Tropical Fish Tank, FishTankWeb.ComChoose the right fish tank if you like tropical fish and want to keep it at home. The aquarium or tank is an important point for a fish keeper.

It becomes the main problem when you want to show the hobbies and your fish collection in front of public.

The term of the look is essential as it will come out first. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the tank for your fish.

Tropical Fish Tank Temperature

The temperature of Tropical Fish Tank comes along with the fish that you choose. It is already known that there are two types of tropical fish:

The freshwater fish and the salt water fish. It is important for you to learn the details before choosing the tank.

Tropical Fish Tank for salt water fish needs a lot of requirements. Always consider the price when you want to buy some corals and reef for the fish habitats.

It will be different case if you want to have the fish only set up and without a miniature of their real live.

Come to the set up, salt water tank demands a lot of energy and an extra work. The water change is the point because you need to mix it before filling the water into the tank.

Hydrometer as well as purifier is needed to control the salinity.

Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank - Water Tank Hydrometer Pictures
Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank - Water Tank Purifier Pictures
Water Purifier
Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank - Aquarium Lighting Pictures

Next, you will need lightning power if you decide to make a miniature of real life environment and put the coral inside of the aquarium.

Of course, it is expensive but the saltwater tank will look amazing in your home. The mixture of vertebrata, reef, and coral will be a perfect display. The price is worthy!

Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank - Saltwater Accessories Pictures
Accessories Saltwater Aquarium

Remember, salt water fish has its own temperature. If you want to set up a tank with salt water fish in it, make sure that the temperature is well set.

Salt water fish has ambient temperature between 70 up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher.

You will need a heater so the fishes feel comfortable with the environment. Pay attention if you want to place some corals or reef.

Please understand that both coral and reefs can add an extra temperature.

It is important to know the place where the coral is taken because it will have different temperature based on the ocean water.

For those who like freshwater fish, freshwater tank is a good option. Applying a fresh water tank is much easier than the salt water tank.

Therefore, this kind of tank and fish are highly recommended for beginner fish keeper. The freshwater fish is easy to catch and the tank only needs regular size of lighting.

The temperature for the tank ranges from 50 up to 80 degree Fahrenheit.

If you have many trout which are cold water species, you only need to set it in between 50 up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is necessary to know the good heater for the tank if you will keep the tropical fish in it. There are so many types of heaters.

What you have to do is to choose a heater that can keep the temperature between 79 up to 81 degree Fahrenheit or similar to 26 up to 27 degree Celsius.

Pay attention to the tank size while choosing the heater. There are so many sizes for the tanks gallons, from the small one which only has 5 gallons until the big size which needs 74 gallons.

Tropical fish temperature is highly affected by the weather. Pay attention when the season changes.

The rapid changes from the winter into the summer will make the fish stress.

Fish is a sensitive species which responds to the change of the environment. Do not let the tank to hot or too cold for the fish.

Lower the temperature when it becomes higher with the help of the chiller. During the summer, you can also use ice cube and drop it carefully into the tank. It will decrease the temperature gradually.

Tropical Fish Tank Layouts

Highlight this sentence, the first impression matters! In order to make the tanks attractive, pay attention to the layout.

With careful consideration and selection on the supporting details, you will be able to create the right atmosphere for the tank.

The first thing that you have to do is knowing that landscaping goes hand in hand with aquascaping.

It involves designing the underwater ecosystem and its surrounding. Once you are ready to landscaping, you can start the aquascaping.

Begin with planning. Read a lot of resources before you start landscaping. If you want to have coral and reefs, list the details at the very beginning.

Image Photo of Acrylic Tropical Fish Tank Pictures
Acrylic Tank

Plant your style into the landscape and make the tank displays yourself. The Tropical Fish Tank model is an essential point.

Whether you choose glass tank or the acrylic one will affect the display

Image Photo of Glass Tropical Fish Tank Pictures
Glass Tank

Plant your style into the landscape and make the tank displays yourself. The tank model is an essential point. Whether you choose glass tank or the acrylic one will affect the display

Second, do the framing. You will need a framework or skeleton for the tank. A framework makes it easier to design and decide what to put and how to arrange.

Design the base rock creatively. You can make a rock wall or a miniature of mini island.

Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank Layouts - Framing Pictures

Play wild with the imagination and do not stop with the base. You can use a rock cave so your fish can swim on it or combine it with the pieces of wood.

After that, you can put corals and other aquarium plants. Do not forget to place it correctly for a better view and healthy set up.

How Often Should I Clean My Tropical Fish Tank?

Cleaning the aquarium becomes a simple problem for a fish keeper.

Even if you are a professional, this situation still can be challenging sometimes. The salinity is a focal point for the tank and the fish itself.

A bad salinity will lead fishes into health issues. For example, Nitrate poisoning is one of the fish diseases which are affected by the cleanliness of the water.

It causes low energy on your fishes while somehow they keep swimming right under the water surface all the time.

Water condition is also highly affected by the filtration. If it is bad, the water will be bad too and this is how your fishes get the health issues.

This disease, however, is not a deadly disease. All you need to do is changing the water regulation and always monitoring the tank.

The filters play an important role in the fish health. Lack of oxygen will provoke the fish easily to be around the water surface. They try to swallow the oxygen.

The flow rate of the filters caused this issue. To fix this problem, try to control the temperature. More oxygen comes from the higher temperature of the water.

To get the healthy fish, you need to regularly clean the tanks. The cleaning frequency should be based on its size, cohabitant, and the filters. Observe the tank daily to know is the tank clean enough.

If the fish misbehave or look ull, clean the tank as soon as possible. Remember to do a water change at least a week after the cleaning.

Weekly cleaning is good for water regulation. Handle it with care, and use sponge or vacuum for aquarium to remove the algae.

Check the pH levels as well as the ammonia and the nitrate once a month. Do not forget to make a record; is there something that needs a replacement?

You can replace the pump and filter every six months. Do the regular cleaning weekly while the deep cleaning is needed when there is a special case like an illness.

While cleaning the tank, you also need to pay attention on some details like how the cleaning is done. Do not need to put everything out from the tank.

It will make the tank lose its biological filter which comes from the beneficial bacteria from the decorations. Moving the fish is also not necessary to do. The fish will be stressful.

All you need to do when cleaning the tanks is removing the algae from the water surface or the coral decorations.

Remember to fill the tank again after siphoned the old water. Fill the tank with 10-15 % new water with a correct temperature into the tank.

Talking about cleaning, it is necessary to provide good filters to keep the tank and the cohabitants in good condition. There are three stages of filtration.

First stage is mechanical. The filter cartridges have to catch the waste and debris from the tank. Second stage is the chemical stage.

You can use an activated carbon to absorb the pollutants. Third is biological stage. This process involves a good bacteria for the tank which makes the healthy environment.

Tropical Fish Tank Requirements

In order to make a good fish tank for tropical fish, you need to complete requirements.

A tank needs all of the equipment, filtration, lighting and the chosen decoration for the habitat.

Choose the decoration as you like it; rocks, woods, coral, reefs or a plant.

First, clean the tank and make it sits still and stable on a cabinet. Pay attention if you use a glass tank. You need to handle it correctly because it is heavy.

Then, arrange the filter and pump in your tank. While setting the filter, mix it with the gravel. It is easier to do while you are cleaning the aquarium.

Next, place the heater. Do not forget to choose the correct heater based on the fish type and also the size of the tank.

You need to double the heater when applying it into the larger tank.

Image Photo of Tropical Fish Tank Requirements - Heater Pictures

Place it in behind the tank, so the indicator is easy to see. Don’t forget to add a thermometer to make it more accurate.

After the step is done, set the amazing decorations for the tank! Remember to do the decor before adding the water. It will be easier for you to move it around.

Make sure that your fish will become the main object to be amazed of, and do not let the decor overshadow it.

Accommodate the best environment for the fish but do not make it overload.

When all of the requirements are well set, the tank is basically ideal for those fishes. You only need to maintain it from time to time to keep it healthy and safe for the fish.

Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank p>Making the underwater ecosystem or aquascaping is a fun thing to do. Just explore your idea and express it in the aquarium.

There are so many ideas for the aquascapping. All you have to do is choose the suitable one for your fish tank.

Use the Dutch style if you like to add many plants into the aquariums. Make a terrace or layer just in the streets of Dutch.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Dutch Style Pictures
Dutch Style

Do not forget to make a carpet from various leafs as the tank cover. Move the Asian. You will like the Taiwanese style.

Make terraces to verify the sea levels. Let people see how alive it is.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Taiwanese style Pictures
Taiwanese style

You can also opt for Japanese style and apply Takashi Amano style which is called Iwagumi.

The other name of Iwagumi style is Rock formation in which of course rock becomes the main architecture point.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Iwagumi style Pictures
Iwagumi style

In this modern model, pay attention to the scale. Stones with different sizes are needed in order to make the open space and the sense of simplicity.

Create the minimalist atmosphere by using this style for the Neon Tetra fish.

Even though difficult to set up, this style is actually very beautiful. It needs balance between every aspect in the aquarium.

The entire design will affect by the placement of the rocks itself even if you can design it based on your taste.

The key to apply this style is odd number. Iwagumi use the odd number while it recreates the environment based on the stone.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Iwagumi style - Oyaishi and Fukuishi Stone Pictures
Oyaishi and Fukuishi

There are four basic designs for the rocks in the Iwagumi. First, the largest stones are called Oyaishi. It is placed in the center and it becomes the miniature of the real environment of a river.

The second stone is Fukuishi, it means two. It is placed with Oyaishi stone and it has the same color with Oyaishi to make the balance.

Third is Soeishi. This stones is smaller than Fukuishi. The important point is this stone is used to beautify the look.

The fourth stone is Suteishi and it is the smallest one. It is placed far from the center stone. The fourth style is also called the Biotype.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Iwagumi style Stones Arrangement Pictures

If you prefer to have a natural environment and mix of hard step, just apply this style. It will be an extra point if you like to study the environment as well.

Put the woods or flora nest to each other in the tank. There is no need of symmetric position. Just feel the wild.

If you have a large tank for the tropical fish, the other option is Jungle style. Decor the tank with a lot of plants and make it green.

The other very popular style is the nature aquarium style. Recreate the landscape and begin with the miniature of mountains, valleys, or an island.

A large pile of stones is needed to make this design, along with green flora which accompanies it.

Still, if you do not want to spend a lot of money in the design, the other option is to use the Walstad method.

In this method, all you need to do is to randomly place the plants and rocks.

This style is introduced by Takashi Amano, the designer of aquascape who also creates the Iwagumi style.

When applying the design, do not forget to use the golden ratio. You cannot put everything unplanned.

Observe the real life environment before applying it to the aquariums.

Make people focus more on the design and leave them impressed. Remember; make everything in balance so it will not disturb the view.

If you consider the nature style, there are some ideas to display. First is concave design. Use the tall plant which is high growing to decor it.

Make U shape in the tank and let it becomes a place to illustrate the scenery. It can create an illusion on your own aquarium.

The second idea is convey design. It will blend along with the aquarium layer. You can implement a mini island in this design and mix it with the convex appearance.

Next is triangle design which creates the reefs shore. Mix the stone with the wood in the triangle shape, and give it a unique view.

Use the heights variations and use plants which are easy to grow. It will naturally create different height in the tank.

Image Photo of Aquascaping Tropical Fish Tank - Walstad Style Pictures

Do not forget that the fish plays an important role here. Make sure that cohabitants match well with the environment.

It will ensure the outlook to be stunning. Tetra fish is one of the species that matches well with this design.

Tropical Fish Tank – Conclusion

Being a fish keeper will cost a lot. Well, it is not easy to set a tank for the fish, especially the Tropical Fish Tank.

Begin with the type of the tank, the temperature of the tank, the salinity, and the layout.

A good aquarium is the one which can display and expresses the taste of its owner while it is ideal and healthy for the fishes.

Think about it and make your tropical fish tank as stunning as it can be!

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