dining table and provide a space for an aquarium. Then, make it into the fish home.

Enjoy the meal with your family while watching the fish moves together harmoniously. This is a great view to watch during dinner or any other meal time.

  1. Brick Wall Tank

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Brick Wall TankBrick wall has the accent of uniqueness. Many ornaments can blend well with the brick wall and the fish tank is one of those ornaments.

You can decor the brick wall in a consistent style with the tank. It will be good in the outdoor and also in the indoor.

For the outdoor decoration, you can combine the fish tank in the middle of brick wall. Pay attention to the arrangement and water circulation.

If everything is under control, you can see the display of fish from the outside garden or yard.

For the indoor decoration, the brick wall fish tank idea will be great if you place it next to the fire place.

You can grasp the two atmospheres blend together with the brick wall as the line separation.

  1. The Custom Tank Fish Office Design

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Custom Tank Fish Office DesignCustom Fish Tanks

Design the office table to display your fish. It will be efficient for your interior design especially if you want to get the fresh mood while working.

Make the cover from glass and make sure that you can see the fish from where you sit.

Remember not to directly write on the acrylic glass because you know that acrylic grass is easy to scratch.

Integrate the tank below the glass- working table and this tank is ready to make you fresher.

  1. The Aquarium Sofa

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - The Aquarium SofaLet’s go back to the living room. Just imagine that you can sit comfortably with the company of your beloved fish.

You can get your fish next to you along with its tank. Just custom the tank on both sides of sofa handles. This small tank fish will be perfect if you are a Betta fish fan.

  1. Labyrinth Aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Labyrinth AquariumMake sure that you notice the labyrinth style, the rare yet unique and great style to apply.

It is the combination of four up to five small tanks which are combined together with a glass-like pipe tank.

This idea isn’t new actually. The same pipe custom tank has been used as bridge for fishes on facilities for years now. We can use the concept of this idea and apply it for our own display.

However, we are going to use less pipe tank this time. You can design the tank into a round shape aquarium and arrange the lighting and filtration component in it.

This style is best to apply for the freshwater fish especially the fish which occupy the small tank.

  1. World Design Tank

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - World Design TankCustom Fish Tanks

You can do well with the landscape when it comes to this design. Use the wide basin and add a shape like world map in it.

You can enjoy your fish travel around the miniature of the world and of course it is impeccable to watch.

  1. Duplex Custom Tank Design

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Duplex Custom Tank DesignIf you enjoy seeing two different animals at the same time, it is best to do this custom design.

This design combines the two rooms together. For example you can put the small tank above the bird cage. Brilliant isn’t it?

To make the duplex tank fish, you need to thermoformed the aquarium first so it will be comfortable for your fish and the bird.

The design will come out beautifully and emphasize to aspect of the air and the sea.

  1. Floating Design Tank

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Floating Design TankUse the well made glass as its support and put the tank next to the living room. Recreate the landscape and it can house all Malawi Cichlids.

The best part of the floating design tank is it will look floating during the night. Of course, the glass that supports the tank will be invisible if you turn the light off.

  1. Knightsbridge Tank Custom Design aquarium

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Knightsbridge Tank Custom Design aquariumThis style is always being a classic and wonderful design to apply. Design two larges aquariums besides the gateway of your swimming pool.

It will be really expensive because you have to consult the architecture team first to apply the filtration and the tank, but of course it is worth the expense.

  1. Chic Industrial Home Tank

Photo Image Custom Fish Tanks - Chic Industrial Home Tank aquariumCustom Fish Tanks

This design is suitable for the modern taste home. You can set 3,15 meter aquarium in the living room. Of course it can house more than 50 fishes together.

Combine and put it between the wooden walls and use the ocean atmosphere on its coral landscape.

Use it as a display and the connector between the two rooms. You will be able to see the other room through the tank glass.

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Custom Fish Tanks –  Conclusion

See, there are so many ideas that you can choose in order to make a perfect appearance for your tank.

Begin to choose the most suitable version from your taste and consider where you want to apply it. Remember, read and consult with the expert is always good for your new custom fish tanks.


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