Black Skirt Tetra, FishTankWeb.Com – Black Skirt Tetra is one of the most famous freshwater fishes for your tank.

It has a unique shape and wonderful colorization to enlighten your display.

Despite their good look, always remember that this fish can suffer several diseases as well, just like the other fish.

Black Skirt Tetra Diseases

Living in the aquarium, this amazing fish needs a good maintenance. The Tetra is a hardy fish, but even if it can adapt well, you have to pay attention to the possibility of the illness.

The following diseases are pretty common for Black Skirt Tetra. Check this out.

  1. The Ich Infection

The most common disease that can be found in Tetra is the Ich infection. Ich orĀ Ichthyophthirius is a white spot that you can find on the fish body.

Just like the name of the disease itself, the symptoms of this disease is the white spots on the fish body, especially in the fins.

The spot is so small, just like salt all over the body surface.

This disease is caused by the bad water quality and lead to the parasite.

The other thing that can make the fish suffers this disease is the stress towards the environment itself.

A good maintenance is needed to prevent the Tetra free from catching this disease. Unleashing it may lead to death.

There are two things that you can do in order to heal the Tetras.

First, use the natural medical care. This treatment involves the change of tank temperature.

You have to increase the heat in the particular tank.

How to do it? Just make the temperature tank into 86 degrees of Fahrenheit. This method is used to kill the parasite.

Begin with increasing the temperature for about two weeks. If the Tetras get cured, you can turn back the temperature slowly. It should be fine for the fish.

The second thing that you can do is removing the filtration. The carbon filtration should be moved because it tends to absorb the medication.

Talking about the treatment using the heat, it is not recommended to give the medication while applying this approach.

Choose one between the medications with the drug or simply increase the temperature.

Prior to the healing, you can add another medication like garlic into the tank.

Garlic in here means the garlic juice for Tetras. You can add it into the water about three times a week.

The benefits of garlic to the Tetras and other fish are it can be used as a detoxification, maintaining the immune system.

Try to use garlic to make the Tetras healthier and stronger.

  1. The Bacterial Disease

The other disease is bacteria disease. It can be Tail Rot, Dropsy or the Red Pest. The most common bacterial disease is Fin Rot.

The symptoms are the rotting fins. The Tetras lose appetite and they like to spend the day in the bottom of the tank.

The fin root is caused by the poor condition of the water. The poor water condition invites the bacteria.

If you rarely clean your fish tank, this will happen on your tank.

The treatment for this disease is surprisingly simple. The change of the water is needed along with the water pH, ammonia, and nitrate.

Therefore, a weekly monitoring and cleaning are indeed needed.

If your Tetras are infected, you have to move them into another tank.

The water change needs to be performed in the respective tank. You have to change at least 50% of the water while checking the other fish health.

The heating also needs to be increased. Increase the water temperature up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do not forget to keep the water clean during the process.

The drugs or medication that you can use to help the fish are Maracyn, MelaFix, or Myxazin.

Add just one drop per gallon, and observe the fish until they are truly healed.

The Dropsy is shown when the Tetras bodies are swollen. It is caused by the bacterial which infected the kidneys.

In addition to it, bad aquarium conditions also affect the Tetras to suffer this illness.

The antibiotic is best to heal the Tetras from the disease. The good antibiotics are tetrascycline or chloromycetin.

Remember to add 10 mg only per one liter tank water. Rearrange the tank condition is also recommended to create better environment for the Tetras.

The Red Pest will be seen if the fish has the red streaks on its body or fins. It is caused by bacteria which can cause fish internal disease.

The treatment for the Tetras must be internal instead of external. Use the antibiotic and add it into the food. Using 250 mg doze is enough to take care of the fish.

Another bacteria disease is shown by the swelling of eye or abdomen. The other case shows the red spot or streaks on the fish.

The recommended drugs to treat this disease include Penicillin or Erythromycin.

  1. Protozoa Infection

The Velvet disease is one of the protozoa infections in Tetras. The symptoms are yellow dust on the fish body, cloudy eyes, weight loss, and also hard breathing.

This illness is caused by parasite like Oodinium limneticum or Oodiunium pilularis. They can either eat the layer fin or attack the fish fin and skin.

A good treatment is needed to cure this disease. Use the Aquarisol as the medication. You can find it easily at the pet store.

While using this medication, you can choose to heal the Tetras in the same tank with others or separate it from the health one.

  1. The Flukes

Tetra which suffers from the flukes has mucus on its body or mouth and the skin will be more red than usual.

This disease is caused by the worms. Use the potassium to treat the tank.

However, you need to be careful while applying this method because it can change the water color.

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In sum, Tetra is a hardy fish that can survive against extreme condition. However, several diseases can infect them, mostly caused by bacteria.

When it happens, you can apply one of the guide above and treat your Black Skirt Tetra at the right way.

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