Butterfly Koi Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – It is one of many beautiful fishes in the world.

The name of butterfly¹ is addressed to this Koi because it has obtained unique fin like butterfly.

The best view can be seen when the Koi are swimming. Based on the history, the fish appeared 30 years ago.

Now, the fish becomes very famous because there are many people are interested in taking care of it in their aquarium or pool.

The beauty fish will be so expensive if the best elements of this fish can be kept as well as possible.

The price will be depended on color combination, shape, and size of the Koi. The more interesting color will influence the expensive price.

Therefore, if you like to livestock the Koi and you understand how to take care of it; it can invite many benefits and profit for you.

How to Take Care of Butterfly Koi Fish

The profit of taking care of Koi will be obtained if you have known how to do it.

This beautiful small Koi fish are perfect to take care of in aquarium or small pool in your home water park.

It will be the best decoration because its beauty will greet you every time and everyday in your beloved home.

Moreover, it can be nice activities for your family member where you and your family can feed and play with your Koi.

How is perfect size to take care of Koi in the pool? No rule of size about it, but it is perfect to apply about three feet.

In addition, if you want to take care of it in aquarium; small, medium and big size of aquarium can be applied in.

Nevertheless, in order to make the fish are free to make a movement; you have to choose medium size or big size of aquarium.

Don’t forget to give plants and some accessories in your pool or aquarium.

In a pool, you can give many plants in order to increase the beauty of your pool.

Some plants can be its food so that you Koi will be free to eat the foods whenever.

If you take care of Koi in an aquarium, the plants should be inorganic in order to be protected as its food.

It is wise to put medium stone or coral reef as well as sand to increase perfect decoration for your aquarium.

How to feed Butterfly Koi Fish

Feeding the Koi can be done twice a day. Commonly, many people have used pellets to feed Koi.

Suitable pellets can be discussed with the pellets’ shop.

You can say what kind of Koi to obtain the best food for your beloved Koi.

Visit the shop near with your home in order to make easy in getting the foods as quick as possible.

Separate Koi with other small fishes because Koi is omnivore that can eat them.

Therefore, if you have other small fish such as betta fish; it is wise to have more than two aquariums.

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