Koi Fish Food, FishTankWeb.Com – Koi fish is ornament fish that has been categorized to goldfish.

Koi fish is usually taken care of many people to make beautiful decoration in their home. Majority people like Koi because of its beauty.

The beauty views can be seen from the shape and nice color combinations.

That tame fish can be found in various places with various locations.

For indoor decortion, Koi is usually taken care of Aquarium or fish tank.

For outdoor decoration, many people usually put the Koi in the pool or water park. .

Various Kinds of Natural Food for Koi

Basically, Koi is omnivore fish that can eat both small animal and plant.

If you want to take care of Koi, you have to understand more about how to do it, including how to feed it as well as possible.

It is important to know that foods for Koi should not be saved over than 3 months because the foods can be danger to the health of Koi.

Globally, Koi can eat natural and unnatural foods.

Natural food (biotic) can be obtained in its habitat and unnatural (probiotic) foods can be obtained by human feeding.

Naturally, Koi likes to eat small animals such as shrimp, worm, or snail.

Moreover, Koi sometime likes to eat caterpillar as protein source.

The foods mentioned above are valuable for growth of Koi because they will help to support the growth of Koi.

In addition, Koi also likes to eat plants such as alga.

Alga is one of favorite food for Koi so that if you want to take care of Koi in pool; don’t forget to put alga there.

Alga can also give nice ornament in the pool that should be considered to put.

Vegetable is also favorite food for Koi, but not all vegetables can be eaten by Koi.

Therefore, don’t feed your Koi with vegetables carelessly. You can choose lettuce as its vegetable.

Do you know more vegetables liked by Koi? Please share your answer together with your opinion.

Not only vegetables, you can feed the Koi fish with fruits. Watermelon and orange are favorite fruits for Koi.

If you have a Koi, don’t forget to buy the both watermelon and orange in order to make your Koi has many nutrition including Vitamin C from those fruits.

Pellet Koi Fish Food

You can find many types of koi foods in the market, such as pellets¹. Pellets for koi, usually, sold in cattle feed stores and ornamental fish shops.

Generally, Pellets for Koi have two types. Sinking Pellet and Floating Pellet. For baby koi, usually, given floating pellets that time by time can be sinked.

This is useful for reaching every the baby at any age

How to Make Koi Fish Food

To make nice combination about animal, plant, vegetable and fruit as Koi fish food; you can do it by gather all materials or components.

Here are the tips how to make Koi fish food.

At first, you have to provide the small shrimps as basic material to make the food.

Mix the shrimps with eggs, garlic, carrot, watermelon, and jelly.

Then, mixture by utilizing blender and don’t forget to add water into blender.

You can add fish pellets with the powder of jelly and mix with the materials before.

Wait until the mixture is cold.

After that, you have to cut it as small as possible in order to make easy for your Koi in eating the delicious food.

Koi Fish Photo Gallery

Photo Image Butterfly Koi Fish Food

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Photo Image Koi Fish Food Home Made

Photo Image Koi Fish Food Ideas

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