Jaguar Cichlid, FishTankWeb.Com – Many people love jaguar cichlid because of the beautiful spot on its body.

Just in case you are wondering, the pattern does stand out and look like the real jaguar. This is where this cichlid species get its name.

Keep in mind that they are predators, so you should not pair it with any smaller fish. If you plan to take it as the additional collection, there are more important spots to notice.

Jaguar cichlid Feeding

In general, jaguar cichlid could accept almost everything you provide: pellet, live fish, frozen or freshly cut fish.

If you want things to be simple, take pellet as the base food and give live food to supply the nutrients needed.

Some other hobbyist who like to copy its natural diet will avoid any frozen food. They will throw feeder fish, crickets, insects, or tadpoles to the tank.

Jaguar cichlid should have their meal once a day. You could use literally any kind of fish food.

The floating one or the sunken type would not be a big deal, since this fish explore every tank level.

Even so, sometimes you also need to supply vitamins and supplements. Instead of pouring it into the tank, it is better to mix the vitamin into fish feeding.

Many experts suggest you to have one day fasting period for your jaguar fish. The reason is simple: to avoid overfeeding and keep the water clean for longer time.

In addition, you have to leave any protein from warm blooded animal like beef heart or any kind of poultry.

The protein and fat found in these feeding is different from what your fish need. As the result, the monster fish might develop bad digestive system.

Jaguar cichlid Habitat

This unique species spreads from Atlantic slope in Central America, Ulua river in Honduras, to Matina river in Costa Rica.

The warm and low oxygen water is its favorite habitat. Look for them in the muddy bottom around spring, ponds, or lakes.

In the natural areas, the predator fish could reach 60cm in size. However, living a tank will give you 40cm at the maximum.

Local people often give different name for it: Tiger Guapote, Jaguar Guapote, Managua cichlid, etc.

Due to its big body size compared the other cichlid species, many people catch this striped fish for human consumption instead of raising it as a pet.

Jaguar cichlid Care

The thing about predator fish is its high vulnerability to contaminated water. The term contaminated here does not refer to the water you are going to pour into the tank, but the water inside the tank.

Being a messy eater, the jaguar fish tank requires weekly cleaning. Throw away 20-30% of the tank volume and replace it.

Make sure to use your gravel cleaner to remove all the food waste on the bottom tank.

Also, you need a big tank; at least 125 gallon for a single fish. The tiger guapote is active swimmer that needs a lot of space to explore and to hide.

Don’t forget its hiding place, made from rock. Plants are not the wisest choice, as the furious fish will destroy it in a second!

May be you will like this one:

Jaguar cichlid – Conclusionp>Keeping the jaguar patterned fish at home should be something relaxing and fun. This activity, however, could take a turn and suffocate you when you walk on the wrong path.

This is why the store staff should never recommend the predator fish for any beginner hobbyist.

You need to pay close attention to the jaguar cichlid, even after you have met all the basic requirement.

source: animal-world, fishlore, meethepet

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