Fantail Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – This fish is suitable for you if you want to try breeding some fish.

This aquatic fish is very easy to take care of and it is also very beautiful.

This fish is considered to be a low-prized fish and it is a right choice for beginner fish breeders.

You can easily identify fantail from its colors and body shape.

Fantail Goldfish Special Features

Fantail has unique body shape if it is being compared to common goldfish. Generally, common goldfish has slender and long body.

But, fantail tends to have more egg-shaped or rounded body. Due to its fancy body shape, this fish is usually bred for the sake of showing.

The special feature from fantail is its split tail fin. This split tail fin is usually medium-length and deeply forked.

Fantail has been famous for its single-split or double-split tail fin.

As mentioned before, fantails are usually for the show.

Being able to be an excellent show case, your fantails should have split tail fins with two lobes nearer on the top so that the tail fins can be triangular-shaped when being seen from behind.

Other requirement to be an excellent show case is that your fantails should have two separated anal fins.

Make sure that your fantail tail fins are separated and deeply forked to win the show.

Fantail Goldfish Lifespan

Fantail usually lays eggs just like other goldfish. Fantail’s eggs can hatch for two or three days based on the water temperature.

The baby goldfish, or the fry, doesn’t need any food for 24 hours as it consumes food from its residual yolk-pack.

It just needs to consume small amount of fish flakes or live food.

While being as fantail fry, it usually takes one month to consume ground-up flakes.

For fantail fry to become mature fantail, it takes almost a year.

Fantail Goldfish Lifespan Problem

The biggest problem for fantail lifespan depends on the population in the tank.

If you keep lots of fantails as they become overpopulated inside the fish tank, the lifespan of fantails can be shorter.

Some people also have the tendency to place their fantails in small bowls or tanks.

Fantails need to live healthier and safer in about five gallons of water per inch.

If you place your fantails inside the fish tank which is poorly managed or small, the lifespan of the fantails can be shorter and this habitat can limit fantails healthier growths.

If you place your fantails in your aquarium, they should live at least for 10 years to consider that they are well treated and healthy.

In fact, the fantails which are bred outdoor like in the outdoor ponds or pools, they can have longer lifespan compared to indoor aquatic fantails.

Fantail Goldfish Outdoor Pond Problem

The main problem when the fantails are bred outdoor, some predators can probably eat your precious golden fish.

The life of the outdoor fantails is also being influenced by the weather conditions.

Despite of the problem with some predators and weather circumstances, the lifespan of outdoor fantails can be twice longer than indoor fantails.

The fantails living in the ponds or pools can live up to 20 years.

Every treatment that you give to your fantails can influence their lifespan. You can make it shorter or longer than the estimated years mentioned previously.

If you follow the basic rule of giving five gallons of water per inch for your fantails, they can live healthier and automatically extend their life.

If you want to add some more years, you can prevent mixing your fantails with other tropical fish.

You can also clean their fish tank frequently and feed them cautiously based on their required amount of food, you can expand your fantails’ lifespan much longer.

Fantail Goldfish Tank Requirements

is actually not ideal to keep your fantails inside small bowl. Your fantails are able to grow their body until 8 inches long.

Besides being able to have longer body, they are also able to produce lots of secrecy waste. For one fantail, you need to provide at least 20 gallons of water per tank.

If you want to add one more fantail, add each number of fantail with 10 gallons of water.

Don’t forget to maintain your fish tank with the filter. The size of the water filter is adjusted to your fish tank size.

Fantails comfortably live in colder water. If your room temperature is above freezing, it is perfectly fine for your fish.

However, keep your fish tank away from any direct sun as fantails are not fond of the temperature more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The proper temperature for your fantails is 70 degrees Fahrenheit so your room temperature is okay for them.

Don’t forget to install some bubble stones for the oxygen supply inside the fish tank.

Fantail Goldfish Tank Mates

advised not to add other fish species with your fantails. Your fantails are fond of colder water but most tropical fish don’t like it as colder water is not healthy for them.

Fantails are also able to eat smaller fish which are fit into their mouths. If you want to add other fish inside your large fish tank, add other goldfish species.

As they are slow simmers, don’t match them with fast swimmers. You can add slow swimming goldfish such as ryukin, oranda or black moor goldfish.

Fantails don’t have stomachs; consequently, they keep on eating whenever there are some foods in the fish tank.

Fantail Goldfish Feeding Schedule

them food twice or three times a day in proper amount depending on the numbers of the fish you have.

Make sure they can eat all the food in one feeding. When there is some leftover food, remove them right away.

Choose fish food suitable for goldfish only. Don’t feed your fantails with any tropical fish food as it is much higher in carbohydrates and proteins.

You can feed your fantails with pellets as they won’t be quickly dissolved in the water but make sure that the pellets have been broken down into small chucks to fit properly in the mouth.

Image of

Image of Fantail Goldfish

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Photo Image White Fantail Goldfish BreedingRead this one too, Guys!

to breed fantails as they don’t require any special treatments.

To keep them alive, you just need to do some treatments regarding how to better take care of them.

Are you interested in breeding some for your fish tank? Don’t hesitate! Quickly buy some fantail goldfish!

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