Gourami Fish Care, FishTankWeb.Com – Since gourami gains its popularity among fish lovers, gourami fish care has also been the top keyword search.

It naturally happens as the aquarium owners would like to care for the bright, active and entertaining fish in their tank.

Photo Image Freshwater Peacock Dwarf Gourami Fish CareActually, the way to care for gourami depends on the species, but you can pull the most important red line.

Gourami Fish Care Tips That Important

  1. Adequate Territorial Space

Just like the other types of fish, gourami could also be quite aggressive near the mating season.

Unless you have huge tank with enough space for two males, there would be a big problem. It is better if you keep only one male in a tank.

You also have the other options to keep a large number of females in a group. Since they are shoaling fish, they won’t attack each other.

Gourami is also popular as the community tank. It is safe to bring your colorful fish to the tank full of other tropical species.

In the daily live, gouramis take their time to explore the tank. They won’t be stressed out when the tank mates are not too actives.

Be careful with bigger and more aggressive fish. They might prey on the gourami.

The same rules apply for any smaller tank mates. Gourami might bully and nip smaller friends like guppies or male beta.Photo Image Freshwater Chocolate Gourami Fish Care Aquarium Photo Image Freshwater Blue Powder Gourami Fish Care Photo Image Freshwater Chocolate Gourami Fish Care Photo Image Freshwater Dwarf Gourami Fish Care

  1. Suitable Tank Setup

Even though gourami has hardy characteristic in nature, you could do better by providing the realistic version of tank setup.

Pick an aquarium which has medium size and neutral color.

Check the temperature and make sure it is somewhere between 24 to 26 degree celcius. You should avoid acid water, but some species could survive in slightly acidic water.

In addition, you should plant cryptocoryne or the other tank vegetations such as Java Fern and Vallisneria.

The setting would slightly change within breeding period.

Since gourami is an egg layer and build bubble nest, it is important to keep the water level in low level. Remember that six inches depth is too high already.

After that, slowly increase the temperature in the tank until it reaches 80 degree Farenheit. Dim the light in the room.

Avoid any bounce or movement, since gourami lays eggs in layers. If required, provide a floating object as the media for fish eggs to attach.Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care - Colisa fasciata Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care - Colisa lalia Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care Aquarium Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care Dwarf

  1. Proper Feeding Time

More than half of the species are omnivorous, so you could feed any commercial products like like pellets and flakes.

However, one species called kissing gourami prefer more greens. You could feed it with spirulina or algae based flakes.

If you plan to spawn your fish, rotate the feedings: flakes, live food, and frozen food.

Observe your fish during the feeding time. The food should be consumed in under two minutes.

Make sure to scoop any leftover before it reaches the tank bottom. You could allow the fish to eat once or twice a day.Photo Image Freshwater Sunset Gourami Fish Care Photo Image Freshwater Pearl Gourami Fish Care Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care Guide Photo Image Freshwater Gourami Fish Care Feeding Guide

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Gourami Fish Care – Conclusion

Every aquarium needs a center fish; it would be the first species you set your eyes on. In many tropical tank, it would be gourami.

The variation of colors, the overflowing energy rule and the calm personality make this pretty fish irresistible.

Let them live in peace inside the tank for the longest period possible, and do the proper gourami fish care steps regularly.

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