Black Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – From all types of goldfish, black moor or people usually shorten it to black goldfish can be considered as a type of goldfish that we rarely see.

Unlike any other types of goldfish that we often see like oranda, shubunkin or comet, black telescope are rarely to be found.

But does it make any differences about how we treat them? Find the answers here.

Black Goldfish Physical Appearance

Before you learn about how you maintain black moor goldfish, it is necessary for you to understand the basic facts about them.

Let us start from their eyes.

Back moor actually are not born with huge eyes; those eyes start getting bigger and develop become unique characteristic as black moor are getting mature.

It means that the level of maturity of black moor can be seen by their eyes.

Those eyes do not move upwards but sideways. That is why this kind of goldfish is also known and often labeled as black telescope goldfish.

However, they have very poor eyesight. You need to be extra careful in taking care of them to see that the eyes are not damaged since they are so delicate.

Talking about the color, do not think that black is their only color.

Although we call them black moor goldfish, they may change their color from black to bronze as they are getting older.

Some black moor even can have a transformation to bright orange on the undersides of their belly if there is any water temperature raise.

Since the depth of black moor’s body is almost two-third of its length, they have delicate, long and flowing fins.

The fins are rounded and forked and usually the size is the half of the depth of their body.

Black moor generally breed when there is noticeable temperature raise, usually when it turns to spring.

Black Moor Characteristic

After you have recognized how black moor look like, it is necessary for you to also learn about their characteristic.

Their body and fins size are created with some consequences; it makes them swim slowly. It is not a secret that most types of goldfish are slow swimmers.

In fact, black moor can be considered as one of the slowest swimming goldfish species because of their physical characteristics.

For that reason, all black moor owners have to be thorough about the feeding time.

If you plan to only have black moor in your aquarium, actually their slow swimming ability will not be a concern.

But if you then place any other types of goldfish in the same aquarium with the black moor, you have to pay attention about the feeding time.

It is because the logic that if there are any other goldfish species that can swim faster than black moor, the faster swimmers will normally eat most of the foods.

That is why the fact that black moor are slow swimmers leads you to conclusion that you need to place the mates for black moor properly.

If not, the slower swimming fishes are always going to eat less food just because they are unable to catch the foods fast enough.

Since this can cause starving for the fishes, caution needs to be taken.

That is why you need to place the mates that have the same swimming speed range as black moor have.

Ryukin is the type of goldfish that can be perfect mates for black moor since both types of goldfish are categorized as slow swimming goldfish species.

Black Moor / Black Goldfish Lifespan

It is a little bit crazy to figure out the fact that the average goldfish die in less than six months after their owners having them.

Of course it is not the normal lifespan of black moor.

There are many reasons why those goldfish could die so fast, even within six months only.

The most possible reason is where the owners put them in.

If the goldfish could die that fast, there is a possibility that the owners place them in a small bowl only, without even changing the water daily.

The worse thing is it leads them die of lack of oxygen. Proper care and maintenance is the key to have goldfish with long lifespan.

It is because the fact that all types of goldfish can live for up to 10 years.

Surely, there are many things that make proper maintenance.

A Proper Aquarium for Black Goldfish

After knowing the strange fact above, you must have an idea about the aquarium you will prepare for your black moor.

Changing the water daily and give proper space for them to swim freely is just the beginning.

After that, you also need to know that black moor have heavy eating habit and they can eat all they long if they have a chance.

It makes them, by the nature; also have a lot of waste products. Therefore, installing a filter in the aquarium can be a necessary step.

Besides, you also need to change the water regularly. Make a routine schedule if its necessary, to keep the water fresh and clean.

There is no exact size about the aquarium that you need to have for them, but basically very serious goldfish owners can provide an aquarium that can contain 75 gallons of water.

Although it can depend on how many fish you will have in the aquarium, do not forget the fact that black moor are very messy species that can waste more water than any other types of goldfish.

Black Goldfish Feeding

Talking about the feeding, you should keep in mind that you have to feed your black moor with nutritious foods.

Since black moor is a type of fish that will devour any kinds of flakes or pellets, you can provide the nutrients for your goldfish by feeding them with live worms for the diet menu.

Vegetable pellets and frozen dried foods are also good to keep them healthy.

However, you cannot afford to over feed them.

The more they eat means the more poops they will produce too.

Therefore, make a routine schedule about how many hours per day you are going to feed them.

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Proper treatment will always work well in keeping our pets have their long lifespan, including fish.

Therefore, maintaining black goldfish surely will not be a problem for you, especially for those who like having fish.

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