Tigrinus catfish, FishTankWeb.Com – What is the point of adding tigrinus catfish to the house tank? It is for your pride and balanced colorful tank.

This unique species slowly lost its popularity in the market, but the price never goes down.

In the wild, it has a doppelganger. Its black and white color get people confused while comparing it to juruense in juvenile stage.

Tigrinus catfish Proper Diet

If you have the chance to see the hunting process in the wild, you might be impressed.

The trigrinus catfish, or also called zebra shovelnose, preys on any smaller fish in water surface.

It does a great job to adapt the captive lifestyle, surviving on dead or fresh fillet fish meat.

Some alternatives are prawn, mussel, squid, white fish or whitebait. The feeding time should be once in a week at the maximum.

Tigrinus catfish Natural Behavior

As you have known, the black and white fish is designed to feed on smaller fish. It could be associated to the aggressive behavior.

Before you put the striped fish to community tank, it is better to compare the size.

When the size of fish in the community tank is bigger than 170 mm, normal size of the adult trigrinus catfish, you are good to go.

However, any smaller fish will be treated as food.

Tigrinus catfish Habitat

The ideal place to live for the zebra shovelnose is river channel that has white water. It must not be transparent and has high level of dissolved solid.

The water must be rich in oxygen, approximately 5mg per liter.

Since the water flow in the river is strong, it is not surprising to find adult zebra shovelnose with cataracts.

Even though the adult usually occupy the main river channel, the juvenile is caught in small drainage around Iquitos in Peru.

This place is actually used to plant rice when the water level is not high.

The caught juvenile then moved to the captive tank to be raised and sold.

Tigrinus catfish Ideal Care

How to keep your zebra shovelnose happy? Avoid too bright light, the black and white fish prefers dim lighting as it is a nocturnal animal.

The bottom of the tank should be filled with chunk driftwood. Unless the predator fish occupies the tank for itself, you are free to decorate it with water plants.

The ideal temperature for the tank is 22 to 32 degree Celsius. The pH should be around six to seven.

Keep the water clean by installing water filter and oxygenated system. Perform weekly cleaning for the tank, throwing away 50 to 70% volume and replacing it with clean water.

Do your best to keep your cleaning schedule. Otherwise, the striped fish will lose its appetite. Another thing that you should avoid is overfeeding. It may lead to death.

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Tigrinus catfish – Conclusion

Newly bought stripped fish may take some time to know that the frozen food you give to them is edible.

As long as you could maintain the water cleanliness, the regular feeding, and proper pairing, there should be no serious problem.

That is why tigrinus catfish care belongs to easy level.

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