Freshwater Moray Eel, FishTankWeb.Com – The name “freshwater moray eel” is for commercial purpose. Its scientific name is Gymnothorax Tile.

It is quite hard to find these fish in house tank. Many people avoid this species because of the rumors saying that moray eel will die just days after bought.

Photo Image Baby Freshwater Moray Eel AquariumChecking the truth with concrete data would be a wise solution.

Freshwater Moray Eel – What Is The Feeding?

Some novice owners share that they cannot feed their moray properly because the shy fish has no appetite.

In this case, the active fish might have problems with the tank condition.

Those who are kept in fresh water will not scoop any feeding into their mouth. You need to raise your moray in salt or brackish water.

In this condition, you will see how gluttonous an eel could be. Live foods such as river shrimp easily caught their attention.

The other options are prawn and white fish, which usually sold as frozen pack. In short, any meaty feeding is okay. You may also give earthworms or mussel.

Throwing some live fish to the tank as occasional treat is a good idea, too. You might see the fish survive for several days, and disappear the very next day.

Avoid dry food, because it won’t suit eels appetite and only end up in the bottom tank. Moray eels body also rejects mammalian meat like beef heart and chicken meat chunks.Photo Image Freshwater Moray Eel Care Guide Fish Photo Image Freshwater Moray Eel Food Dieting

Freshwater Moray Eel Habitat

In the fish market, this species is known as freshwater fish, while in fact it lives in the ocean or brackish water.

Take a look at some of natural habitat: Andaman islands, Philipines, Indonesia and Australia. Explore the coastal area, and you will see the eels.

It is also found in India ocean and brackish water area, where salt and fresh water mixed.Photo Image Freshwater Moray Eel For Aquarium Pets Photo Image Freshwater Moray Eel Habitat

Freshwater Moray Eel Care

To take care of this Moray eel, you need to pay close attention to the tank setting. It includes all factors such as water temperature, tank decoration, and tank mates.

Make sure you grab suitable size, minimum 120 cm times 60 cm for a single eel. You surely need larger one to take care a pair or even a group of Morays.

Once again, this active eel will be gloomy and sick if you raise it in freshwater tank. You will need marine salt to make ideal water condition. Aim for approximately 15 gram of salt per liter.

You also need to install oxygen machine to ensure high supply of air. Don’t forget to add moderate current in the tank.

For the decoration, you are going to bring back plenty of sand, rocks, and hiding places from the store.

Keep in mind that Moray is famous as an escape artist. Always close the tank cover tightly.

It is not recommended to change all the water at once. You could scoop out 30-50% of tank volume out, and then pour in the self-made brackish water. Remember to do it regularly.Photo Image Freshwater Moray Eel Types Photo Image Tropical Freshwater Moray Eel

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Freshwater Moray Eel – Conclusion

Not only Moray eels, but every fish you bought would die within days when you cannot take care of it properly.

In fact, purchasing the long eels is not something to do without preparation. You must do simple research about the natural habitat, the feeding, and proper treatment.

If you could do this, your freshwater moray eel will live a happy life.

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