Oranda Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Maintaining any kind of fish, including oranda goldfish, seems simple for some owners.

In fact, maintaining this kind of fish is not as simple as it seems.

There are some things that some owners have not done yet in maintaining their oranda.

But what makes those things are needed to be done? Here are the answers.

Oranda Goldfish Facts

The first and the most important thing is you need to learn about what your oranda need.

Keep in mind that oranda is one of the types of goldfish; it means that you can never treat oranda as the same as you treat other types of goldfish.

It also means that oranda have specific needs that are different with other types of goldfish.

If you pay attention on the physically, common types of goldfish usually have long and flat bodies.

This is the important thing that you need to care about; oranda has round and large bodies, which make them swim slower than any other types of goldfish.

Moreover, oranda also do not compete really well for food if we compare them to any others more active species.

What makes you to be more careful is their hooded heads that are so prone to disease from unclean water and bacteria.

It only means that you can never place them or let them live in polluted water.

Basically, most types of fish are not allowed to be placed in polluted water, but when we talk about oranda, it becomes more serious concern.

Furthermore, oranda must be placed in water with stable temperatures; not too hot or not too cold.

Unlike any other types of goldfish that do not really mind about the water temperatures, oranda will not thrive if they live in water with too high or too low temperatures.

Suitable Aquarium for Oranda Goldfish

If you have known about the first important point about your oranda, it is time to think about where they live.

Oranda is a type of goldfish that need plenty of room to swim.

It is because their body can thrive and may reach the sizes of 10-12 inches in length. It means you have to provide plenty of room for them.

Normally, the size of the aquarium for your oranda has to have the capacity of at least 20-30 gallons of water to give them space to swim freely and let them thrive.

After you have found the proper aquarium for your oranda, now you need to install some additional attachment in it.

As it was mentioned before, oranda cannot live in polluted water and the temperatures of the water must be stabilized.

Tank Requirement

Therefore, you need to install a filter and a heater in the aquarium.

A filtration will help in keeping the water clean and fresh.

If the temperatures of the aquarium dip too low, you just have to install a heater too in dealing with oranda since they are prone to temperature shock.

Tank Fish Temperatures

If you already make sure that your oranda live in an aquarium with clean and fresh water, your next concern is to monitor the temperatures of the water.

This step is more complicated than just keeping the water clean and fresh because we cannot see the temperatures; only your oranda can feel it.

Therefore, you have to always monitor the water in the aquarium to let your oranda thrive.

Since oranda will do their best in warm water, always make sure that you set the temperatures in the aquarium between 20-24 degrees Celsius.

It is the most ideal temperature for oranda. Also remember that you should maintain the alkaline and pH balance at 6-8.

Maintaining the pH balance will be a lot easier using pH test kit.

To keep the aquarium clean, doing weekly water cleaning is necessary.

Kindly remove and replace at least a quarter of the water in the aquarium to provide your oranda clean environment.

Clean and fresh environment will be optimal your oranda in thriving and maintaining their health.

 Aquarium Decoration

After you have taken care of the basic things regarding to the aquarium, you also need to take care about what other things you will or you may add to the aquarium.

Normally, all types of goldfish like to live in an aquarium that is full of decoration.

The decoration will not only make the aquarium looks better but also make the goldfish feel comfortable.

However, you need to be careful when you are about to decor your aquarium; especially with oranda in it.

Since oranda is a type of goldfish that like to dig, make sure you decor the aquarium with proper decoration.

Avoid putting any jagged or sharp edges to prevent your oranda from injuries.

Silk or soft plants are the best option that you can put in the aquarium.

Put as many as possible plants but keep them minimum to give your oranda enough space to swim.

Furthermore, you can also line the bottom of the aquarium with medium-size and soft gravel to create the atmosphere of a natural habitat your oranda.

Oranda Goldfish Food and Feeding Schedule

The last but not least, always make sure that you feed your oranda with nutritious and formulated foods.

In this case, you can feel lucky that oranda are hardy eaters.

It means that they will devour any kinds of pellet or flake.

Provide the nutrients for your oranda by supplementing them with live shrimp and worms for the diet menu.

Frozen or freeze dried foods and vegetable pellets are also good to support their growth.

Feeding your oranda with those menus will also encourage their bright coloring.

Feed your oranda twice a day; they will consume it within 20 minutes each time.

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Despite the differences in size, we need to treat any types of fish differently, too.

Proper treatment will keep your fish live longer, no matter what the type is.

Now that you know how to deal with oranda, you also know that maintaining oranda goldfish is not as easy as it seems.

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