Banggai Cardinalfish, FishTankWeb.Com – It is one of Cardinalfish facts: each species has elegant, swaying fins. It is also painted with striking pattern.

The shining silver colored body is divided by distinct three vertical black bars.

Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish TypesYou will also find white dots decoration on the fins. With these qualities, many aquarium owners wish to bring one home.

Banggai Cardinalfish Care Tips

When you buy Cardinalfish, the first thing to do is asking about the origin. Let go the chance to buy the fish caught in wild and take the one raised in the aquarium.

The one from wild has high possibility to get contaminated with bacterial infection during the shipping.

Before moving the fish to the new tank, it is better to take precaution and isolate it first inside the quarantine tank.

This environment would allow your new group of fish to eat without any competitor. It also kills all the bacteria that might be carried from the store tank.Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Aggressive Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Beginner Care Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Breeding Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Care Guide Beginner

Banggai Cardinalfish Diet

What does this small fish eat? More than half of its diet consists of small planktonic crustaceans.

In a group, Caridinalfish would circle the water to feed on the plankton. However, the curious fish would also eat anything smaller than its body like marine worms, mollusc and fish larvae.

Within the ocean ecosystem, Caridinialfish takes an important role to maintain the existence of the other coral reef comrades.

The fishes that swim around the reefs may get infected with parasites.

Luckily, the tiny fish also feast on the larval stage of these parasites. While living in a tank, the shy fish will tend to hide away, but then crawl out from the hiding space.Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Color Types Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Community Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Diet Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Facts

Banggai Cardinalfish Habitat

Tropical water is the natural habitat of Cardinalfish. You could spot them wandering at shallow coastal water, which is around one to two meters depth.

Going deeper than two and half meter, none of its species could survive. The temperature should be warm enough, approximately 28 to 31 degree Celsius.

Considering the fragile body structure, Cardinalfish prefers to live at calm waters. However, some species could stand strong currents.

If you like snorkeling, you need to pay attention to the area near the reef or sea grass bed. A school of Cardinalfish might be there, swimming around sea urchin, branch corals or sea anemone.Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Guide Beginner Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Not Eating Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Price for Sale Photo Image Baby Banggai Cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinalfish Behavior

If you plan to have a small tank to keep your new Cardinalfish, then take one only.

Cramped area for a group of fish would trigger stressful atmosphere, especially when a pair has formed.

This beautiful fish prefer to live in a group, with minimum five fish to seven fish at maximum.

Pay attention to the new group closely. There are certain cases when individual fish being aggressive.

You may also have several pairs in a tank. Remove them to new tank if possible.

If you see the young fish hide inside the male’s mouth, it is not an act of cannibalism. It is just the way Cardinalfish raise its babies.Photo image Banggai Cardinalfish Saltwater Fish Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Stripes Photo Image Banggai Cardinalfish Types

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Banggai Cardinalfish – Conclusion

There is one reason why Cardinalfish has high value in the market: it could be found in limited area only.

In return to high market demand, a lot of illegal fishing has caused the number of this species decreased drastically.

The beautiful fish often ends in the trash bin, since many traders do not understand the Banggai Cardinalfish facts which point to its high vulnerability.

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