French Angelfish, FishTankWeb.Com – French angelfish or Pomacanthus Paru¹ includes family Pomacanthidae.

The fish can be large fish in its family. Special character of the fish can be found in its color.

Black is its identity, but it is covered by yellow-gold ornament in the form of lines. The eyes are also unique because has yellow and blue inside.

Moreover, you can also find the unique one from its fin.

Some people say that the fin like propeller of a fan. Based on the shape and color, the ornament fish seem so powerful and strong.

French angelfish includes rare species so not all people can take care of it.

In addition, the rare species can be caused by the taste of the fish that has delicious taste.

Automatically, it is different with other ornament fish that cannot be consumed for human consuming.

How to Take Care of French Angelfish

French angelfish is common to take care of in new habitat such as pool and aquarium. The ornament fish is easy to adapt with new environment.

Nevertheless, you have to understand more how to take care of it.

The best taking care of it will make the age of the ornament fish become so long. Its lifespan is about 16 years.

Moreover, the fish can achieve 16.2 inches. It is about 41.10 cm.

Basically, the French angelfish will need minimum 180 gallons of waters for its habitat in aquarium.

It is same with 681 liter. Don’t forget to notice about filtration for breathe in order to make the fish is comfortable to stay.

The habitat should be more spacious so the ornament fish can swim one side to another in comfort way.

Next, it is the best way to take care the French angelfish in a group. It means that you can put French angelfish five species or over.

The treatment is done for protecting your fish become stressed. Live together with other will make the fish is so happy and it can make interaction one to another.

Lastly, don’t take care of French angelfish with other fishes that can eat and break its fin.

If you have many ornament fishes, you have to get many tanks too in order to protect the broken fin of your fish.

Ideal acidity for taking care of this fish is about 8.1 to 8.4 with middle water flow.

What are Foods to Feed French Angelfish?

In original habitat, the French Angelfish can eat various kinds of foods such as small fish and invertebrate that available in the sea.

In addition, it is also omnivore because it can consume some plants that available in the sea.

In aquarium, you can give similar foods like in its original habitat.

Nevertheless, if you are difficult to find it; you can buy suitable pellets that have same nutrition with its original foods.

By mention the kind of your angelfish, the sellers will understand what good pellets for your ornament fish are.

Share with French Angelfish community in order to obtain the best food for its growth.

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