Comet Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – The goldfish is about to explore more. This beautiful fish was commonly bred in America.

It was firstly bred and acknowledged in 1800s through commercial fish market.

Comet goldfish obtains its famous name due to its lengthy and graceful tail fins appearance which is like a burning comet flashes in the sky.

Comet Goldfish Appearance

The fish is also known as pond-comet or comet-tail goldfish.

Comet goldfish is generally like other common goldfish. However, people sometimes find it difficult to differentiate both of them.

If you take a closer look, comet goldfish can be identified from its body.

Being seen from the length of its body and fin tails, both are longer than regular goldfish.

This fish and common goldfish have similar body appearance.

What becomes main different is that comet goldfish tail fin is being longer compared to common goldfish.

Its tail fin is also forked much deeper than common goldfish.

The tail fins of both varieties are in straight shape. The size of the adult comet goldfish is somehow much smaller.

Both goldfish breeds are very durable and they can be bred in the aquarium or in outside fish pond.

They are also low-priced and can be found anywhere.

If you want to try breeding some fish, you can try this goldfish as it is suitable for beginners.

Comet goldfish is famous for being very easy to breed. It is not considered as a picky eater. It can eat any fish food.

The color of the this goldfish is more on reddish-orange side.

But, you can also find comet gold fish in varied colors such as red, yellow, orange, white or bi-colored combination.

The color of this goldfish is also associated with the color of Sarasa comet as it is being dominated with white and red bi-color variation.

Comet Goldfish Habitat

Comet goldfish has been around since 1782 in Asia (Siberia).

This goldfish tends to inhabit the stagnant yet slow moving water territory like ditches, ponds, lakes or rivers.

It can feed itself on insects, small crustaceans, detritus and plants.

Based on its history, goldfish was firstly bred in China and its color was gray or silver.

Then, the color began to change during the Jin Dynasty period (around the years of 265 – 420) to yellowish orange.

Due to its bright color, goldfish was then started to breed for attractive backyard ponds.

In 1500s, goldfish was being sold to Japan. In 1600s, it reached Europe and in 1800s it reached America.

Captivating goldfish was commonly bred by Asian fish breeders.

The evolution of goldfish through several centuries attempt is like what you see nowadays especially its fascinating colors and shapes.

This cultivated goldfish is now being sold all around the world.

Comet gold fish was known for being the earliest variety from single-tail goldfish as it evolves into longer tail fin.

This comet fish was also being bred in USA from regular goldfish in the 19th century. The comet goldfish breeder was Philadelphian Hugo Mullert.

The comet was also being sold in large quantity in the fish market and achieved its popularity.

Comet Goldfish Lifespan

Comet goldfish is really comfortable with its conservative counterparts and has been very flexible in its living habitat.

Therefore, this variety of fish is very famous among aquarists.

Comet goldfish doesn’t require any special care and it can live in any water conditions just like any regular goldfish.

Comet goldfish can grow its body up to 14 inches. Generally, it is able to live for about 15 years.

Although this fish is flexible and strong, it can survive really well in the un-crowded tanks as well as in the suitable habitat circumstances.

If you want to breed some this comet fish, you can easily place them in outdoor ponds or pools.

One thing to remember when breeding comet goldfish is that you have to place this fish with other goldfish with double fins as they can really swim fast and eat all the fish food quickly.

Comet Goldfish Food

To help your comet goldfish grows appropriately, you should feed it with correct food in its accurate amount.

The food suitable for comet goldfish is any food made of plants, insects and crustaceans. Particular food for goldfish should contain more carbohydrate and less protein.

Other fish supplements that you also need to consider are fiber, fat, carbohydrate and fats, and also vitamins and minerals.

The food for comet gold fish is categorized into three, that is, dry foods, live foods and frozen foods.

Dry foods are usually being formed to float at water top (flakes) or sink in the water (pellets).

On the other hands, live foods can easily transfer disease to the fish.

Choose certain live foods which don’t transfer any diseases like bloodworms, daphnia, drosophila, white worms, and tubifex worms.

Frozen fish foods don’t transfer any diseases to the fish.

Generally, they are in big chucks and can be easily broken down into small pieces.

These frozen foods are blood worms, brine shrimps, krill, algae and squid.

Feed your goldfish weekly or several times in a month.

Don’t feed your comet goldfish with only one variety of food. Give some different types of food in perfect amount.

Include all food varieties for your fish (dry food, live food, frozen food).

How to Care Comet Goldfish

If you decide to breed any comet gold fish, find proper way to make it healthy and happy all the time.

Put your fish inside larger water container or tank to lengthen their lifespan.

Smaller tank can also make it has shorter lifespan.

Use simple decorations like big rocks since it is safe for them as they won’t be able to consume.

Create the water tank condition to be similar to its natural habitat.

You can maintain the level of pH and water temperature by setting proper amount of oxygen and nitrate levels in the fish tank.

You can use pH test kit to check the pH level inside the water.

Images of Comet Goldfish

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It’s quite easy to breed comet goldfish, isn’t it? The treatment for this fish is also easy and not complicated.

Should you find any interest in breeding this aquatic fish, you can now start learning about comet goldfish (habitat, lifespan, food, how to care).

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