Freshwater Pipefish, FishTankWeb.Com – What makes freshwater pipefish interesting? It has long body like an eel and skin similar to sea horse.

You might not be able to spot the baby pipefish, because even the adult one only reaches the size of a pencil.

If you consider having this intriguing fish in your tank, you must meet the strict requirement.

Freshwater Pipefish Food Diet

One thing you should know about the snake-like fish: they are hungry all the time. For the fry, you could provide vinegar eels, microworm, or frozen cyclop.

Outside the main feeding time, you have to stock light food for snack. Try java moss.

You then will see the small fries swimming around the moss, sucking every morsel hoping there is some food left. Replace the moss every morning.

The adult pipefish also share similar diet. Make sure you set enough lighting, since it relies heavily on its sight to locate the food.

In the natural habitat, pipefish will feed on insect larvae and tiny crustaceans.

In short, it could eat anything that fits into its small, tube-shaped mouth.

You can copy the natural diet by providing newly hatched brine shrimp or frozen cyclop.

Usually, this little creature will refuse to eat any frozen or prepared food other than cyclop.

Considering its character as ravenous eater, the hard part is to keep it full the whole day.

You can install worm feeder in the tank to provide snacks, and schedule regular feeding time several times a day.

Freshwater Pipefish Habitat

Starting from Georgia, Florida, Texas, then turn to Central America coastline and Brazil, the pipefish lead a happy life among eel grass and a bunch of vallisnesria.

Unfortunately, not many people has met this glorious fish. For Asia region, the unique species is commonly found around Indonesia water.

Due to its small size, it is the easy target for any bigger fish.

Freshwater Pipefish Care

Aside from the regular feeding time everyday, you must also prepare a suitable environment to the fish.

Around six adult gulpfish will need at least a ten gallon aquarium. Consider bigger tank if the number reach ten or more.

Decorate the tank bed with crushed coral, oyster shell, or marine aquarium substrate. Don’t forget the waterplant to create little forest.

Since it would be hard to keep the live eel grass, substitute it with plastic vallisneria.

Installing sponge filter is a must and you also need to set several plastic plants around it.

This setting will lure the gulp fish to the sponge filter, scavenging any food available.

Freshwater Pipefish Morning Ritual

You might miss the mesmerizing ritual if the plants cover the front part of the aquarium.

As the morning sunshine slips to the glass, you could see them greet each other like how the seahorse does.

The female gulp fish will darken its color and let the silver line glows. The male follows to show the yellow shade.

After that, they take vertical position and twisting without touching each other.

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Freshwater Pipefish – Conclusion

Do you like detailed instructions? For example, the position of the tank should be in a part of the house that has indirect lighting, and you need to feed the fish several times a day as well as stocking snacks.

If you think you could do these, then this fish is for you. Otherwise, the freshwater pipefish will disappear in no time.

source: petcha, liveaquaria, fishbase

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