Freshwater Lionfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Looking at the freshwater lionfish for the first time, you cannot say that it is one beautiful sea creatures.

You might even wonder whether it is a stone or a living animal.

This is where the monster fish gets its nicknames: three-spine frogfish and toad fish. And the scientist name is Batrachomoeus trispinosus

Despite of the unappealing appearance, some aquarists love its non aggressive nature.

Freshwater Lionfish Feeding

This spiky fish survives in the harsh ocean by preying on small fishes and crustaceans. They will use their camouflage technique, letting the prey to come closer and feast on it.

Even though lionfish is carnivorous and born as natural predator, it could be starved when there is no fish that swims closer.

Within a captive living, the three-spined frogfish feed on wide variety of food: crayfish, river shrimp, blood worms, or earthworm.

Using long stick or tong to hang the food in front of the lionfish is quite helpful. Observe the fish’s belly.

Feed it just enough, not making the belly looks inflated.

It is not recommended to give live fish as staple food. Many experienced aquarists give small fish like goldfish and guppies just for threat.

Another main reason is these kinds of fish contain a substance called thiaminase, which breaks down B1 vitamin.

It may cause severe health problems if consumes for long period.

Freshwater Lionfish Habitat

You could spot this spiky fish in mangrove areas and reefs. Try to look carefully at the muddy bottom near the mangrove root.

To be specific, you have to make a trip to one of the following countries: Northwest of Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Arafuru Sea or Mekong Delta.

The one that you see in the store is caught in Thailand water. In Australia, this species is popular as three-spined frogfish.

Probably this is the main reason why local people warns tourists to always wear sandals while exploring the beach on foot. They are afraid to step on stingray, sea urchin, or lionfish.

Freshwater Lionfish Care

There are several points to keep on watching when you have the toadfish in your aquarium.

Make sure you could maintain the stable environment for a long life expectation.

1. Water Rules

Ignore the freshwater title on the name. The shy predator would not survive long if you put it inside the pure freshwater.

Some scientists might have found that the toadfish has the most endurance to water with lowest salinity.

Still, it does not mean that the fish could stay in freshwater for its whole life.

Try to copy the natural habitat: brackish water. Toadfish is usually spotted in the coastal area, where freshwater meet the wave of ocean water, mixing both water.

For temperature, set it to 72 to 82 degree Farenheit.

2. Decoration

Since your fish pet will spend most of its time on the bottom, provide some rocks to be a hiding shelter.

In the corner of the tank, you could also add water vegetation. It will be another spot for the toadfish to camouflage.

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Think twice or even more before you take this carnivorous fish to your tank.

Especially if you have community tank, make sure that the other fish in the aquarium are bigger than toad fish’s mouth.

Moreover, you have to be extra careful when changing the water. A freshwater lionfish has no venom, but the spike might hurt your skin when come in contact.

source: animal-world, aqualandpetsplus

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