How Often Do You Feed Betta Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – Feeding betta fish is your obligation if you have it as your pet in aquarium or pool.

Ideally, you can feed the betta fish twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon are perfect time to feed your betta fish.

Some people say that feeding the betta fish should be done twice to three times a day.

The frequency of feeding will be depended on how many beta fish in your aquarium or pool. The more fishes will need the more foods. 


The Facts of Feeding Betta Fish

Basically, if you feed the betta fish¹; make sure that your betta fish will eat and spend the foods in 10 to 15 minutes.

If the fish cannot spend the foods in that time period, you have to decrease the foods. Too many foods will invite some diseases for your beloved betta fish.

You have to know that some kind of betta fish like hoops will eat the foods as much as possible.

In original habitat, the betta fish will eat everything found.

Nevertheless, if you take care of it in your aquarium; you have manage to feed it as enough as possible.

Don’t be over because it is not good for its healthy. In some case, over food can cause the betta fish goes out.

How Often Do You Feed Betta Fish? Tips to Feed Your Betta Fish

  • Give the food directly to betta fish


    The betta fish like to eat the food that has been seen directly.

    Therefore, it is wise to feed the betta fish by entering the food from up. The float food is the best food that liked by your betta fish.

    Dropping the food in the front of its month to make sure it is aware that there are so many foods in its aquarium.

    1. Give the food liked by the betta fish


    Pellets are the best foods for your betta fish, but if you want to give organic foods like in its original habitat, make sure that you give perfect foods liked by the betta fish.

    Flickering mosquitoes and blood worm are its favorite foods.

    The foods also have high protein. It is good for its growth.

    1. In certain case, give more foods


    In the period of pre-spawning, your betta fish should be given more food than before.

    Therefore, in this period, your betta fish will need more energy. Nevertheless, don’t be over and give its food up to four times a day.

    Over food will be danger for your betta fish because it can cause your fish goes out.

    1. How to feed the kids of betta fish

    If you are taking care of kids of betta fish; make sure that you feed them correctly.

    You have to feed them after they are in five days. The best food that should be given to them is the boil of yolk.

    It is important to give nutrition for the betta fish kids in order to obtain enough protein for their growth.

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