Red Mandarin Dragonet, FishTankWeb.Com – Speaking about the list of beautiful fishes, everyone probably agree if we put Red Mandarin Dragonet in the list.

The Scientist name it Synchiropus splendidus. This kind of fish has so many combinations of colors that will amaze you eyes.

Besides its tremendous appearance, there are also some interesting facts about Mandarin Dragonet that you may need to know.

Red Mandarin Dragonet Diet Plan

Some analysis which were done by experts in 2001 said that Mandarin Dragonet fishes have a mixed diet that consists of gastropods, polychaete worms, fish eggs, amphipods, harpactcoid copepods and ostracods.

This kind of fish will peck their food selectively in the wild area. If you have this kind of fish in your aquarium, you can simply feed them carnivore foods.

Their aggressive character makes them tend to like carnivore foods than other types of foods.Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet Behavior Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet Care Guide Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet Diet Feeding

Red Mandarin Dragonet Predators

Mandarin Dragonet fishes are categorized as one of the few marine fishes which do not have scales.

This type of fish is protected by a mucous-coated smelly and slimy skin as the protective compensation to their lack of scales.

The smelly and slimy skin will not only protect them from many parasitic skin diseases but also will discourage many predators because of their horrible taste.

The bright vivid coloration that they have will also serve to give warning to all predators of their nasty taste and smell.Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet Habitat Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet Predators Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet vs Blue Mandarin Dragonet Facts

Red Mandarin Dragonet Behavior

Although Mandarin Dragonet fishes look sharp by its vivid coloration, they are actually peaceful by temperament, including the red one.

This type of fish is quite reclusive by nature during daytime. However, they can be seen hopping or perching atop corals at some times.

They can also move by rapidly using their tiny fins, which reminds us of a hummingbird.

Since they are shy enough by nature, they sometimes hide themselves in sand bed or under corals when they are threatened.

Threatened or not, they naturally move to those places at night since they tend to avoid any bright light, although they have bright skin.

Red Mandarin Dragonet Habitat

Since Mandarin Dragonet is a shy and passive fish, usually they can e found inhabiting under dead coral or on the broken coral rubble beds.

This kind of fish will is also shy with any movement or even heavy breathing, that it can scare them and push them back to their shelters.

Mandarin Dragonet is usually found in groups or pairs on slopes in sheltered lagoons and on reef crests in some countries in Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines.

Red Mandarin Dragonet Care

Although we know that Mandarin Dragonet fishes are often found in pairs or small groups in the wild, the males on are tend to be more intolerant of each other when it comes to an aquarium.

This kind of characteristic is not unique to Synchiropus; since many fishes are aggressive inside aquariums and will not appear to be so nature.Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet vs Blue Mandarin Dragonet for Beginner Photo Image Red Mandarin Dragonet vs Blue Mandarin Dragonet

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Red Mandarin Dragonet – Conclusion

Now we know that the fish that have this bright and vivid coloration is a shy and passive fish.

More than that, we can always enjoy the beauty of Red Mandarin Dragonet since they will not harm us and it’s safe to have them in our aquarium.

source: saltwateraquariumhobby, dive the world

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