Swordtail Fish Tank Mates, FishTankWeb.Com – Swordtail fish¹ is a kind of decoration fish that has beautiful caudal fin like sword.

The sword caudal fin only can be found on the male species. The fish can be categorized by attractive and peaceful fish.

Therefore, you can gather the decoration fish together with other small decoration fishes.

For making tank mates better, you need to do some treatment about tank mates.

There are some kinds of small decoration fishes that can be great tank mate for your Swordtail Fish. 

Best 5 Swordtail Fish Tank Mates

  1. Platies

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates - Southern Platy FishThe Platies can be great tank mates for Swordtail Fish because they have similarities in characters such as active and peaceful attitudes so that they will be schooling in a tank without extreme fighting.

They doesn’t also need big tank. Small tank that contains 10 gallons is enough for taking care of 5 small decoration fishes.

More than five fishes will need bigger capacity of tank in order to make sure their swimming is not disturbed.

Of course, swimming activities will need enough space in order to give free movement in the tank.

Therefore, if you choose Platies as tank mate for your Swordtail Fish; you have to understand the ratio that every one male of Platies or Swordtail Fish should gather with three female ones.

It is perfect to avoid fighting of those male decoration fishes.

  1. Mollies

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates - Molly FishMolies are also perfect as tank mate for Swordtail Fish because they have similar aggression levels.

They can be peaceful and easy to join together. In addition, the decoration fishes apply breed in the same way so that you will be easy to treat and take care of them.

Finally, during feeding time, both Molies and Swordtail Fish will make equal competitors so that it is suitable for them in order to avoid dominant fish that can eat more foods.

  1. Angelfish

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates - AngelfishAngelfish is also good to live with Swordtail Fish. Swordtail Fish has had peaceful temperament so that it is also good to gather with Angelfish.

The best tank mates can be seen from the set up of aquarium such as water temperature and diets.

  1. Corydoras

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates - Corydoras FishOnly peaceful Corydoras that can be good tank mate for your Swordtail Fish. Special peaceful temperament is also great to make their companions.

In addition, they also have similar commercial flake or pellet food so you do not need to buy various kind of pellet as their diet.

Commonly, they will eat fresh vegetables, algae of spirulina, and brine shrimp.

  1. Tetras

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates - Tetra FishSwordtail Fish has unique habitual actions and it is suitable with some larger Tetras. They usually tank set up that applies a planted tank with various rocks.

The elements are great place to hide in a certain time.

They also have active swimming activity so you have to set up the tank with enough space for swimming.

In addition, they also consume the same foods so that you will be effective to feed the fishes.

Nevertheless, make sure to make schools or colonies the fishes with five or more. The colonies of five species will protect possible interferences.

Photo Gallery of Swordstail Fish

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates in Fish Tank

Photo Image Swordtail Fish Tank Mates in Small Aquarium

Photo Image tropical Freshwater Swordtail Fish Tank MatesNic for you too, guys!

Swordtail Fish Tank Mates – Conclusion

Mixing the right fish in one aquarium is very important. It deals with the life of the fish and its ecosystem.

Some fish fight each other over territory and food. So make no mistake on that guys

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