White Dragon King Crown Betta, FishTankWeb.Com – Betta fish¹ is a kind of various fishes categorized on decorative fish.

Many people often take care of the fish in aquarium for making beauty concept in their house.

Moreover, some people make a betta fish for fulfilling their hobbies. It can be personal hobby or for business hobby that invites various profits.

A betta fish that gives many profits is white dragon king crown betta.

The Beauty Appearance of White Dragon King Crown Betta

Everybody has agreed that white dragon king crown betta is beautiful and unique betta fish.

Firstly, the beauty views can be seen from the color. White is its color identity that gives nice appearance.

The white color is more glowing so it seems so attractive when the fish swims from one side to other sides.

Secondly, the beauty of white dragon king crown betta can be known from its crown.

The crown is usually black with the combination of Y crown forms. The contrast color of crown makes the fish becomes so both beautiful and powerful.

In addition, the crown is sometime called by tail because it has position in the back of fish body.

The up and down crowns are sometime named fins.

How to take care of White Dragon King Crown Betta

  1. Differentiate the fish from male and female

The action can be done when the fish is in one month age. For male fish usually has bright color than female.

In contrast, female betta fish gets common appearance with oval body form. The color is not bright.

  1. The place treatments

In the age of 2 or 3 months, the fish has to separate with the old ones.

You have to put the fish to special pool so that you have to obtain more than two pools for optimizing the growth of your beloved fish.

As you know that crown betta fish is omnivore that can eat one to each others.

You have to also protect the beauty of you fish, especially in the part of crown. If no, your fish will get the broken.

Therefore, the place treatment is so valuable.

  1. Taking care of water treatment

Dragon king crown betta has to get clean water for its living.

It is important to make the fish become more beautiful and attractive. How often you change the water in the pool?

At least, you have to change the water one time in a week.

The clean water will support the growth of fish as well as possible.

  1. Making the attention of fish feed

Talking about fish feed, it is very important to be understood.

The fish feed will influence the healthy and color of the betta fish.

Don’t forget to feed the fish as enough as possible, don’t be over because the rest of fish feed will be flickering mosquitoes that danger for your beloved betta fish.

  1. Don’t forget about Supplement

The white dragon king crown betta can be given the supplement for protecting water PH (acidity).

The natural treatment can be done by utilizing the dried ketapang leaves.

Nevertheless, you have to also pay the attention about water change periodically.

Gallery of White Dragon King Crown Betta Image

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