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Not only about how to taking care Foxface fish, there are also many facts about this fish that probably you don’t know yet.

This typically yellow fish has a complete name Foxface Rabbitfish.

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Foxface Fish Care – Diet Plan

p>This kind of fish usually lives on algae or any other herbivore food in the wild. They can also nip at and eat some hard and soft coral polyps.

The juveniles of Foxface fish are well known for their habit in feeding on algae growing at the dead bases of some corals on Acropora.

It’s suggested to provide varied diet if you are having them in an aquarium. Combining flakes with vegetables and algae based pellets can be the best possible choice.

Encouraging natural growth algae into the aquarium is an ideal way to make the Foxface fish carry out its normal grazing behavior.Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Aquarium Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Beginner Guide Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Behavior

Foxface Fish Care – Predators

All bigger fishes can be a threat for Foxface fish, especially when they come in groups. Since an adult Foxface fish has a not really small size of body, the predators that are willing to beat them have to come in a group since it will be impossible to beat a Foxface fish alone.

In the wild life, Foxface fish has the best ability to defend themselves from any predators. That is why all predators need to come with groups before beating down one Faoxface fish.Photo Image Foxface Fish Care for New Place Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Guide Photo Image Foxface Fish Care in Fish Tank

Foxface Fish Care – Behavior

One good thing about this kind of fish is their ability to spread any venomous liquid whenever they are threatened.

It is the natural system defense of Foxface that if they are threatened, they will automatically spread venomous liquid that will push any predators or enemies back.

The invisible venomous liquid will make any predators move away with its disgusting smell. A Foxface fish has never been an aggressive type of fish until they are attacked.

It is also their natural defense system if they turn aggressive.Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Tropical Fish Photo Image Foxface Fish Care Type Color Photo Image Foxface Fish Rabbitfish Care

Foxface Fish Care – Habitat

Foxface fish appears singly. In pairs and sometimes is territorial. This kind of fish is typically ready to make a pair their body grow around 4 inches long.

The pairs are believed to last long until of them die first.

The sub-adults or juveniles are able to form larger schools than any other types of fish and like to hide behind Acropora corals and feeding any algae that grow on the coral branches.

Foxface Fish Care Guide

As juveniles, this kind of fish can be kept in large groups.

However, they should either be kept alone or mated pairs as they finish reaching the maturity since they can also turn into territorial towards their own species members.

Foxface can be kept in reef tanks although they frequently nip on lie corals. However, they are also categorized as herbivorous species that don’t prey smaller fishes.Photo Image Magnifica Foxface Fish Care

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Foxface Fish Care – Conclusion

long as you know all the facts about the fish, it’s never too complicated to have one. Knowing about Foxface fish care will definitely help you maintaining them in your aquarium.

source: petguide, aquaticcommunity


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