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List of Tropical Aquarium Fish

For you who don’t know the tropical fish, this type of fish lives in the tropical area. There are two types of tropical fish.

The one who live in the salt water is called saltwater fish, while in the freshwater area lives the freshwater fish.

List of Tropical Saltwater Aquarium Fish

In the saltwater, there are fish that hide in the coral. It is less easy to maintain and quite hard to find.

Fish pet Hobbyist who likes challenge needs to try this type of fish as the aquarium fish. To find the good ones, you need to catch or buy it.

Knowing the habitats is also an important point. This type of fish can live in the three category zone, just find it and own it

1. Firefish Goby

is a brighter oval size fish for your aquarium. This mini size fish can live well with other fishes.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Firefish Pets Pictures

They are active and fun fish to watch especially because of its colors and their tendencies to hide in the corals.

2. Nano fish

Fish with its orange color can be the right choice for you who like the fresh atmosphere.

This small fish lives well in the aquarium with the good salinity. Make sure to clean your aquariums with care.

3. Coral Beauty Angelfish is well known of its amazing colors.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Coral Beauty Angelfish Saltwater Pictures

It has bright blue blend with the fresh orange colors which easily attract the attention. This fish is quite expensive but you will not regret it when you have it.

4. Coral Goby / Clown Goby

is another variety of the nano fish. It has calm yellow colors and the mini size which is beautiful to see.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Clown Goby Pictures

This fish is recommended for you because they can live in the group and can easily adapt with each others.

5. Dartfish

is a charming fish for your aquarium. It has a unique fin on its head, it makes them attractive. The tank will look nicer by filling this fish in it.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Dartfish Aquarium Pictures

6. Royal Gramma

Fish is a mesmerizing fish because of its colors. The rainbow colors on its body will make you impress.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Royal Gramma Aquarium Fish

Just fill them in the tank with the good aquascaping and they will make the aquarium look amazing.

7. Butterfly Fish

is a stunning fish for your aquarium. It has many varieties of patterns: there are the striped one or the dot one.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Butterfly Saltwater Fish

The unique shape and the fresh yellow colors of this fish will make you want to always look at them at your small tank.

8. Tangs fish

is a rainbow that comes out from your tank; it has many different colors to choose.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Blue Hippo Tangs fish Saltwater

This unique fish is a hardy fish, put other specimen to make the landscaping complete.

You have to set big tanks for them to let them swim together, it will look mesmerizing.

9. Wrasses fish

is a charming which gives you a great mood. They like to burry themselves in the sand; make the good aquacaping for them.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Checkerbroad Wrasses fish

Set sand and rocks in the aquarium and you will find their visualization; just observe their funny and attractive movement.

10. Chalk Bass

is a peaceful peace which fit into your aquarium. Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Chalk Bass Aquarium

This small size fish is a schooling fish. Enjoy the motion when they live and move in the group.

11. Cardinal fish

is unique fish for you. It has unique shape blend with the long dorsal fin and the magnificent colorization.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Cardinal fish

They able to live together, put others fishes as their friends inside the tank.

List of Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Do you have interest in the freshwater tropical aquarium fish? If you want to decorate the aquarium with the exotic one, try to know their habitat first.

This type of fish is associated with the temperature range. Look at the amount of the oxygen which is needed when plan to keep this fish in home.

1. Mollies

can be a good choice for you who like the dramatization. The contrast colors of mollies are really eye catching.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Aquarium Molly Fish

This fish can adapt well and survive with every condition; it is highly recommended for you with easy maintenance.

2. Datnoid

In the other hand, Datnoid or Tiger fish is non-aggressive fish. It has beautiful black stripes, find it on the Thailand and Indonesia.Image Photo of Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Datnoid Asia Fish

3. Rasboras Fish

Have its own attraction because of its cuteness.Image Picture Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Rasbora Petfish

This small fish is the schooling fish therefore you can put it together with the others fish. The colorful view will make the aquarium visualization better.

4.Suckermouth Catfish

Looking for Bottom Tank Feeders Fish? Just try to buy Suckermouth catfish. It is have many names, some of it;Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Spotted Suckermouth catfish

Common algae sucker/Eater, Common pleco, Janitor fish, Municipal fish – ‘ikan bandaraya’ in Malaysian, Spotted pleco, Sucker fish, Suckermouth catfish, Sucking catfish, Hypo pleco stego dino

6.Barbs Fish

If you search for an active fish, Barbs is the one. You will love the yellow colors which blend with the black stripes.Image Photo Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Odessa Barbs

This fish is community fish, therefore you can put them along with the others fish.

Recommendation Tropical Aquarium Fish for Beginner

Being a beginner needs much of patience. Whether you choose to have saltwater or freshwater fish for your aquarium, apply the best things for it.

First choose the suitable tank for your money. There are two types of tanks, a cold water and heated tank. Use heated aquariums for more variety of fish.

In the cold water aquarium of course you can put the freshwater fish. Do not forget to apply the system of filtration into the aquarium.

In this tank, you can put Gold Fish. Choose the fish based on your preference because gold fish have varieties colors and sizes.

1. Bloodfin Tetras

With the silver bodies, it can live up to 10 years. Set up the temperature in the rage 63-82 degrees.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Bloodfin Tetra

Put it in the group because it’s communal animal. Enjoy how they move together through the glasses.

2.White Cloud Fish

Another small fish which is recommended is the White Cloud. Apply the temperature above 60 degrees.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - White Cloud Fish

They are quite strong to survive in the difficult conditions.

Therefore they can tolerate the temperature about 60 degrees. Their ultimate year to live is 5 years.

3. Danios Fish

In the heated tank you can choose fish which can live in the 73 up to 82 degrees. What about choose small fish for the first fish?Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Danio Petfish

Danios is a perfect choice, this hardy fish is active and beautiful. It has stripes across the body, so eye catchy.

It is also easy to feed this fish because it is not picky.

4. Cherry Barbs

Cherry barb has attractive colors. They can live together with the Danios or Bettas.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Cherry Barbs

They are hardy fish but to avoid the fight just put one male in the aquarium.

5. Black Skirt Tetra Fish

Black Skirt Tetra offers such a high class for beginner angler. But if you just want one fish as your first try, choose Betta fish.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Black Skirt Tetra

This fish has a bright color and long fins for the males. It will become a main lead on your spacious aquarium.

6. Swordtails Fish

Choosing the right fish is very important for the beginners.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Swordtails Petfish

The hardy fish such as Swordtails are highly recommended. Those types of fish are easy to maintain and lasting long.

List of Best Tropical Fish for Small Aquarium

Do not worry about the cost when applying this hobby. You can put the mini or small aquarium in the home, as simple as that.

Small aquariums have one up to five gallons tank. It comes with some design just like the functional one. What you have to look is the right fish for it.

One of the type of small aquarium is the small one with five gallons. It provides filter, lighting, but still not much water volume.

If you want to create a mini ecosystem which is easy to look at, use this small tank.

1. Fancy Guppy Fish

There are not many fish that can live in this small tank. Fancy Guppies have different colors; they will catch the attention when you put them in the aquarium.Image PHoto Tropical Fish Small Aquarium - Fancy Guppy

Those small fish keep the environment clean. Remember, do not put so much fish in the aquarium, and just go with 5/6.

2. Siamese or Betta Fish

Siamese is an iconic fish. This red fish lives in group and ready to enlighten your aquarium.Image Photo Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish - Freshwater Siameses Fish Tank

But do not put other fish from other species because this fish is aggressive, they can live in the 5 gallons tanks.

3. Scarlet Badis Fish

Scarlet Badis can live in the 5 gallons tank.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Male Scarlet Badis Petfish

Provide the fish with dark environment with the enough foods, it makes them comfortable.

Beware that the male fish is aggressive about his territory.

4. Pygmy Sunfish

Pygmy Sunfish is the family of nano fish. It has glow and bright blue colors, really catching attention.Image Picture Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Pygmy Sunfish Types

You have to give them continues food supplies, especially live food. This fish can live in the 5 gallons tanks.

5. Dwarf Croaking Gourami Fish

Dwarf Croaking Gourami is a charismatic fish. This schooling fish like the dark environment.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Dwarf Croaking Gourami Petfish

The male fish is aggressive, it is better to put many females’ fish in the tank. As a caution, this fish is needs so much oxygen.

6. Killifish

Least Killifish will like to hide inside your aquarium. The small aquariums with 3 gallons size are perfect for this fish.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Least Killfish Fish Tank

Do not worry because Killfish is a peaceful fish, they are shy and do not like the violence.

7. Indian Dwarf Fish

Indian dwarf will interact not only with the environment but also with its owner. It lives in the 5 gallons size tanks.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Indian dwarf Petfish

They can eat frozen food and rather aggressive with others fish. If you like hand feeding the fish, this fish is the one for you.

8. Neon Blue Rasbora Fish

Neon Blue Rasbora is the relatives of danios. It is attractive and has amazing colors.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Neon Blue Rasbora Petfish

They can live in the 7 gallons size aquarium with the miniature of its habitats. They are hardy fish which can live in the high Ph.

9. Ember Tetra Fish

Ember Tetra will give the colorful energy on the aquariums.Image PHoto Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Ember Tetra Fish Tank

It has the stripe with black color; it blends well with the ember body. They can live in the 5 gallons tank.

10. Coffee Bean Tetra

is unique yet beautiful fish.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Coffee Bean Tetra

It has great personality, the peaceful fish for your aquariums. They like black tank with 10 gallons instead.

11. Ruby Tetra

From Tetra family is an eye catching fish.Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Ruby Tetra

Make an aquarium with the landscape like their habitats, they will love it. They can live in the saltwater with 10 gallons size.

12. Pygmy Hatchfish

Will catch the attention with its small body. You can give diet food with high protein to them.

This athletic fish will fit in the 10 gallons tanks. Just make the miniature of their habitats along with the good surface area.

13. Danionella species

Iis popular with the coloration. It has unique ad wonderful pattern. This fish is sensitive;Image Photo Tropical Small Aquarium Fish - Danionella Fish Tank

Therefore it becomes individual fish which cannot live in the group. Use 3 gallons size tanks to keep this fish.

Tropical Fish Water Temperature Aquarium

The vocal point of using the Tropical Aquarium Fish is its temperature. The perfect parameter is needed for the sake of fish health. If you do not pay attention to these details, the fish might be dead.

Do you conduct research before you choose the tropical fish to put in your aquarium? Handle it correctly begin with the average parameter.

Each fish in the tropical area has its own habitats and the range temperature to live. Pay attention to the heater when choosing it.

If you want to give the fish a lot of warm environment, use a chiller.

Fish are sensitive although some of them can survive in the extreme condition just like the type of hardy fish.

But the false temperature will lead the fish into stress and then the illness.

Make sure about the ambient temperature, is that your fish need an extra heat or not. How many gallons in the aquariums is also matter.

For example for 5 gallons tropical aquarium fish, you will need 50 watt heat in 10 degrees Celsius or 75 watt in 15 degrees Celsius.

For 10 gallons tropical aquarium fish you will need 50 watt heat for 5 degrees Celsius and 75 watt heat in the 10 degrees Celsius.

It will increase just like the amount of the gallon. The more gallons you have, the more heat you need.

Temperature aquariums also affected by the climate. What happen if you live in the US and there are so many weather changes?

Fish keeper needs to think about it. When the drastic changes happen, make sure to maintain the temperature.

You have to handle it with a good method. Besides the weather changes, there are some aspects that effect the temperature change.

The first point is the ambient temperature of the room where tropical aquarium fish tank is placed.

Then the heaters in the tank, the chillers, the lighting, even the movement of the water.

Avoid the fish shock by the right regulation of water change. But do not change the water every single day, it cause the temperature drop rapidly.

It is good to cooling down the aquarium, but the drastic temperature change will leave the fish shock and stress.

When the temperature becomes higher, you have to cool it down.

It happens in the summer. So what to do? Just keep your window close, close the curtain as well.

You also can use AC but if it’s expensive you can try another way, do not use heaters, turning off all of it.

Without heather the aquarium temperature will drop soon. Reduce the lighting and attach the chiller.

Another point that you have to look is the water. Don’t you know that the water movement will affect the temperature?

Yes, the surface of the water movement plays a big role on transferring the heat.

To minimize the heat, you can use the stones by adding it in the tank. Power heads is also good option to decrease the heat.

Be careful in its practice especially when lift the hoods or lids because the fish will jump outside.

Try to add a fan as well to cooling the tropical aquarium fish tank. Despite of that, using ice is a smart choice.

Fill the aquariums with the ice; it will change the temperature slowly. Keep an eye in this process and make sure that the fish are comfortable.

Conclusion of Tropical Aquarium Fish

If you still interest in keep the fish as your hobby, start with the right movement.

As a fish keeper maintain the fish better and handle it with care. It will be easy if you do it step by step correctly.

Begin from the fishing, the kind of fish you like, how to apply the aquarium and also maintenance.

Whether you are a professional or beginner, tropical aquarium fish is a worth hobby to do.

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