Freshwater Barracuda, FishTankWeb.Com – What comes to your mind when you hear the name freshwater barracuda?

Do you take model from the sea monster with similar name? Then you are close to the real thing, except for its body size.

People who live near the region also call it Dog Characin, Red Tail Barracuda and Spotted Cachoro.

If you are ready to challenge yourself with this fish, then you will need more than basic information.

Freshwater Barracuda Diet/Feeding

The red tail barracuda is carnivorous from the nature. Giving any kind of frozen food is proven to be an impossible mission.

It prefers meaty, fresh and live food like crickets and earthworms. In the natural habitat, the red tail barracuda feed on smaller fish, insects, larvae, and crustaceans.

Since all the feeding are natural, the dog characin could grow up to 70 cm.

In addition, the small fish will have less to no contamination. Thus, your red tail barracuda will stay healthy.

However, this condition could not be applied in tank water fish. The live fish bought in the store might bring parasites and infect your barracuda pet.

Unless you trust the breeding system, feeder fish could be the occasional treat.

Some other meaty feeding options are beef heart and chopped chicken. Avoid any of these food from barracuda.

The predator fish will not refuse it, but the after effect is quite worrying: fat deposit and organ failure. It is because the lipid substance in the food.

The red tail barracuda is a top dweller. Provide the food on the surface, and it will come after its prey.

Young dog characin should be happy with chopped earthworms or shrimp. After it grows bigger, you could give whole prawn or live river shrimp.

You should have scheduled time twice a day. The feeding must disappear within five minutes.

Freshwater Barracuda Ideal Habitat

You could see the red tail barracudas swim freely in the wild around Central and South America.

To be specific, the regions are Panama, Columbia and Venezuela. Slow, calm water like Lake Maracaibo has the ideal condition.

Since the lake will dry up in dry season, the oxygen level in this area will decrease.

To survive in this condition, the red tail barracudas breath through flaps on their lips.

Freshwater Barracuda Care

Keeping the freshwater barracuda is not for the novice tank owner. The problem is not the water.

Red tail barracuda could survive in several water conditions. Feeding is fine, as long as the food given is fresh or alive.

One big issue is the personality. This medium fish is easily stressed and shocked, so the fish will probably hurt itself.

Avoid tapping on the tank, since it will make the fish restless. Don’t forget to change the water regularly to keep the water clean.

Just like all typical predator fish, red tail barracuda produces tons of waste.

Scoop around 30-50% of the aquarium volume and replace it with fresh water.

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Several hobbyists that have raised the dog characin say that this predator fish is difficult to take care of.

First of all, this little creature will refuse frozen food. It is better to prepare another tank to stock live fish.

Moreover, you might also recognize that it is quite aggressive. This is a warn to keep freshwater barracuda away from any peaceful fish.

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