Standard Aquarium Sizes, FishTankWeb.ComAfter you find the fish to raise, you have to find standard aquarium sizes to keep the fishes.

Your concern must be how to determine which one is perfect. Probably some of you give global judgment: as long as it could fit fr the fish, then everything is set.

Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes AcrylicYou could be wrong, though. Check this article and see if you change your mind in the end.

Standard Aquarium Sizes – Why Is It Important?

Tank will be tank. This saying is correct, but might be debatable in some aspects. For example, the number of fish and the shape of the aquarium.

As the basic equipments in fish keeping, tank holds more functions you might yet to know. In facts, several reasons are queuing in line.

1. The oxygen needed by the fish is varied. You cannot put big fish in a tank made for small fishes community.

2. Fish is a living creature that grows bigger. The fish store usually offers the fry or juvenile ones.

Even small species will be bigger, so make sure there is enough space for the fully growth adult.

3. Fish’s characteristic is varied. It is not fair to give small space to the aggressive species.

4. The equipment such as water filter must be included too.

5. There are two types of tank: acrylic and glass. Both have different prices and performance.

Standard Aquarium Sizes – How to Calculate The Size?

The answer depends on the type of fish you are raising. It is directly proportional to the size of the tank. Find the suitable measurement for your pet’s house.

1. Keep in mind that the oxygen could infuse the water from the surface. In the other word, the wider tank surface, more oxygen is available for the fish.

2. Do a little research of the fish’s size. You will need thirty square cm per cm of the fish, if you are going to raise the small species.

For medium to big species, you will need fifty square cm per cm of the fish.

3. Differentiate the calculation for marine and freshwater species.

The fresh water ones requires thirty inches for each inch of the fish’s body. Salt water fishes call for wider space: 48 inches .

4. Write down the adult size instead of the fry size. Changing tank after a year is not convenient at all.

5. Find the characteristic of the fish. This information will be helpful to determine size tank, too.

For example, active fish enjoys wide tank to explore. The schooling fish, prefer to have tall tank so the shoal could wander together.

6. Match your cleaning routine. Bigger tank requires weekly or monthly cleaning. Smaller tank will be more frequent than the big one.

The Available Standard Aquarium Size

There are a lot of choices in fish store. You might be confused, as you only calculate the fish’s size, number and also the swimming area.

Dig a little deeper about the name of the tanks and the exact size they offer.Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Aquarium Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Beginner Guide Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Big Size Jumbo Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Coffee Table Style Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Cupboard Style Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Living Room Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Wall Style Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Type Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Freshwater Fish Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes for Home Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes for Betta Fish Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Tropical Freshwater Fish Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Tropical Fish Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Saltwater Fish Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes for Beginner Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Dining Room Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes Mini Photo Image Standard Aquarium Sizes with Light

  1. 10 Leader ( 10 gallon )

When this tank is empty, it weighs 11 lbs. After you fill it with water, it would increase to approximately 111 lbs.

This type has 20.25 inches length, 10.5 inches wide, and 12.6 height. The glass is tampered already.

  1. 10 Long

Just like the name suggested, it has longer size: 24.25 inches and similar height of 12.6 inches. The width is 8.5 inches.

This tank is heavier than the 10 inches tank: 16 lbs. With full water, it will be 116 lbs.

  1. 15 High

The length of this tank is 20.25 inches, with 10.5 inches width and 18.75 inches height. The glass is the tampered one.

Empty tank weigh about 22 lbs. Fill it up and the total should be around 170 lbs.

  1. 15 Show

It is just longer, the width and the height are shorter. The length is 24.25 inches, with 8.5 width and 16.6 inches height.

The empty and filled weight is just like the 15 high type.

  1. 15 Gallon

This tank is 24.25 inches long. The width is 12.5 inches, complementing the 12.75 inches height.

Without water, the tank weigh about 21 lbs. If you fill the water up to the surface, more or less you have 150 lbs more added into the previous weight.

  1. 20 X High

It forms with 20.25 inches long tampered glass and 10.5 inches width. Don’t forget to notice its 23.75 inches height.

The empty tank weighs around 32 lbs. With full water, the final weigh will be 232 lbs.

  1. 20 High

This one is slightly shorter than the X version. It is 24.25 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 16.75 inches tall.

Of course, the tampered glass tank also has less weight with water inside: 225 lbs. Throwing out the water, you will get 25 lbs weight.

  1. 20 Long

The “long” type always have the longest size. It is 30.25 inches long, with 12.5 width and 12.75 height.

For its empty and full weight estimation, you can expect 25 and 225 lbs respectively.

  1. 25 Gallon

The tank owns the space of 24.25 long and 12.5 wide. The tampered glass wall stands 20.75 inches tall. Empty tank weight about 32 lbs. The full one is around 282 lbs.

  1. 26 Flatback

Being “flat” means this tank has shallow water. It is 36.25 long, 12.5 wide and 16.6 tall. The glass material is not tampered yet.

From the store, you will carry 42 lbs tank. After you pour the water, the weight ends up with 300 lbs.

  1. 29 Gallon

Each tank from this type offers 30.25 inches length x 12.5 inches width. The height is 18.75 inches.

Brace yourself to bring the 40 lbs empty aquarium with you. Make sure you put it on the table before filling the water. Full tank weigh about 330 lbs.

  1. 30 Gallon

It is 36.25 inches long and 12.6 inches wide. The height reaches 16.75 inches.

The blank tampered glass tank is 43 lbs. Whereas the full tank weight escalated to 343 lbs.

  1. 30 Breeder

This size is made especially for spawning purpose. The size of this label is 36.2 long and 18.25 wide. The height is 12.9 inches.

Empty aquarium is weighing around 48 lbs. If fully filled, it turns into 348 lbs.

  1. 30 X High

This is another option for tall walls tank. The length is 24.25 inches and the width is 12.5 inches. The height is probably the one you are looking for: 24.75 inches.

Empty tank should be 41 lbs. The water in the aquarium adds the weight up to 340 lbs.

  1. 33 Long

This tank has 48.25 inches long and 12.75 inches wide area. The height of the tank is 12.8 inches.

Without the water, the tank weigh around 52 lbs. After the water is added, it turns to 382 lbs.

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Standard Aquarium Sizes – Conclusion

As much as people fight for decent life, you might do the same for your fish. Bring them justice and put up the important things first.

The unique shape, various decorations and equipment come after that.

These details are easy to compromise, while choosing the standard aquarium sizes requires slightly more effort and care.

Consider your unique situation and make the right choice.

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