Freshwater Hatchetfish, FishTankWeb.Com – The most amazing thing about hatchet fish is how it stays as it is even after years of life in the tank.

If this is your first time to own this silvery fish, you probably notice the unusual body shape.

It looks like the pouch hanging from pelican peak, dips deeply into the water.

In addition to the fact about the body fact, there must be more to know about this peculiar fish.

Freshwater Hatchetfish Diet

The hatchet fish has two other popular names: silver hatchet fish and river hatcher fish. If you happen to observe it in the wild, within the small body, there is a predator soul.

The tiny creature could jump to catch flying insects. This species is also the only one being acknowledged as the flying fish, since it uses the force from its pectoral fins.

Take a closer look at the fish. You could see the mouth is positioned at the top of the body, making it a surface eater.

For food, hatchetfish is not picky. They could survive with live, fresh, or flake foods. Just make sure you put the food on the surface.

Since the commercial food might not have proper nutrition, balance it with live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, fruit flies, or blood worms.

Fish that has small body runs fast metabolism. For this reason, you will have several feeding time in a day.

It is better to turn off the water aeration in feeding time. Waves will make the food sink faster, thus being out of reach for the silvery group of fish.

To make sure all fish in the community tank eat, crush the feeding into smaller pieces and sprinkle to one side, while you feed the other side with normal size pellet.

Freshwater Hatchetfish Habitat

Could you name any area that has small stream and dense vegetation? These definitions are the most ideal place for the fish habitat.

The wild river areas for the tiny silver fish are Brazil – South America and southern part of Amazon. The other suitable places are Guyana and Surinam.

Freshwater Hatchetfish Care

The depth of the tank is important factor to consider for hatchet fish. Your chosen tank must be tall and deep.

In addition, the temperature should be from 72 to 81 degree Fahrenheit. Check again if you accidentally pour hard water to the tank.

Most hatchet species, including the river hatchet, prefer to have soft water like the one in Amazon area.

One more thing to ensure the hatchet health: clean water. Especially for community tank fish owner, you are required to clean the tank from any leftover food on the bottom of the tank.

Every two week, invest one day to take out 25 to 50% of the water tank, draining the decomposing food and replacing it with clean freshwater

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People give “hatchet” nickname because the body shape resemble an axe.

Despite of the tough image, the tiny silver fish is actually very peaceful and have no problem living together with the other freshwater fish.

Go slowly when introducing the freshwater hatchetfish to its friends and environment for the first time.

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