Snowflake Eel Freshwater, FishTankWeb.Com – Raising snowflake eel freshwater is not for everybody.

The peculiar shape and color are not inviting common pet fish owners to bring it into the aquarium.

But for those who appreciate its tough look and long body that resemble a snake, it is a perfect pet.

To avoid any mistake that might harm the eel, it is better to learn more about this long species.

Snowflake Eel Freshwater Tips Guide


Is this your first time to own a snowflake eels? If yes, then don’t be panic when your newly bought fish refuses to eat.

Normal eels in the wild could survive without any food for a month. For your stock, the best feeding would be frozen food made from various sea animals.

Cut it into smaller pieces before throwing it to the tank. Use tweezers to hook the food. This way, you could be sure that your eel has eaten.

You have to know that an eel has bad eyesight, especially in daylight.

So, finding food immediately is quite an impossible task. There are two ways to help it find the food.Photo Image Care tips Snowflake Eel Freshwater Photo Image Little Snowflake Eel Freshwater

  1. Same Feeding Spot

Hook the food in tweezers and put it at one spot. Let the slippery fish relies on its nose to locate the food. After several feedings, your eel could find its way within seconds.

  1. Lights Off

This trick might work, since eel is nocturnal fish. Try switching off all the lights in the room. The big headed fish will be more confidence to crawl out from its shelter.

Eels are slightly different from any ocean fish.

You don’t need to feed them every day. Young and juvenile eels take food only once in every other day.

The adult ones are okay with twice a week feeding schedule.Photo Image Snowflake Eel Freshwater - Gymnothorax tile Photo Image Snowflake Eel Freshwater - Indian Mud Moray

The Habitat

If you plan to spot this snake-like species in the wild, then you should go to mangrove swamp in Indonesia, Eastern part of India, or Adaman Islands.

You can easily notice them through the long body and the yellow or golden spots on its dorsal body. This is where they got “snowflake” nickname.

Even if the name has “freshwater” title, snowflake eel cannot live in freshwater.

Probably they will be fine for short period of time, but it is surely not the best place it should live at.

The real habitat for this wonderful fish is brackish water, where salt water and fresh water met.Photo Image Snowflake Eel Freshwater Care Beginner Photo Image Snowflake Moray Eel Freshwater Care Beginner


Prepare a tank of 30 gallons when you plan to raise an adult eel, or double if you are going to raise a pair.

Minimize things like cleaning, re-decorating the tank or netting the fish. These actions make the fish easily stressed out.

Don’t forget to provide a lid for the tank, as eel loves to explore every corner and hole. For decoration, aim for soft sand instead of sharp edges rock.

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Snowflake Eel Freshwater Care Conclusion

Even though the name has “freshwater” in it, actually this odd species lives in brackish water.

This slight error pushes the novice aquarium owner to pour freshwater to the tank. As a result, the eels will slowly die due to diseases.

Snowflake eel freshwater also has predator blood, so remember: do not put it inside a community tank.

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