Freshwater Tropical Fish, FishTankWeb.Com – Do you admire the colorful freshwater tropical fish?

Reserve small space for your aquarium and bring the vibrant aquatic pet to your house.

Especially for those who love indoor activities, you might set your own little paradise, available to enjoy from your couch.

Know the species better and find the right fish for your aquarium. So, here we go with freshwater tropical fish guide for you:

Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish

Fish cannot just get along with any species of its kind. Do not forget the body size and food chain. Fish with bigger body tends to nibble the smaller fish.

If you plan to raise multiple fishes in one single tank, non-aggressive type is recommended. Separating fighting fish is not a simple task, after all!

  1. Angelfish

The body shape of this fish resembles a triangle. It mingles in the community well. The weakness is the anxiety.

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Albino Angelfish Type Pictures
Albino Angelfish
Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Gold Pearlscale Angelfish Type Pictures
Gold Pearlscale Angelfish Freshwater

If you put it together with fast swimmer fish, the flashing wave puts angelfish in panic. They are popular for its cleverness, too. Angelfish could recognize the owner.

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Koi Angelfish Color Pictures
Koi Angelfish Aquarium
Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Gold Marble Angelfish Aquarium Pictures
Freshwater Marble Angelfish

The most common color is silver with black stripes. However, they are also available in other colors, too.

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Sunset Blushing Veil Angelfish Price Pictures
Sunset Blushing Angelfish Freshwater

Here are some of the most beautiful ones: Koi Angelfish, Marble Angelfish, Gold Pearlscale, and Sunset Blushing Veil Angelfish.

The price range from $17 to $24. The highest price goes for the Albino Angelfish.

  1. Guppy

The tiny little fish is so popular among kids. Its friendly nature and unlimited choice of color make it a perfect pet.

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Guppy Red Blue Cobra Pictures
Guppy Cobra Petfish Tropical
Image Photo of Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish Grass Guppy Aquarium for Beginner
Guppy Blue Grass

When you buy this fish, always take 6-8 fishes, because they belong to small school.

In some Chinese region, raising 8 black guppy will bring luck to the house.

Image Photo of Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish Mosaic Guppy Aquarium for Beginner Pictures
Guppy Mosaic
Image Photo of Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish Platinum Guppy Pictures
Freswater Guppy Platinum
Image Photo of Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish Tuxedo Half Black Guppy Pictures
Guppy Tuxedo

Despite of the size, guppy is quite active and live long.

Pick these recommendations for your tank: tuxedo, cobra, mosaic, grass, metal, or platinum guppy. You can buy them as a pair start from $6.

  1. Danios

You can call it “the peace keeper” of the aquarium.

If you happen to put two fighting fishes together with Danio, it is almost certain that the little friend stop the quarrel.

Image Photo of Non Aggressive Freshwater Tropical Fish Danio Pictures
List of Danio Species

This species is easy to breed. Moreover, you can make your aquarium fancier.

Danios have florescence light in its body which will shine when you aim the light to them.

The glowing colors have two base variation: pink and blue. Growing up in a fish school, danios love to swim around the tank.

It also have high tolerance for different water temperature. Pick them for $1-$8 per fish.

The cheapest price is zebra danios, and the most expensive is celestial pearl danios.

Tropical Freshwater Fish List

If you are a newbie in aquarium world, studying about the fish before actually purchasing them is a great idea.

The seller might lure you to buy something you are not really looking for.

Raising fish is not about the beauty only. You also need something that fit in your tank.

  1. Clown Loach

Image Photo of Tropical Fish Clown Loach for Beginner Pictures
Freshwater Clown Loach Fish

It has long body with black stripes on its orange head and body. This species are not avoiding light.

In the closed aquarium, it will grow up to 5 inches.

It also loves to swim in a well-airy tank, 76 degree or lower temperature. To stay healthy, clown loach needs brine and frozen food.

  1. Kuhli Loach

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish List Kuhli Loach Pictures
Kuhli Loach Aquarium

It sounds similar to the first species. In reality, their bodies are quite distinctive. Kuhli loach resemble eels with stripes on its body.

It has no problem when living in a water with changing temperature.

Most of the time, this long fish will stay at the bottom, or hiding in between the fake seaweed and corals.

They love to eat the leftover dropped on the bottom tank. If you want to give live food or treat, its favorites are shrimps and worms.

As the staple food, you could simply feed them fish pellet. Kuhli Loach are eager to live with other fishes and its own species.

Make sure you have at least three Kuhli Loaches in your tank to prevent stressed fish.

  1. Cherry Barb

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish List Cherry Barb Aquarium Pictures
Cherry Barb Tropical Fish

This is a shy fish. It is gorgeous with its vibrant red color. However, this is also the endangered species in its natural habitat.

No wonder, it takes some time to adapt in the new tank.

Thus, you are suggested to put live plants on the aquarium to provide a place for hiding.

Cherry Barb could stand the water temperature changes. The adult fish will reach 2 inches size.

Once this plump fish adapt to the surrounding, you can see how active and amusing this fish is.

To keep them happy, you will need to raise a school of fish, consisting of at least six Cherry Barb.

They love to eat any kind of fish food, even though the fact does not apply for the first week.

Best Beginner Tropical Freshwater Fish

First time to buy tropical fish? Don’t worry. Take an easy start with the fish with low maintenance and care.

Raising the fishes in a tank requires daily and weekly rituals. Make yourself familiar with the routines first before you raise the high maintenance fish.

The following lists are the top list for the first-timer.

  1. Goldfish

Image Photo of Best Beginner Tropical Freshwater Fish Goldfish Aquarium Pictures
Gold Fish

When you visit the fish shop, this fish will be on the front row. Why? Because it is the most wanted fish for topical species.

The reason is simple: it is adorable with bubble head, fanned tail and bright color. The best starter tank is using cold water.

You need 62-70 Farenheit for the water temperature. Goldfish is not a picky eater. In fact, it is an omnivorous fish that could eat anything.

Keep in mind that the goldfish will always make a mess. So, it is not surprising to find a lot of leftovers on the bottom tank.

Do not forget to change the water regularly and add dechlorinator.

  1. Molly

Image Photo of Best Beginner Tropical Freshwater Fish Molly Fish Variant Pictures
Yellow Molly Fish

For those who want to start with warm temperature aquarium, this fish will be the real deal. The little pet could live together with many fishes.

As long as you can keep the tank temperature somewhere in between 70-82 degree Farenheit, the fish will be happy.

It could live well in different water type: fresh, brackish or salt. The livebearers instinct makes the male and female molly breed almost instantly.

If it is okay with you, then provide live aquatic plants in your tank.

Otherwise, molly parents will eat the baby fish because they don’t have any place to hide.

  1. Neon Tetras

Image Photo of Best Beginner Tropical Freshwater Fish Neon Tetras Aquarium Pictures
Freshwater Neon Tetra

Without doubt, this fish will be the living decoration for your tank. Do not let this fish swim on its own.

In this condition, it will be shy and isolating itself from the rest of the group.

Put at least six of them in the aquarium. The more the merrier. They will feel more confident in a big group.

You can see the entertaining swimming show as the neon tetras circling the tank.

For maximum ten years, this small shining fish will accompany you. Set the tank temperature to 64-82 Farenheit to keep your neon tetras healthy.

List of Freshwater Tropical Fish Community Tank

Keeping a single fish will surely have different difficulties from the group fish. They might seem intimidating, but actually easier and pleased to watch.

Also, the community fish will have far less problem to co-exist peacefully with the other fish, since they are used to stay in a group.

  1. Threadfin Rainbowfish Freshwater Tropical Fish

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Community Tank Threadfin Rainbowfish Aquarium Pictures
Threadfin Rainbowfish

This is the most peaceful fish and rarely attack their tank mates or their group fellow. It has long fin, which makes it a vulnerable object of fin nipping.

To keep its safety, make sure you place the other non-aggressive pair. Tetras are not threadfin’s natural friend.

The ideal environment will be 15 gallons or 58 liters aquarium, with minimum seven fishes in a group.

With this group, you will be able to see glowing colors and also interesting behavior.

Be careful not to put two males in one group. They are quite dominant and tend to fight till dead.

  1. Gourami Freshwater Tropical Fish

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Community Tank Dwarf Gourami Pictures
Gourami Fish

If you own 30 gallons tank, then you already have perfect habitat for gourami. All gourami types need some spaces on the tank.

They occasionally come to the surface to breathe some air. It hates violence and aggression. Therefore, you should find calm partner.

Gourami also loves to hide between the living plants.

If you don’t plant one, then put a fake coral as substitute. Feed your fish with either algae or meat based flake food.

Do not forget to give live food like bloodworm or brine shrimp. As usual, put them in pair of female-female or female-male.

Never put male-male pair because they will fight.

  1. Catfish Freshwater Tropical Fish

Image Photo of Freshwater Tropical Fish Community Tank Pictus Catfish PicturesThere are three species that work best in a group: cory, upside-down and emerald catfish. Keep at least four of them in your tank.

It tends to bully smaller fishes but do not bother bigger species. Letting only one or pair of catfish will make it nippy and dominant.

Do not forget to provide plenty of hiding places and swimming area. Because of its size, you need to set big aquarium: 114 liters.

The feeding is pretty much easy: This freshwater tropical fish, catfish eats anything from fish food to algae.

Vary the menu for this fish with vegetable flake and blood worm once a week.

Freshwater Tropical Fish – Conclusion

Fish is similar to human in one or another way. Some fish get along well with certain species and fight a lot with the other fishes. The care is also different.

Several species takes more time and love from you. The other is happy enough with occasional feeding and aquarium maintain.

Make sure to understand the entire traits and choose the freshwater tropical fish that suits your lifestyle.

Finally, Hopefully this Freshwater Tropical Fish article will help you to find what fish is suitable for you

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