Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food, FishTankWeb.Com – Koi is a fish that resulted by the process of cross breeding with goldfish.

Therefore, both Koi and goldfish have some similarities. The similarities can be seen from various elements and one of them is about what they eat.

They have the same foods, so that Koi fish can eat goldfish food or vice versa. In some cases, they may be different in consuming food; but in common, they have the same foods.

Many people agree that Koi and goldfish are different in function. Koi is usually used for decoration and goldfish in some case usually use for human consuming.

The beauty of Koi makes people love it very much so they make Koi as nice pet in home. In contrast, goldfish is good human consuming.

The delicious fish can be served in various menus. Therefore, almost all restaurants have provided the goldfish menu.

The goldfish menus are perfect to serve in hot together with your friends or your family members.

Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food? Common Food for Koi and Goldfish

Commonly, they like to eat pellets. As we know that pellets are favorite food to feed both Koi and Goldfish.

For many breeders’ fish, they sometime differentiate the food Koi with goldfish; but they also make their foods are the same, not different.

For fish food shops usually differentiate their foods which one food for Koi and food for goldfish.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is about what they eat. Make sure that the foods are suitable for the growth of the both.

Organic Food that is Usually Consumed by The both Koi and Goldfishol>
  • Worms/li>
    Photo Image Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food - Earth Worm
    earth Worm

    Firstly, both Koi and Gold fish like to consume or eat the worms.

    Not all worms can be consumed by them; the kind of bold worm is favorite food for the both.

    The blood worms are easy to find around your home or field.

    The blood worm also will be organic food that can be found in the pool naturally by the fishes.

    Moreover, there are so many people who try to take care of Koi and goldfish so that the need to get blood worm also increases time to time.

    Therefore, some people try to livestock blood worm for fish food.

    For simple way, you can buy earth worm pellets in koi store. This is more efficient and save your time and money

    2. Caterpillar/Silkworm Pupae
    figure id="attachment_2043" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-2043" style="width: 500px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Photo Image Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food - Silkworm pupae
    Silk Worm Pupae

    Secondly, they like to consume caterpillar and silkworm pupae¹.

    Silkworm pupae is common food consumed by the Koi and goldfish.

    The pupae is good to consume because it has nutrition in the form of protein.

    High protein will make the growth of the fishes become more faster than before.

    3. Fruitsigure id="attachment_2044" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-2044" style="width: 500px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Photo Image Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food - Watermelon Fruits

    Thirdly, both Koi and goldfish sometime like to eat fruits.

    You can try to give them some kinds of fruits such as watermelon.

    At first, they will not eat watermelon; but they will tray in next time until they like to eat watermelon as much as possible.

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    Conclusion Can Koi Fish Eat Goldfish Food>In conclusion, Koi and goldfish have the same food in various kinds of foods.

    Nevertheless, Koi or goldfish will need adaptation in consuming a new food.

    Why do they have some similarities in consuming food? Because the both is the result of cross breeding.

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