Betta Fish Fin Rot, FishTankWeb.Com – Taking care of betta fish is not easy if you don’t understand more how the way to take care of it.

Betta fish diseases can attack to some parts of important elements such as eyes, tails, and fins.

Those fish elements are very important for betta fish. The diseases will influence and decrease the beauty of the fish.

The loosing of beauty will make your fish becomes so cheap and it will be difficult to sell.

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 The Causes of Beta Fish Fin Rot

  • Bad Quality Water

    Fin rot can be caused by the bad water quality. Unclean water will invite bacteria to come.

    The bacteria will break your fish fin. It begin with dark or red signal in tabe bank of fin and it will spread become rot.

    Finally, the fin will break and rot. The fin root disease will not disturb all activity of the betta fish.

    The fish are still active to make a movement and eat.

    Nevertheless, if you obey the disease; it will be dangers because it can spread to all body of your beloved betta fish.

    1. Dirty Aquarium

    Second case of fin root¹ can be known by the treatment of cleaning the aquarium.

    The aquarium that cannot be cleaned regularly will save various the rest of dirt.

    Of course, it will disturb the health of your betta fish.

    Uncomfortable ecosystem will make the fish are difficult to growth correctly.

    How to Treat Betta Fish Fin Rot


    Put the betta fish in clean water and aquarium

    Fin rot in you fish can be eliminated by utilizing new and clean aquarium.

    If your aquarium in the previous time is dirty; it is wise to change it as soon as possible.

    Make sure to choose the clear and natural water in order to make your fish is easy to get fish fin.

    1. Add antibiotic and aquarium salt

    For optimal result in repairing the fin rot, you can add Antibiotic in the form of Ampicillin or Super Tetra.

    You can also use General Tonic such as Rid All or Tetra. Finally, don’t forget to add aquarium salt.

    It will help to control ecosystems in the aquarium effectively.

    1. Change again the fish’s habitat


      After three days, your fish that has been treated by using antibiotic and aquarium salt must be moved to another media or aquarium.

      Make sure that media is clearer than before.

      The treatment should be done if the reaction cannot be identified so that you find the positive result about the treatment.

      1. Your fish fin will be back


        Your betta fish fin rot will be good, but it cannot be like the fin before.

        Automatically, you have to be patient in making the treatment because it is not as easy as you are thinking for.

        Do you want to try to treat the disease of fin rot for your beloved betta fish?

        The previous discussion can be considered to be your references before you decide to do the activity by yourself in the home.

        Photos of Betta Fish Fin Rot

        Photo Image Betta Fish Fin Rot Causes

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        Photo Image Betta Fish Fin Rot Treatment

        Photo Image Betta Fish Fin Rot TypesHey… Don’t miss to read:

        Okay, Dude.. Now you know about Betta Fish Fin Rot, so keep away your fish from this one. Ganbatte!


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