Betta Fish Bubble Nest, FishTankWeb.Com – Bubble nest is unique behavior from betta fish. Male betta fish usually makes the bubble nest for signaling breeding process.

The male betta fish will help the female betta fish to plan the process of breeding.

The habitual action of the fish is unique because no all animal can do like that.

It can be categorized animal that has good attitude.

Process of Betta Fish Bubble Nest

Firstly, male betta fish will create bubble nest on the water surface of its pool or aquarium.

The action is done when the process of breeding will be hold in a short time.

Secondly, the bubble nest usually put on leaves that have been provided in its habitat.

The process of creating the bubble will need time about one until two days.

Thirdly, after the process of bubbling is enough; the male betta fish will invite the female betta fish to say in the beneath of the leaves.

In this situation, the process of breading is begun.

Fourthly, the breading process results many eggs.

After the eggs fertilization is done by female betta fish; the male betta fish will move the eggs to bubble nest.

The eggs on the bubble nest will hatch there until three days.

Fifthly, uniquely, the male betta fish will update the bubble nest for better habitat and it will protect them for outside disturbers.

Everybody has agreed that male betta fish is good father that always gives everything for their kids.

Sixthly, the fish kids will keep staying on the bubble nest until they can penetrate the bubble.

After the penetrating process, they are free to inhale the air to the surface of water.

Various Kinds of Betta Fish with Bubble Nest Behavior

No all kinds of betta fish can do bubble nest. Therefore, there are some betta fishes that do the bubble nest.

They are usually from fighter class.

  1. Akarensis Betta Fish

Akarensis Betta Fish has various in colors; you can find dark brown, light brown, black and white combination, etc.

Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Akarensis Betta
Akarensis Betta

Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Male Akarensis Betta

The special characteristic of this betta fish is about artistic tail with long fin in the beneath, but the up fin is short.

  1. Coccina and Bellica Betta Fish

Coccina Betta Fish has powerful appearance with nice combination of colors.

Black metallic, dark green, yellow are the best colors of this fish.

Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Bellica Betta Fish
Bellica Betta Fish
Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Coccina Betta Fish
Coccina Betta Fish

The best color combination can be seen on the tail. Purple color on tail and fins make the fish is so favorite fish for betta lovers.

Moreover, the unique form can be seen on the tail that same as the symbol of love.

  1. Splendens Betta Fish

Splendens Betta Fish is the most beautiful fish.

Many colorful betta with nice combination can be seen so that many people love this fish very much.

Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Splendens Betta
Splendens Betta Fish

The fish will be so beautiful in your aquarium.

Conclusion – Betta Fish Bubble Nest

Here are other betta fish that can product bubble nest such as Tasyaee Betta Fish, Smaragdina Betta Fish, and Imbellis Betta Fish.

Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Tasyaee Betta
Tasyaee Betta Fish
Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Smaragdina Betta
Smaragdina Betta Fish
Photo Image Betta Fish Bubble Nest - Imbellis Betta
Imbellis Betta Fish

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