Butterfly Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Butterfly goldfish is famous for its butterfly tail fin. It is considered as a unique fancy goldfish.

The name is owned from its tail fin which is similar to butterfly.

When the fish is resting, the fin will spread out to become butterfly form. You can easily recognize this butterfly tail fin from above.

You will be amazed on how beautiful and graceful this fin is. FYI, with good maintenance this fish will have 10 years lifespan.

The Origin of Butterfly Goldfish

Butterfly tail is also commonly called butterfly telescope. This fancy fish was originally from China but was sold to Japan in 1980s.

From its history, it is unknown for how long this fish has been bred in China before this goldfish was being sold to Japan.

Japan has bred varieties of butterfly tail nowadays whether this fish is being imported or being originally bred in Japan.

Butterfly tail fish is also being famous by its Japanese name, Jikin.

This fish is assumed to be developed from other goldfish species, wakin goldfish.

Besides being famous as Jikin, it is also famous as star-tail fish.

This fish is considered as a strong fish, but you can’t find this fish easily and is considered as a rare fish in the fish market if being compared to other goldfish species.

Butterfly tail has been famous as a unique show case. This fish variety is considered as a fancy goldfish.

It means this butterfly tail is being bred particularly to obtain specific body shapes, patterns and colors.

This fish has gained its popularity among fish breeders.

Most breeders have considered this butterfly tail as the most interesting and unique goldfish ever.

Most breeders have made this fish as their pets.

The Characteristics of Butterfly Goldfish

Butterfly tail is one variety of telescopic goldfish.

What makes the butterfly fish different from telescope fish is that this butterfly fish is famous because of its stunning tail while the telescope fish is famous due to its protruding eyes.

The shape of butterfly fish is more egg-shaped or rounded.

The body is stubby and short and its head is wider than other goldfish. Butterfly tail is obviously long and is like butterfly.

Tail fin colors are varied and ranged from lilac, black, white and orange, calico, black and red, orange, and panda.

This panda color is the most famous color among the fish breeders and collectors.

The standard eyes for this butterfly tail are flat eyes. Some other eyes shapes are probably domed shaped and telescope shaped.

The tail fin can spread up to 180 degrees; however, some butterfly fish may not be able to reach 180 degrees due to their heavy elongated tail fin.

You can expect your butterfly fish to grow up to 5 inches.

Some are able to grow their body to reach 9 inches and even more if you breed them in large tanks or ponds.

This butterfly tail is able to live around 10 to 15 years.

Where to Buy Butterfly Goldfish?

Butterfly tail is really famous among the fish collectors or breeders.

This fish is known for its gentleness and sweetness. It is also fiery and playful.

Generally, butterfly tail fish is very easy to breed if you follow such standard care for it.

Butterfly tail is quite hard to get. You will find it difficult to get butterfly tail in regular fish market.

This unique fish is usually being circulated among fish breeders. It is better to purchase this fish from the offline fish breeders.

The online market tends to give several problems. Online shipping for this fish is considered not safe and its online shipping is also dangerous for this butterfly tail.

Most animals are not used to be shipped all over the world.

It is better to find nearest butterfly tail breeders from the internet and pick up your fish by yourself.

How to Care Butterfly Goldfish?

Butterfly tail is considered to be an omnivore species. It really enjoys various foods such as live plants, algae, larvae, worms, and insects.

If you happen to be in the fish market, you can buy various pellets and flakes for your goldfish.

Pellets and flakes contain rich nutrients which are needed for your fish to live healthy. The nutrients are sorbitol, algae meal, fish oil, and vitamin C.

Sorbitol is a kind of additive which can boost the flakes’ flavor and it can make it sweeter.

How to Choose Filter for Butterfly Goldfish?

When you want to place your butterfly tail fish in the aquarium, you need to consider its filter system.

Generally, butterfly tail is not as delicate fish as bubbled goldfish so you can use any filter system.

You can use HOB filter and hang it at the back side of your aquarium. HOB power filtration has already been equipped with mechanical, chemical and biological filters.

If you have small aquarium, then HOB is perfect for you. Make sure that you give your aquarium 20 gallons of water for one fish.

How to Clean the Fish Tank?

It is advised that you clean your fish tank every one week or two.

The cleaning is quite simple to do. You just need to use a net, algae brush, wipes, tarp or towels, and gravel vacuum kit.

If you use tap water, you have to purchase some water conditioners. For the first step before cleaning, you have to throw away 30% of the aquarium water.

Confirm the temperature of your aquarium before you start cleaning as you have to be able to duplicate this current temperature later on.

For the water conditioner, it is better for you to follow the manuals carefully and correctly for the best result.

Unplug all devices before starting the cleaning process. Clean the inside part of the aquarium by scrubbing it with algae brush.

What if the Butterfly Goldfish Dies?

To remove any dead fish or left-over fish foods, use the fish net. Vacuum any decorations and gravels!

You can remove the decorations and clean them with 30% water that is previously removed from the aquarium.

Don’t ever try using direct tap water.

After all being cleaned, you can add new water slowly after certain treatment to match the temperature of the new water with the water inside the aquarium.

Put all devices back to their previous positions and turn them on.

Images of Butterfly Goldfish

Photo Image Baby Butterfly Goldfish

Photo Image Beauty Butterfly Goldfish White Polkadot

Photo Image Black Red Butterfly Goldfish

Photo Image Black Red White Butterfly Goldfish

Photo Image Butterfly Fin Goldfish

Photo Image Butterfly Goldfish Care

Photo Image Butterfly Goldfish Groups

Photo Image Butterfly Goldfish Lifespan

Photo Image Butterfly Goldfish Tank Maintenance

Photo Image Butterfly Goldfish Tank Size

Photo Image White Red Butterfly Goldfish

Photo Image Yellow Butterfly Goldfish

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Are you interested in breeding one butterfly tail? If you do, start searching for the breeders online.

Make sure to choose nearest fish breeders as you have to pick up your fish by yourself.

Prepare all equipments to place your fish safely.

Don’t forget to follow the standard care for it to ensure the health of your butterfly goldfish!

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