Seahorse Facts For Kids, FishTankWeb.Com – Are you ready to learn seahorse facts? This sea creatures gets its name because of its head resembles a horse.

Hippocampus is the genus of sea horse. This scientific name is derived from ancient Greek words.

“Hippo” is another way to say horse, and “kampos” means sea monster.

Seahorse Facts For Kids – What Is Their Diet?

You probably could already imagine the small mouth of the sea horse. It means, the food must be even smaller.

The main food for this tiny creature is small crustaceans. It is sea animal without back bone.

The others prey for sea horse are spineless shrimp and fish larvae.

Fun Facts:

  • Sea horse loves to camouflage. It could move each eye separately to monitor the prey.
  • To eat the fish, this tiny creature sucks the prey using its long mouth. It could suck up food from 3cm distance at the farthest.
  • The food is digested and excreted immediately because sea horse has no stomach.

Seahorse Facts For Kids – Where Is Its Habitat?

There are three places you could go if you want to see a sea horse in the wild sea.

They are underwater sea grass beds, coral reefs or mangrove tree roots.

The water in these areas is warm and has a lot of hiding places. Some of the examples are Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

Some species are also spotted at Thames Estuary and Mediterranean Sea.

Fun Facts:

  • To avoid predator, sea horses would hide between sea vegetation and anchor themselves to it.
  • It is common to see them swim in pairs and linking their tails.
  • Some predators don’t want to eat sea horse: it is all bones and no meat!

Seahorse Facts For Kids – How It Care for the Babies?

When most marine creature leave the baby-raising to female, mama sea horse doesn’t.

The male or the papa takes care of the babies, which is called fry, in its stomach since the egg stage.

When it is time to give birth, papa sea horse will push the fries out of the stomach.

Fun Facts:

  • From each sea horse pair, there is 100-2500 sea horse. Sadly, only 5% of them could reach adult stage.
  • The little creature is a solitary fish; it lives alone or in pair.
  • Male sea horse will have tail-fight during mating session.

Seahorse Facts For Kids – What about the Lifespan?

Among more than 30 different species of sea horses, no specific record has been made so far about the lifespan for each species.

The rough estimation for the small sea marine creature to live is two to three years. At the minimum, sea horse will survive through its first year.

The longest period for the lifespan is five years.

Fun Facts:

  • Big sea horse lives longer than the small one.
  • The vulnerable species could die from exhaustion while swimming through strong current water.
  • Aside from the natural predator, sea horse is hunted by human who needs it for medicine or accessories.

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Hey kids, see this:


People love this tiny sea creature because of its size and appearance.

In wild nature, the horse-like creature must be able to survive since the time it was born. Its size makes it vulnerable to numerous fish predator in the sea.

Even so, house tank is not a safe sanctuary for sea horse.

These seahorse facts for kids would be a fun and educational discussion before bedtime.

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