Danio Margaritatus, FishTankWeb.Com – Scientists have another name to call the danio margaritatus: celestichthys margaritatus.

In Latin words, celetichthys means heavenly fish and margaritatus means embellished with pearls.

The beautiful meaning is not just a title; it really describes this little jewel. The lower body has red color, while the middle has white dots like a pearl.

Danio Margaritatus Picky Diet

In its nature home, the tiny fish feed on invertebrate, algae, and zoo plankton. Later after it adapt to the new home, you could give commercial food, crushed to suitable size. Photo Image Danio Margaritatus Size

Leave the floating feeding type; it will be on the surface, while this shy fish explore middle to bottom part of the tank.

In most cases, the newly bought danio will be in poor condition. Offering live food will be the best option.

There is one rumor spread among hobbyist: daphnia and artemia will help to make the scale color brighter.

Instead of helping with the color, these feedings will trigger breeding preparation.

Danio Margaritatus Natural Habitat

The only location Danio margaritatus, or commonly known as celestial pearl danio, could call home is the water on the foot of a mountain near Hopong, Myanmar.

Not too far from that area, specifically in Salween river, the other groups are spotted. The Salween river itself spreads from southern part of Shan and northern part of Thailand.

An ideal environment for pearl danio is among the grassland, flooded in purpose for agricultural reason.

The people who live around this land usually embank the land, directing the water to flood certain area.

The water is not too deep, approximately 30 cm. It is also clear as crystal and the perfect place to grow for aquatic plants.

Danio Margaritatus Basic Care

Normally, you would measure the tank size by comparing it to the fish maximum length. That won’t be the case for pearl danio.

The adult one is less than 20 mm, but the minimum tank required is 45 x 30 cm. The male in a school might claim its dominance, resulting in more aggressive behavior.

To mimic the ideal environment, the tank should have a lot of plants. It would be better to have dark tinted glass for the tank.

Provide space for light to break in, allowing you to check whether your danio margaritatus is alive or not.

If you want to put floating water plants, avoid things like driftwood and almond leaf litter.

They would release tannin to the water, which is not included in pearl danio’s ideal water.Photo Image Danio Margaritatus Breeding

Danio Margaritatus Characteristic

This reddish fish is surprisingly shy, and might take quite a time before adapting to the surrounding.

It is also easily stressed, so pairing it with any bigger species is not recommended. Competing for food is not its specialty.

The ideal mate to help the pearl danio socialize is the species with similar size and has calm manner.


Some fish are not meant to be inside a tank. The pearl danio is one of the example.

Being endangered species should not happen if any captive environment could suit the fish well.

In fact, this beautiful fish is easily stressed out and often die due to its inability to adapt. Even in the natural habitat, the number of danio margaritatus keeps decreasing.

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