Gold Fish Types, FishTankWeb.Com – How many variant of gold fish types owner will love? The answer will be written in long list.

By paying attention to the features, the owner should be able to tell which is which.

In order to pick the desired pet, mentioning several important keywords will be a great help.

Popular Gold Fish Types

Hardy Gold Fish

This is the general type that could be found in the fish market.

The specific characteristic is elongated body shape.

In total, there are three species that belong to this group: common, comet and also shubunkin.

Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Common Goldfish
Common Goldfish


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Comet Goldfish
Comet Goldfish


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Shubunkin Goldfish
Shubunkin Goldfish

In terms of color and body shapes, these three has only slight difference.

For example, comet has longer fins compared to the other two.

To be specific, it could be seen on the tail fin. This species and also shubunkin might have calico color; the combination of several colors such as white, black, yellow or orange.

However, the common species has no calico variant.

The last species, shubunkin, has no other color other than calico.

If the owner wants to raise a shubunkin, then find the calico gold fish with short fin.

In addition, any of these options is quite suitable for pond fish.

In short, this is the most popular category for the novice owners. Why is it so?

It is because this type has better immune system that allows them to live inside poor water quality and less-than-ideal temperature.

Even so, eventually the owner should meet the standard for good fish aquarium.

Another reason for them to catch the owner’s attention is their aggressiveness.

It is actually the eagerness to chase after food. Thanks to their slim bodies, there will be no problem to compete for food with the fancy type.

The result of the competition could be seen immediately. After the feeding time passed, they will be calm again.

Fancy Gold Fishp>Looking for something pretty to put inside the aquarium?

Then the owner should target the fancy types. The charm of this kind is its egg body shape.

Luckily, there are quite wide option for those who love chubby pet fish.

  • Wart Head/li>

Those who belong to this sub-group are mature oranda, lionhead, and ranchu.

It is not difficult to notice them since the wart on the head and face area couldn’t be hidden.

If the owner wants to buy oranda fish, then find the one with dorsal fin. Most lionhead and ranchu don’t have the dorsal fin.

In this group, lionhead is the most exotic one. In addition to the wart cover, this species has straight back and no dorsal.

Ranchu, in the other hand, has arched back and pointier tail. Therefore, it might look bigger because of the special anatomy.

Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Oranda Goldfish
Oranda Goldfish


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Ranchu Goldfish
Ranchu Goldfish


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Lionhead Goldfish
Lionhead Goldfish
  • General Feature

Several gold fish species have egg shaped body and nothing more to make them stand out. The names for this group are fantail and veiltail.

The first one has sturdy upright fin and tails. It could be seen from the solid color with less transparency and no swinging fin.

The veiltail, just like how it is called, has longer fins and tail compared to its brother.

As expected, the beauty of it is the flowing fins while swimming.

Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Fantail Goldfish
Fantail Goldfish


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Veiltail Goldfish
Veiltail Goldfish
  • Telescope

What comes to many owners mind when hearing the word telescope? It might be single or double lenses equipment used by ship captain.

The description almost fit to this group, as the members have protruding eyes on both sides.

The member’s names are black moor and panda butterfly.

There is only one thing that separate these two: the color division.

Panda butterfly has clear area for black and white, just like a normal panda. The other one has faded black layer covering the eyes.

Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Black Moor Goldfish
Black Moor


Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Panda Butterfly Goldfish
Panda Butterfly Goldfish

Exotic Gold Fish

the fish owners who wish to raise the one and only gold fish type, then this is the answer.

However, don’t forget that the treatment and care are also more difficult than the others.

  • Bubble Eye Gold Fish


    Among the experienced owner, this gold fish type is the most fragile one among all.

    However, the weakness doesn’t push down the demand in the market.

    Anyone could tell right away the outstanding feature: sack filled with fluid on each side of its eyes.

    Because of these sacks, the eyes look pressed upward to the outside. Don’t worry, this is not counted as sickness.

    One strong warning to the owners who are planning or currently raising this species: no power filter allowed inside the tank.

    This delicate fish is one of the worst swimmers among the gold fish families.

    As the result, any slight current will affect the bubble eyed gold fish. Since water current is a must for gold fish, set the filter to the lowest setting possible.

    The way this bubble gold fish spent its day is by staying on the bottom tank, lazily flapping its fins. For this reason, it is recommended to put rounded edge stone.

    The sharp ones might cut the bubble and trigger fish disease.

    Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Bubble Eye Goldfish
    Bubble Eye Goldfish
    • Ja

      Japanese Ryukin

      p>This is a popular breed in Japan.

      Breed in Ryukyu island, the beauty of this species lays on the visible hump on each side, functioned as the pillow for dorsal fin.

      As the result, this gold fish might look a little bit wider compared to the other species.

      It is also mentioned as one of the friendliest breed for novice owners.

      Japanese people give a special nickname for the ryukin with three long caudal fins.

      It is the cherry blossom petal tail. If the owner has this kind of ryukin and plans to sell it, the price would be higher.

      Sadly, color pattern is not affecting the price. It is just for pleasing the owner.

      Overall, this breed is tougher and is often bullied by the other gold fish species.

      Photo Image Gold Fish Types - Ryukin Goldfish
      Ryukin Goldfish
      Gold Fish Types – Conclusion
      fish could be categorized from their fins and the other features.

      There is no need to do complicated assessments, paying close attention to the body shape and color are usually more than enough.

      Any expert breeder should be able to tell variant of gold fish types owner will love in minutes.

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