Peppermint Angelfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Peppermint angelfish in term of Latin is called Centropyge boylei¹.

It is categorized as small fish. It can grow until 7 cm for its length.

Some people agree that take care of peppermint angelfish are expensive hobby. Certain kind of angelfish can be priced by $40 until $400.

The expensive price can be determined by its unique and rare of the fish. Therefore, you will be difficult to find it.

Obtaining the fish is proudly for you because it can be limited edition in the market.

If you want to buy the ornament fish, you have to come to ornament fish shop near with your home or you can shop in online shop ornament fish.   

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Special Characteristics of Peppermint Angelfish

>The special characteristic of Peppermint Angelfish can be known from unique and beautiful color combination.

The fish usually has red or orange color with white lines combination. It also can be pink with white lines combination.

In some case, the fish can obtain yellow dominantly with blue lines inside.

What are you favorite colors of that fish? Everybody will get different answers. Different color will get different price.

The shape of the Peppermint Angelfish is also unique. Small body with oval form is special characteristic of its body.

The fin is also so beautiful; you can see the beautiful fin when it is swimming.

The beauty of this fish can be obtained in your aquarium by adding supporting accessories like coral, sand, as well as plants.

Decor your aquarium like its original habitat in the sea in order to make your ornament fish becomes happier so it will be not stressed. 

The Habitat of Peppermint Angelfish

As the habitat, Peppermint Angelfish is an ornament fish that live on deep sea.

In many spots of diving activity, the ornament fish can be seen clearly. It is wise for you to hunt the fish in order to keep its sustainable on the sea.

If you want to take care of it, you have to look for the ornament fish shop that has obtained certificate to sell it.

It is legal to buy the ornament fish with certificate so you will be free to get problem about law.

When the Peppermint Angelfish is taken care of in home; you have to provide the best media for its habitat.

Small pool, aquarium, and ornament fish tank can be an option.

Choose the best media for its habitat should be based on your desire and your money to buy perfect media for your peppermint angelfish.

Gallery Image of The Peppermint

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Aquarium

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Care

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Food

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Habitat

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Price

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Size Scale

Photo Image Peppermint Angelfish Tank Size

Photo Image Saltwater Peppermint Angelfish Tropical Fish


Almost ornamental fish including peppermint angelfish has to get more attention about its habitat and food.

The habitat should be cleaned frequently. Don’t obey it, if you find dirty water in the habitat.

Be quick to clean it as soon as possible. In addition, you also have to know more about the food that suitable with your beloved angelfish.

The wrong food will make the growth of your ornament fish will be disturbed so it can invite something wrong for your ornament fish.


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