Ryukin Goldfish, FishTankWeb.Com – Ryukin goldfish is famous for its more impressive goldfish compared to other varieties of goldfish.

This type of fish is highly searched as it is really impressive to be placed inside the fish tank.

This goldfish is considered as an ornamental species as its breeding purpose is for the sake of ornamental and also as a pet.

Origin of Ryukin Goldfish

The fish is originated from China. It is believed that this fish is considered as the oldest species of the goldfish to breed.

This kind of fish was being sold to Japan from Ryukyu Islands around 1700s.

The name of Ryukin is also being inspired from these islands.

In Japan, Ryukin also means the Fringetail, the Veiltail, the Fantail or the Ribbontail.

FYI, Ryukin is being bred from Fantail goldfish. The main difference between Ryukin and Fantail is Ryukin’s tall hump or back.

Japanese fish breeders have developed ryukin characteristics, that is, tall body and dorsal hump.

From the history, it is seen that Japanese fish breeders have through more than 1,000 ryukin cultivations to get what ryukin appears at the moment.

This fancy fish is very famous in USA due to its active moves and its appearance.

Ryukin Goldfish Characteristics

The special feature of ryukin is its large hump which lies from the neck. It also has stubby and short body which is similar to Fantail.

Its body is also quite deep and long. Ryukin also has tall dorsal hump.

This tall hump becomes its special characteristic as most goldfish tends to have flat or slight hump on their backs.

Its tall back can make ryukin looks much taller than any other goldfish. The hump is also used to create higher dorsal fin.

There is also certain ways on how to make this hump taller than normal as most breeders try to do nowadays.

This dorsal hump creates the ryukin head to be much more pointed. Its head is also triangular.

The fish tends to have domed eyes or flattened eyes rather than telescoped eyes.

Ryukin Goldfish Colors

Ryukin is available in various colors such as white-orange, white-red, calico, blue, green, chocolate, red, orange-white variants.

This fish also belongs to the group of two-tails goldfish; therefore it possesses a pair of ventral fins, pectoral fins, anal fins and tail fins.

Ryukin tail fin is generally flowing and long. Some ryukin may sometimes have tail fins twice longer than their body sizes.

This fish also has several tail varieties like two split fins, three split fins or even four split fins. This unique fish is usually being bred indoor in the aquarium.

Ryukin fish is not a picky eater. It will basically eat any food that you give. Its body can span from 6 to 8 inches.

Ryukin Goldfish Size

Some ryukin may also reach 10 inches long. Average lifespan for ryukin is between 10 to 15 years old.

If you follow standard care for ryukin, your fish can have the lifespan to 20 years. .

Ryukin Goldfish Care

Ryukin is considered as a strong fish. If you are a beginner fish breeder, this type of fish is very suitable for you.

it is not really very demanding regarding the quality of water as well as its temperature. Ryukin can live very well in aquariums or ponds.

Generally, you just need to make the water in the clean state anytime and feed the fish with such high end fish food; ryukin is easy to be healthy and happy.

Most fish breeders don’t give their aquariums any kinds of filtrations of heaters when they keep their ryukin.

It is suggested that if you want to be successful taking care of ryukin, add some filtrations particularly the biological filters which are being enjoyed so much by ryukin.

What you need to pay attention when breeding ryukin is the water depth.

You have to make sure that your aquarium or pond has enough water deepness as this fish needs lots of vertical room than any other goldfish species.

Ryukin Goldfish Tank Mates

Ryukin is a good swimmer and is easily beating slower yet weaker fish. This fish also has the tendency to intimidate weaker and smaller goldfish.

Therefore, if you want to pair ryukin with other goldfish in one aquarium or pond, choose the goldfish species which have similar temperament and size.

Ryukin Goldfish Feeding

Ryukin is an omnivore species. You can give ryukin some flakes or pellets from pet shop.

However, to make it much healthier, you can add some insects, plants, veggies or roots as the variations.

You can also add some peas, worms or algae. Generally, you can feed your fish anything as it is not famous for being a picky eater.

But, do some variations in feeding them. For example: Monday is flakes, Tuesday is worms, and so on.

Feeding Tips

Make sure when you feed your ryukin, don’t overfeed it! Keep small amount of foods for one time consumption.

Provide enough food that will last for maximum one minute. After one minute, throw away leftover food from the aquarium using the net.

If you don’t throw the food away as soon as possible, it will sink into the aquarium floor and become rotting.

This unclean condition will eventually influence the fish health and can result to ryukin death.

Ryukin Goldfish Habitat

Ryukin will be very comfortable to live in large tank which provides spacious room for swimming and growing.

Make sure you provide large tank with deep water to ensure its growing. Your ryukin can live longer if you give proper care and habitat.

Larger fish tank or pond ensures lots of oxygen for your fish.

Don’t overpopulate the numbers of fish in your tank as crowded fish can bring several problems for you.

The fish can stop growing or they can die one by one due to the limited oxygen in the water.

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Make sure to give it proper care and habitat. It is your responsibility to make your ryukin healthy and happy.

Even though it is considered as a proper fish for beginners, you can’t just treat it anyway you like.

Be sure to give standard care and admire the beauty of this Ryukin goldfish!

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