Neon Tetra Disease, FishTankWeb.ComYou might want to know more about neon tetra disease. It is a blessing to raise this communal fish.

They are entertaining and pretty calm. That is why they fit well for the big tank with various types of fishes.

Be alert when you notice the following signs. Diseases spread fast within the limited space.

The General Information about Neon Tetra Disease

Before you learn further about the indications, you should be familiar with the disease first. The first step would be learning about the general knowledge.

1. It gets the name because the first case was found on neon tetra species. However, it might affect the other species, too. For example: gold fish, barbs and angelfish.

2. The size of the fish makes it difficult to recognize the indications. It makes most cases end with no hope of full recovery.

3. The contagious disease is caused by a parasite called Pleistophora Hyphessobryconis.

The vicious organism could be found in dead fish or Tubifex worms. These carriers then deliver the worm to tetras’ digestive system.

4. Tubifex worms are sometimes raised on dirty environment. Therefore, the fish’s favorite food carries the patogen with them.

Besides, some fish owners do not clean the live food properly before feeding.

5. After several days of incubation, the organisms spreads to tetras’ muscle tissue.

They will gradually eat the tiny fish until it dies. It could also stay on the kidney.

6. The dead body of the infected fish will be the another potential carrier of the disease. However, it doesn’t mean that every tetra is the natural carrier of the malady.

7. The disease could spreads in an instant because once the organism enters the water, it will explode like a spore. Especially when the organism takes over the kidney.

It could release another disease through guts or feces. Thus, the whole community are under the risk of infection.

8. Stressed fish has higher chance to get attacked by the patogen. If the body is strong enough, the infection could bring less damage to the fish itself.

However, if the immune system is going down, there will be few chance to survive.Photo Image How to Get Rid Neon Tetra Disease Photo Image Neon Tetra Disease Bloated Photo Image Neon Tetra Disease Mouth

Neon Tetra Disease Symptoms

Everything has a beginning. Your tiny pet cannot be sick without any legal causes. For that reason, it is suggested that you know how the symptoms look like.

  1. White Cyst

You will notice whitish dots on the fish’s body. In some cases, the white color appears on all or half of the body.

Usually, the first white dot is found on spinal fin. The more it spreads the worse the fish’s conditions.

  1. Losing Appetite

It is because the organism fill up the tetras’ stomach. Less nutrition will be absorbed by the fish. Should you give food with poor nutrition, the fish will die faster.

  1. Losing Color

Train your eyes to be familiar with tetras’ vivid color. Once its tone is faded, your fish might be infected with certain illness.

  1. Cannot swim properly

As you observe the aquarium, there might be differences in swimming styles. The affected tetra will gradually lose its balance. So, the movement will appear to be different.

  1. Fin Rot

When the infection already has no space on the body, it will spread to the fin. You will see how the fragile fins slowly fall and disappear. The fish will no longer be able to swim properly.

In the end, the tetras will die.

  1. Alienating itself

Tetras are famous as the member of group fish. Infected fish will move without any rest. This symptoms happen especially at night time.

Most of the times, they wander outside the school.

  1. Squishy body

The bacteria attack tetras’ muscle. A healthy fish should appear with sturdy body and glowing scales. You should notice how the body becomes lumpy and soft after infection.

  1. Curved spine

The back bone of the fish are tilted in certain angle that hurts the fish. It disturbs the swimming balance of the fish. As the result, the fish could not swim well.Photo Image Neon Tetra Disease Spread Photo Image Neon Tetra Disease Symptoms Photo Image Neon Tetra Disease White Spots

Neon Tetra Disease Treatment

So what to do after you see the symptoms? Of course, you can put your effort to cure the sick fishes. There might be some options you can do.

  1. Put into isolation

It is not discriminating, but preventing more fishes to be sick.

Tetras share the water with the communities. Don’t forget that the water is not circulated like the river ecosystem.

Prepare a different tank for the infected fishes. Maintain high level of water for two to three weeks ahead. Change the water weekly, and keep the tank clean.

Vacuum the leftover food after feeding time. Keep doing so, until the diseases completely cured.

  1. Euthanize

Tetras’ bodies are small. Thus, any illness signs sometimes show up in the latest stadium. Nothing better you could do except letting the tetras go.

This action is often taken when the bodies are fully covered with white fungus.

  1. Put into quarantine

Some bacterial infection might be cured with certain drugs.

You need to add the medicine to the water, and follow the instruction carefully. Some symptoms above are also the indications of the other diseases.

By adding the antibacterial medication, you might relieve the symptoms or even cured the disease. The common inscription would be Melafix Anti Bacterial Fish Remedy.

  1. Clean the tank thoroughly

Some people say that the infected tank will always carry the disease. It is not quite right. With regular and thorough cleaning process using proper rinsing materials, you will completely cleanse the bacteria.

  1. Avoid Sick Tetras

When you buy fish from fish store, you need to reject the ones that looks sick. Match the tetras condition with the symptoms above.

Neon Tetra Disease – Conclusion

Many things could trigger the maladies in a tank. Maybe the tank is dirty, or the tap water you use contains several bacteria or fungus.

Immediately take action once you notice that the tetras are sick. Several diseases are not contagious, but some others might be lethal to another types.

Do your best to treat neon tetra disease and preventing it to spread


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