Goldfish Pop Eye Treatment, FishTankWeb.Com – People start looking for goldfish pop eye treatment when they spot one obvious sign.

One or both of fish eyes is slightly protruding out of the head frame.

At first you might doubt your own eyes, but without proper care, the condition will be worse.

Therefore, regular check for your fish’s health is mandatory. To be able to fully recovered, you need to specify the cause first.

Goldfish Pop Eye Treatment – The Pop eye Causes

Physical Injury

Pop eye is actually natural reaction form fish’s body when any damage happen.

In a tank with community fish or same group of fish, there might be a fight, especially between males.

During the fight, the eyes might hit sharp object. The mark should be clearly seen.

The worst after effect would be losing sight in the injured eye.

As the scratched eye heals, the pop eye should recover to the normal shape.

However, you must monitor the injured fish closely. Infection may take place and make it more painful for the fish.

If you see any sign of infection, reach out for vet’s help.

Bacterial or Parasite Infection

Another factor that may cause pop eye is infection. It is triggered by bacteria or parasites in the water.

In this case, the pop eye will happen on both eyes.

The bacteria attacks internal organ and caused dropsy, too. It is a condition where the fluid is accumulated under body tissue.

As the result, the fish appears as bloating creature. In the worst case, the eye might fall out because of breaking blood vessel.

When you meet these signs, there is low chance for your fish to survive.

The only hope for you is to visit the nearest vet and ask for help. There should be proper and detailed medical steps to be done.

This kind of case requires immediate action.

For the first aid, you could move the infected fish to quarantine tank and add commercial antibiotic as instructed on the package.

Dirty Water

Normally, you should clean the tank in the scheduled time. It doesn’t have to be done everyday. Once in a week is enough.

When you don’t, the water will be more dense and decreasing in quality.

Any water rich in ammonia and food waste is the perfect home for bacteria to grow. Bacteria or parasite usually affect one fish only.

However, poor water condition would automatically affect the whole tank inhabitants.

The symptoms might start from the fragile fish first, and then spread to the whole tank.

When this happens, you should clean the tank immediately while moving the infected fishes to the quarantine tank.

Mix the water with aquarium salt to ease the swelling. Within few days, the swelling should be gone.

If you bring the fish to vet, he may give prescribed medicine.

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Conclucion of Goldfish Pop Eye Treatment

When you first purchase your goldfish, don’t forget to see the eyes shape. Some species have natural pop eyes.

If you are sure that the pop eye should not be there, classify the cause first.

Once you have known the cause, the only thing left is to give proper goldfish pop eye treatment.

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