White Cloud Mountain Minnow, FishTankWeb.Com – For you who like tropical fish, White Cloud Mountain Minnow is known as the hardy fish.

This fish is not only recognized by its easy maintenance but also the beauty of it. The Scientist call him Tanichthys albonubes

So, get ready to know more about this amazing fish and make sure to have one in your tank!

White Cloud Mountain Minnow – The Nature of Minnows

Do you know that this fish is a rare fish? Yes, this fish is very unusual to find in the wild.

You can find this species in China, especially in Guangdong province. Now, this fish is in the aquarium market and in the captivity.

Although they are rare species, they are not as expensive as the Tetras.

Meanwhile, they have many varieties of colors, and of course, it can be a good display in your tank. Choose this fish if you want to have a colorful yet affordable fish.

This fish can grow up to 4 cm, the typical of mini size fish. They like to live in the middle of the tank because they are not bottom dwellers.

Don’t worry, they are not aggressive fish and they can make a good display up to five or more years just as long as their lifespan.

Talking about the size and shape, this mini fish has the dorsal din in the middle of their body along with the anal fin.

You can find the bronze colors on its body and very bright line across the eye up to their tail. It is perfectly combined with the red colors in the end of the line. The red colors also dominate the fin colors.

Put this fish in the 8 gallons size tanks or more. The suitable tank size is needed in order to make the miniature habitats for them.

What is about the tank mates? Because this fish is peaceful, you should consider giving them a tank mate.

Putting the other fish together with it will make them literally even more sparkling. This fish likes to hide when they are alone and it is not good for their body’s color.

Remember not to put the larger fish with them, especially the golden fish. The larger fishes tend to eat them due to their small size.

You can put other small fishes like Black Skirt Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, or Betta Fish. They are best for the community tank because they have around the same size.Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Body Types Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Breeding Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Diseases Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Eggs Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Foods

White Cloud Mountain Minnow – Care Guide for the Owner

The other benefits of giving the Minnow fish the tank mates is that this action will avoid the stress on the fish.

It is not only for the Minnow, but also for the others fish as well. The schooling fish is better to keep in group, making them more alive.

Choosing the Minnow for a beginner is a perfect choice to do. Yes, it because they are a hardy fish and they can live in extreme condition.

The minnows also have an easy maintenance and they are very peaceful to have in the tank.

Even though this fish is easy to care, it doesn’t mean that you can live them alone without knowing about their needs.

Pay attention. This fish needs a suitable water quality for them. They dislike the warm or hot water. It will decrease their life span.

Put the Minnows in the water with around 64 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. These type of cold water will be good habitat for the Minnows, in addition to the fact that it can enrich their body color.

The display is the second thing that you have to look at. Make a good substrate for Minnows with enough vegetation. Putting the rocks and the woods as the displays will be fine for them as well.

There is another way to make sure the Minnows has healthy condition and great colorization. They will need bright light, but not very bright, as well as spacious space for them to swim around.

Do not worry about the water pH. As long as it is not too extreme for them, it should be safe. However, please remember not to use the copper medication because the Minnows are sensitive with them.

If you did set your aquarium for the Minnows, you can start the diet. The minnows is an omnivore, so they can eat any foods including frozen or live food.

They even eat mosquito and shrimp. Therefore you can put them in the pond sometimes so they can eat mosquitoes.

In order to keep the Minnows in good health, you have to take care of its meal. Feed the Minnows with the variety of food from the frozen up to dry and live food for them.Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow For Sale Price Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Freshwater Fish Care Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Guide Treatment Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Habitat Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Lifespan

White Cloud Mountain Minnow – Gen and Breeding

The other important thing about the Minnows is to find their s3xual differences. It is important to their breeding.

The s3x differences will show in their maturity, it is about 6 months of their age. The male will display the vibrant colors and show their fins to attract the female Minnows.

It is known that the Minnows are a rare species in China and in the captivity. If you want to have the Minnows in your tank, it is better to captivate them.

The white cloud is not aggressive and they will eat their own egg in breed. You have options to set the breeding in the same tank or put them in a different tank.

The water temperatures for the egg range from 68 up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with 6.5 up to 7.5 pH. The sponge made filter is recommended for its maintenance.

In the breeding and spawning, you have to give the Minnows the live food. If you do not have the live food, just use the frozen food with high quality for them.

In one breeding cycle, they will give you around five up to 10 eggs. They will simply lay it on the tank plant for around three or four weeks.

Remember, you have to put away the Minnows from their eggs once the eggs break. Once the eggs hatched, the young Minnows will rapidly grow.Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Pregnant Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tanichthys albonubes Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tank mates Photo Image White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tank Size

Have to know:

White Cloud Mountain Minnow – Conclusion

Now, you have more interesting information about the Minnows. In fact, they are the perfect fish to live in your tank especially in the community tank.

The easy maintenance and their vibrant colors will get you impressed. Enjoy White Cloud Mountain Minnow swim freely and find the joy of your life.

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