Freshwater Dragon Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – Does a freshwater dragon fish really resemble the mythological creature? Yes, it does.

Just look at the spike on its dorsal fin, oversized pectoral fin and its prehistoric head shape. For this reason, many people are interested in taking them to house tanks.

But then, a simple question arises: how to take care of them properly? Keep the detailed steps for later, and learn about the basic first.

Freshwater Dragon Fish Diet

The prehistoric look fish is related closely to the food. The better food you provide, the more beautiful your dragon fish will be.

This carnivorous fish is even more active in the natural habitat, exploring every corner to find food.

Raising one in a tank would require high protein feeding.

In general, this middle feeder fish would be happy with frozen and live food such as black worms, ghost shrimp, and brine shrimp.

If there is any small fish wandering around the tank, it will also be treated as snack. Some people even give guppies once in a time.

Every tank owner would be stressed out when they see no bite mark on the food. This condition is normal, considering its shy personality.

Give your dragon fish a few days to adapt in the new tank. Another possible reason is no food left.

This unique species has bad eye sight, so it takes long time for it to find the food.

Avoid pairing it with bigger and more aggressive fish. A healthy dragon fish should be able to eat within two minutes, once a day only.

For newly bought dragon fish, you could use a net to provide private space and limit the food scavenging area. When it has gained its confidence, you could pull out the net.Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Aquarium Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Care

Freshwater Dragon Fish Habitat

The slender dragon fish is usually found in swap area around Florida and the gulf of Mexico. They also live in South and Central America.

In its home, the life expectancy extends to several years. Since dragon fish is rarely bred, some stores get their stock from the wild. The adult fish could grow up to 60 cm.Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Food Diet Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Habitat

Freshwater Dragon Fish Care

Set at least 30 gallon tank for each dragon fish you are going to keep.

It is better to have the long one instead of tall one, since the slender fish tend to explore more in the bottom than on the water surface.

Install water filtration and a nice heater. The adaptable fish will be more prone to illness in poor quality water.

The water temperature should be around 26.5 Celsius. The basic rule of dragon fish tank is clean water and stable temperature.

Every week, you need to drain 10-15% water in the tank. Don’t forget to mix some marine salt to the fresh water to meet the standard brackish water.Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Pet Aquarium Photo Image Freshwater Dragon Fish Lifespan

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Freshwater Dragon Fish – Conclusion

There is one thing you have to keep in mind: the freshwater title does not refer to the natural habitat.

You need additional marine salt to set brackish water. While purchasing one, keep in mind that the slender dragon fish could grow up to 60 cm.

Make sure you pick a suitable tank for the juvenile as well as adult freshwater dragon fish and feed them regularly.

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