Koi Betta Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – It might be a cliche thing to say, but proper way to care koi beta fish is not only about feeding and changing the water regularly.

There are more in the procedure, such as maintaining healthy habitat.

Learning about this topic will cover about the cause of stress, illness, the size of the tank, etc.

Determining Koi Betta Fish Health

The purpose of learning about the koi beta fish care is to have a happy and long life pet.

Then, the first topic is about differentiating the healthy and sick beta fish.

It is important for the owner to determine each condition to know what to do.

Going with intuition is not suggested as the diagnostic might go wrong.

  • Signs of Healthy Fish

1. When the owner gets closer, the natural reaction of a perfectly fine koi beta fish is swimming up.

It will try to investigate what to do and whether it should run away or not.

The koi beta fish should react immediately to this stimuli. Some even flare their fins as if the stimulant is a threat.

2. Koi beta fish is well-known for its bright color. This color alone could be the parameter of its health.

As long as it keeps the vibrant tone, the aquarium pet is safe and sound.

3. The owner should not miss to examine its fins. It doesn’t have to go as far as picking the pet out of the tank.

Healthy koi beta fish has undamaged fin without any white foam.

  • The Early Sign of Sickness

1. Many owners have heard that feeding time for koi beta fish is just around twice or once per two days.

If the pet seems like losing appetite, something is wrong.

Waiting for another day is okay, but after that the owner should contact vet.

2. Take a look at the fish’s gills when it swims.

Irregular movement of opening and closing serves as warning for the owner to pay more attention, moreover when the tiny pet cannot swim straight.

3. The owner should also make sure that the pet fish is not gaining abnormal size.

It is not growing, but bloating. Usually the breeders could see this sign with bare eyes.

Koi Betta Fish Setting Tank

Believe it or not, there are some people who start taking care of koi beta fish for its simple care.

Putting it inside a tiny bottle is enough to keep it alive.

This logic could be applied to human as well. As long as there is food and water, anyone could survive.

However, is this the ideal environment for the aquarium pet?

* The minimum tank size is 2.5 gallons. Don’t forget that more cramped space will require more frequent water change.

The recommended size for koi beta fish is 5 gallons. Between these two options, it is better for the owner to pick the larger one.

It would be a great help to the owner for maintaining the nitrogen level and temperature.

* Now that the aquarium has been settled, the next step to do is preparing the lid.

The owner should make mental note that koi beta fish is perfect jumper.

Losing the lovely pet just because of its careless action could be avoided with a simple prevention act.

* When settling the water level, there is one thing the owner should learn: beta fish has labyrinth organ.

It means that the koi beta fish has the ability to extract oxygen from the air, not only the water.

This is why the beta fish tank doesn’t need air pump. Filling the tank up to the highest surface should be avoided.

It is better to leave some space for the pet to breathe.

* The owner should also ask about the sex of the koi beta fish. Why? It matters to the placement setting.

When the owner is interested to raise more than one or two fish pets, then make sure to buy the female only.

If the vibrant color of the male species is more tempting, opt to give separator between the males.

Koi Betta Fish Tank Decorations

The last but not the least thing to learn about koi beta fish care is the decoration.

It is not only about the pretty look, but the healthiness of the aquarium pet.

Some of them might be skipped, but some others are the obligations for the owner to fulfill.

#1. One of the must have item for koi beta fish tank is light.

If the owner ever heard about blasting the light all day and night, it is not true. Just like human, this tiny pet has biological clock.

To keep this system on track, the owner should set the natural light to wake the fish up. At night, it is a must to turn the light off.

#2. Many breeders think that putting the tank near the window is good.

Yes, for the aesthetic side. However, it is not good for the koi beta fish.

Why? Window area has a lot of direct sunlight. As the result, the temperature inside the tank will raise

#3. Even though this small fish is known for its aggressiveness, the breeders should also provide a lot of hiding places.

Apart from its habit to explore the tank, the pet also appreciates some shadows as shelter.

#4. There are two options given to the breeders when they want to purchase tank decoration.

It could be either plastic or live plants. When possible, take the live plants.

If the plastic ones are more convenient, make sure to pick the one with elastic edges. The sharp ones will hurt its fins.

#5. If the owner is planning to put sand, then find the medium sized one.

Fine sand might stuck in between the gills and hide the feces better than the bigger ones. Again, never miss the inspection of sharp edges.

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Koi Betta Fish – Conclusion

The importance of learning about koi beta fish is not limited to the care taker.

This pretty aquarium fish is not difficult to take care of, but sloppy treatment will surely cut its life span.

Both adult and kids might find the proper way to care koi beta fish enjoyable to learn.

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