Coral Hawkfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Probably the top reason for hobbyist to take coral hawkfish as one of their marine pets is the exotic red spots on the body.

This coral inhabitants is also popular as pixy hawkfish or sharp-headed hawkfish.

The coral hawkfish has oval body, and pointed snout. For a 8 cm long fish, the mouth is quite wide.

Coral Hawkfish Fun Facts

  • In addition to the mesmerizing color, this coral sea creatures could also be entertaining. Learn some interesting points about the pretty fish.
  • Coral hawkfish has a doppelganger from the same family, called spotted hawkfish. The only difference is the color of the spots. Pixy type has red dots, while the spotted one has black dots.
  • It does not belong endangered species. Due to its wide spread habitat and large number of species, it is labeled as “least concern”.
  • The red spotted fish spend most of the day stay still next to coral, slowly paddling its pectoral fins to keep the balance.

Coral Hawkfish Diet

Beware of this predator. It may seem harmless, but with its ability to camouflage around the corals, this hawkfish could be lethal.

The small fish is a threat to the other tinier fish, such as dartfish, invertebrate, gobbies, even the other hawkfish.

It waits slowly for the preys to come closer before gobble them up. With the natural diet, the hawkfish could grow up to 10cm.

Since natural habitat must be slightly different from the tank live. The hawkfish is a bottom feeder, so you should choose the sunken pellet.

If possible, find live crustacean or feeder fish.

Coral Hawkfish Care

Pairing the hawkfish with less aggressive fish is possible, but pay attention to the order.

You have to be sure that the pixy fish is settled before you pour in the small companies into the tank.

Clean the tank regularly and make sure not to shock the tank inhabitant with drastic temperature change.

If you plan to breed this type of hawkfish, it is totally acceptable to pair a male with several females.

However, prepare separated tank, since the male is territorial.

How Is Coral Hawkfish Habitat?

The natural habitat for the pixy fish spreads around Atlantic for the south side, Indian Ocean for the east side.

You could also find the unique species in Pacific sea for Northwest area, and Pacific sea, spreading from east, west, southwest and southeast.

The ideal climate is tropical, with the temperature ranging from 24 to 28 degree Celsius.

If you enjoy diving, you could meet the freely swimming coral hawkfish on 1 to 40 meters depth.

Many people caught this fish for trade, but the total number is not decreasing.

Even in some conservation area, some observes often see a group of red spotted hawkfish swim around the reef.

Coral Hawkfish Image Gallery

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What is the point of interest of a marine tank? The first answer must be the colorful fish that swims around artistic natural corals.

The hawkfish species is eyed by hobbyist as the next tank inhabitant. Make sure you could fill in all the requirements.

Avoid pairing coral hawkfish with smaller fish, considering the predator genes of the hawkfish.

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