Wolf Fish Freshwater, FishTankWeb.Com – Just like its name, Wolf Fish Freshwater is like actual wolves that live underwater.

Its shape and characteristics will amaze you once you know what things they can do.

Having them in aquarium is also possible even they are well known as the wolves of the sea.

Wolf Fish Freshwater Details

Diet Plan
Although they are known as the wolves, the interesting fact is that they don’t need any live foods and live feeder are certainly won’t be helpful either.

In fact, any live foods or feeder are very likely to bring problems.

New imported specimens can be picky feeder initially but it will worth remembering that all juveniles of Wolf Fish species eat extensively on particularly insects and invertebrates.

Feeding them won’t be a big deal. Earthworms, mealworms, crickets, and river shrimps can be their best menu but once they settled in, Wolf Fish quickly eat alternative foods.

Good staples and meaty foods like lancefish, cockles and tilapia fillet are good alternative foods.Photo Image Wolf Fish Freshwater Habitat Photo Image Wolf Fish Freshwater Care Photo Image Wolf Fish Freshwater Behavior

Since Wolf Fish is categorized as aggressive species, there are some other aggressive types of fish that are always ready to beat and eat a Wolf Fish.

Vampire Tetra, Peacock bass, Alligator Gar, Goliath Tiger Fish, Snakehead Fish, Giant Wolf Fish and Piranhas are the types of fish that are able to beat a Wolf Fish.

For the Piranhas, the most possible types are Black Piranha and the Red Belly ones.

Those kinds of Piranhas are carnivores favoring and meat-based diet, as well as all the mentioned types of fish before.Photo Image Full Red Wolf Fish Freshwater Photo Image Little Red Wolf Fish Freshwater Photo Image Red Wolf Fish Freshwater Care Guide Beginner

Actually there are 16 types of Wolf Fish in a total. Some of types are also categorized as Piranhas.

That is why usually this kind of fish has a very aggressive behavior.

With their aggressiveness, it is recommended for you to cover the aquarium since they are good jumpers especially when they are turning adult.

Although most of them are categorized as aggressive species, they can be friends with other groups of fish in different types surprisingly, but it will be hard to maintain.Photo Image Red Wolf Fish Freshwater Care Photo Image Red Wolf Fish Freshwater Mouth Photo Image Red Wolf Fish Freshwater

This type of fish is commonly live across most of Northern South America, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil and some in Thailand.

They are often found in some zones of creeks and principal rivers. They also like to attack larger vertebrates, but attacks to human are unproven.

They will be active predominantly at night and at dusk. However, Wolf Fish is a type of fish who can adapt to new places quickly.

That is why it’s always possible to have them in your aquarium.Photo Image Wolf Fish Freshwater Aquarium

Although they are adaptable and widespread, their resilience in an aquarium conditions can be variable.

Some aquarists found them tough and easy to keep but that’s not a guarantee that it will happen in all cases.

Just like all fish need, good water quality in the aquarium is a must. Their stressful conditions can be caused of the bad quality of the water.

Wolf Fish Freshwater – Conclusion

Although they look like beasts and scary, Wolf Fish can also live and adapt well in an aquarium.

That’s why having Wolf Fish Freshwater in your aquarium can be challenging.

source: theaquariumguide, aqualandpetsplus

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