Neon Tetra Care Guide, FishTankWeb.Com – Not only good for owner, a Neon Tetra care guide will be helpful for an aquarist who is considering the fish as pet as well.

This is a highly popular fish and it is reported to be easy to care and maintain.

Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide - Color TypesYou need to know more. Keep reading and you will learn a lot on this fish care needs.

Neon Tetra Care Guide – Housing Neon Tetra in Home

You should maintain the Neon Tetras well enough if you want them to accompany you in their aquarium as long as their life span, about five up to ten years.

If you not take them well, it will automatically shorten their life.

Maintaining the Neon Tetras begins with housing them in a good aquarium.

You should know that Neon Tetra is found in South America so they likely are clearwater species. The following tips should help you out.

1. Set the water condition in the same range as their own habitats. They can live in medium and soft water with the 5.5 up to 7.5 water pH.

Meanwhile for the temperature aquarium, you can set it from 68 up to 78 degrees of Fahrenheit, or around 20 up to 25 degrees of Celsius.

2. The other thing that you have to know is the suitable tank for hosting Neon Tetra. This amazing fish can live in a five up to ten gallons of tank size.

It is rather small tank because Neon Tetra is small yet beautiful fish which can grow up to four centimeters long.

3. Yes, neon Tetra is hardy type of fish so they can survive in difficult and extreme situations. However, what is meant by “the hardy one” above is the original fish.

Meanwhile, the one that you can find in the market is the descendent.

The hardiest Neon Tetra comes from the wild one while the descendent needs more treatment. Make sure to read maintenance and care guide section below.

4. You basically can use five up to ten gallons tank size for Neon Tetra. However, using the ten gallons tank size is highly recommended.

Why? On this tank size, water stability is better and it makes it a perfect option for keeping the fish healthy.

6. Remember not to put Neon Tetra in the unicycle tank. This small fish is sensitive towards the tank filtration.

The filter which is highly recommended if you have this fish is the Aqua Clear Power filters. It has long lasting design and it makes your tank clearer in an effective way.Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide - Lifespan Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Aquarium Maintenance Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Aquarium Types Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Aquarium

Neon Tetra Care Guide – Maintaining the Landscape for the Fish

After setting the suitable tank for neon Tetra, the next thing to do is landscaping. Landscaping or aquascaping is good for Neon Tetra. This is actually one of the best ways to take care of them too.

Neon Tetra real habitat is Amazon in South America. Therefore, it is best if you put a lot of plants in the tank.

Use the real plants despite of the fake one. The fake plants can hurt the fish because it has sharp edges.Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Beginner Tips Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Characteristic Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Diet Feeding Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide HabitatNeon Tetra Care Guide – The Best Tank Mates

Do you know the behavior of Neon Tetras? It is better to know their behavior first before keeping them in the tank. One of the Neon Tetra behaviors is hiding.

Make sure you make a miniature of a cave as their place to hide. For mate, check out the following tips to get your Neon Tetra the best tank mates.

1. Shady is also good for neon Tetra. It resembles their real habitats. Using the floating plants is okay.

However, you need to make sure that they get the sense of home not only because of the landscape but also the light. Use not too bright light for Neon Tetra.

2. Neon Tetras have a good compatibility so you can give them companion without worrying on fight. Pay attention while you add tank mates.

3. Choose the best one for them. The good tank mates for Neon Tetra include the Betta fish, Cherry Barbs, and other kinds of Tetras as well.

4. Please remember that Neon Tetra likes peaceful fish as tank mate, a fish that has the same temperament with it. It will not be wise to put Neon Tetra together with an aggressive fish.

5. Good tank mates for Neon Tetras can help the fish to display their best colors.

In five or six group community of Neon Tetras and friendly tank mates, you will be able to enjoy the Neon Tetras best version of attractive colors.Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Community Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Tank Mates Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Tropical Freshwater Fish Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Water Cycling

Neon Tetra Care Guide – How to Feed Neon Tetra with Care

The important thing that you should not miss is the feeding. The good diet for Neon Tetras makes them healthier. Check out the following aspects for guide.

  • Neon Tetra is omnivore.

They can eat anything in the wild from the flake food up to the frozen food. Make sure to prepare good food for them.

Get the variations from time to time, and if you use the frozen food, you should consider giving them brine shrimp or daphnia.

  • Feed them several times a day.

The estimated time for them to eat on each meal is within three minutes. Please remember, do not over feeding them. A good diet will prevent them from catching the diseases.

Neon Tetra Care Guide – Aquarium Maintenance for Neon Tetra

The healthy environment for the Neon Tetras is needed. There are several important factors you need to work on for this.

  • Use the moderate water movement for them and check the water regulation regularly.
  • Water changes need to be performed well to prevent illness on the fish. Weekly schedule is the best schedule that promises the best result as well.
  • The cleaning process is also very important. Handle them with care when it comes to cleaning. Do not use the detergent to clean the tank because it is not good for the fish health.

Neon Tetra Care Guide – The Breeding Treatment

It needs different treatment when it comes to breeding. Use the following tips to make it successful.

  • During the breeding process, Neon Tetra needs shallow water. Six centimeters thickness in the water is an ideal condition for breeding.
  • Put the Neon Tetra in a 20 gallons tank size and make sure the tank lighting isn’t too bright for them.
  • The perfect water temperature for breeding process is 75 degrees of Fahrenheit.
  • Water pH needs to be checked. Unlike the usual setting, Neon Tetra needs the water pH to range from 5 up to 6.5. The small sponge filter is highly recommended to be used for the soft water flow.
  • Please remember to move the adult Neon Tetras after they lay down their eggs. It will be dangerous not to do so because they tend to eat them. Separate them until the egg scatters and the small Tetras grows up.

Photo Image Neon Tetra Care Guide Water TemperatureRead too:


Keeping Neon Tetra is easy but it needs a lot of attention. Do not forget that they need different maintenance according to their state of live.

You also need to remember that healthy fish comes from the best fish keeper. Use the Neon tetra care guide above whenever you face certain challenges.


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